Ukraine as a Leading Digital Innovation Hub

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Most people worldwide find out about Ukraine only after the start of the war. But Ukraine is much more than that. According to KyivPost, Ukraine plans to be the most digital country in Europe. The country has the most prospective and fast-growing digital potential in Europe. More than 200,000 diligent software engineers have created outstanding apps, programs, and engines to simplify people’s lives and automize as many processes as possible. In this article, you will find the best digital innovation examples in Ukraine.


Tech Education in Ukraine

Ukraine has over 200,000 software engineers and over 285,000 non-tech specialists involved in the IT sector. However, according to an analysis of Coursera, one of the biggest international educational platforms – Ukraine ranks 8th as the country with the most skillful IT specialists. 

countries with the most skillful IT specialists

As for tech education, more than 16,000 new developers graduate each year from technical universities, making Ukraine one of the leading countries with the best education rate in the world. Moreover, the country counts over 80,470 international students. Ukrainian universities offer many programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study.  

In addition, the Ukraine IT Association reported that the number of specialists with higher education in the coming years might increase to 35,000 bachelors per year. Non-formal education institutions offer intensive training courses for junior-level specialists. According to the forecasts of the Ukraine IT Association, their number will grow to 20,000-25,000.


Ukrainian Digital Power: Numbers and Statistics

  • According to the Ukraine IT Association, Ukraine is an IT outsourcing powerhouse, exporting $6.8 billion of services annually — about 4% of the country’s GDP.
  • The Ukrainian IT industry grew 36%, from $ 5 billion to $ 6.8 billion in exports in 2022.
  • The IT market in Ukraine includes about 5,000 local companies and nearly 130 global companies’ offices and research centers, such as Microsoft, Magento, Amazon, Samsung, etc.
  • In 2022, revenue from IT services increased by 13% compared to 2021 and, on average, increased by 20-25% annually.
  • Ukraine is now one of the largest exporters of IT services in Europe, growing 27% annually.
  • Ukraine ranks 11th out of 30 European countries by IT competitiveness.


Examples of Digital Innovation in Ukraine 

Ukraine is becoming digital even during the war. The IT sector keeps growing and promoting a handful of apps that will be essential for people when it is dangerous even to leave their houses. Digital residence registration, paying taxes online, digital signature in the app, online construction services, and more are among them. There are just a few examples of digital innovation in Ukraine.


  • Diia   

Ukraine Diia app logo

Diia is an excellent example of how all crucial documents can be in one place. According to Ukraine Today, more than 3.6 million users of the Ukraine Diia app now exist — over 50 government services are available online. Mobile application Diia 2.0 allows Ukrainians to access nine digital documents (ID card, foreign biometric passport, student card, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance policy, tax number, birth certificate, and IDP certificate), 12 services in total.

Moreover, this app has helped eliminate bureaucracy and corruption and speed up procedures in many areas. As a result, in 2021, Ukraine became the first country with a valid digital ID that can be used everywhere.


  • Monobank

monobank logo

Monobank is the first digital-only bank in Ukraine. The principal privilege is all the processes you can do online from anywhere. Monobank resulted from the collaboration between Universal Bank JSC with the Fintech Band, an IT consulting firm providing consultancy and web development services to retail banks, founded by former PrivatBank senior executives Dmytro Dubilet, Michael Rogalskiy, and Oleg Gorokhovskyi. They left the largest bank in Ukraine, Privatbank, after its nationalization at the end of 2016.

The most important benefit of Monobank is that you can open your bank account online, and it takes just 20 minutes of your time. 

The Monobank mobile app offers various banking services: from free money transfers and paying utility bills with no commission to credits and cash-backs. Cashback is a desirable option as it allows customers to choose two categories of expenses and receive cashback in the amount of 1 to 20 % from purchases.

Monobank also includes the following benefits:

  • Mini-sites (for collecting donations, paying for the services of a coach, tutor, consultant, etc., selling merch or other goods)
  • Online trading and card payments for every business
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Convenient analytics and web-based administration
  • Quick money transferring 


  • Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta logo

Nova Poshta is the company that provides the full range of logistics and related services to private clients and businesses. The group includes Ukrainian and foreign companies, including Nova Poshta, NovaPay, and Nova Poshta Global. It is crucial to say that Nova Poshta has more than 13,000 automated parcel lockers installed in the entrance halls of residential buildings near shops and gas stations.

The terminals are equipped with automated equipment and process 8,500 to 50,000 parcels per hour. Nova Poshta also uses robots to sort the parcels. Already one-third of hubs have fully robotized zones for sorting small boxes up to 2 kg and cargo.

More benefits of Nova Poshta:

  • Quick delivery: it takes from 2 to 3 days to deliver parcels within the country and 5-7 days to deliver it abroad.
  • Nova Poshta has its own convenient app where you can pay and transfer your package online.
  • There are over 12,000 automated parcel terminals where you can pick up your delivery. 
  • Nova Poshta organized the delivery of humanitarian help to the territories of Ukraine, that were set free, for their own expenses. 

Even during the hard times for Ukraine, Nova Poshta rapidly reorganized its logistics. It started working, where possible, to deliver the most necessary things – medicines, food, documents, clothes, financial services, and much-needed humanitarian aid.


Best Digital Innovation Examples During the War

Ukraine is going through a difficult period right now, but it hasn’t destroyed the courage of our people. The Ukrainian IT sector keeps growing and developing no matter what. To help the Ukrainian army and simplify civilian’s life, Ukrainian software engineers have created valid apps that are extremely helpful: 


  • Air Raid Alert  

Air Raid Alert logo

It is one of the most crucial apps during the war. The app informs about the beginning and the end of the missile, artillery, chemical, and radiation emergencies and street fights. It turns on the loudest possible alarms, even in the silent or sleep mode of the smartphone. The application was read by development company Stfalcon teamed up with Ajax Systems and, with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. It took three days to develop an app from the idea to realization. 


  • eEnemy

eEnemy logo

It is a bot that allows users to send geolocation, photos, and videos of enemy equipment with the opportunity to describe what they saw. It will enable sending photos or videos of war criminals and providing their data. In August, the function of reporting the location of explosive objects was added to the bot. Thus, the citizens of Ukraine could help the sappers dispose of mines, projectiles, and bombs left by the invaders. The main benefit of this bot is mandatory authorization through Diia app in Ukraine so saboteurs cannot spam with fake photos or videos. All data about the enemy are transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


  • UNITED24

UNITED24 logo

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, announced the launch of the United 24 global initiative to raise funds to support Ukraine. Its first part was a fundraising platform, where you can donate funds to three areas of assistance (defense and demining, humanitarian and medical aid, and reconstruction of Ukraine) with one click. 

All funds are automatically transferred to National Bank of Ukraine accounts assigned to the relevant departments: the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, or the Ministry of Infrastructure. The NBU reports on the income of charitable contributions every 24 hours, and relevant ministries report on the allocation of grants once a week.


  • TacticMedAid

TacticMedAid logo

It is a mobile educational application with basic recommendations for providing first aid. The application works offline, so anyone needing first aid recommendations can use it regardless of location. More than 20 qualified specialists from different countries, companies, and industries are working on the project. They united in teaching Ukrainians the basics of tactical medicine in a fast, high-quality, and easy-to-understand way.


Interview with Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Who Says the Government’s Crypto Donation Platform has Raised $70M

According to THE BLOCK – Alexander Bornyakov, second in command at the Ministry of Digital Transformation, mentioned the difficulty of transferring money through local banks as they severely limited the ability to send transfers. That’s why there was a decision to raise and promote crypto platforms that can receive donations from anywhere. 

On the 1st of April, the government’s official donation platform raised over $70 million in cryptocurrencies. Overall, the government donations amount to a percent and the budget that the most recent World Bank data puts at roughly $5.4 billion. The contributions pale compared to a $13.6 billion emergency package for Ukraine that entered the US’s budget bill earlier in March.

In addition, the importance of financial digitalization will be an effective tool against corruption. After all, the computer does not accept bribes. 


Meet Librarians Racing to Back Up Ukraine Digital Archives 

The war has put in danger not only the lives of civilians but historical Ukrainian heritage. With the violence well into its second month, the country’s digital history — its poems, archives, and pictures is at risk of being erased as cyberattacks and bombs erode the nation’s servers. 

As a result, a motley group of more than 1,300 librarians raced to back up Ukraine’s Internet historical and cultural archives, using technology to back up everything from census data to children’s poems and Ukrainian basket-weaving techniques. 

The efforts promoted by Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online have resulted in over 2,500 of the country’s museums, libraries, and archives being preserved on servers they’ve rented, eliminating the risk they’ll be lost forever. Now, volunteer effort has become a lifeline for cultural officials in Ukraine, who are working with the group to digitize their collections in the event their facilities get destroyed in the war.

It is another example of the highest level of tech innovation and digitalization in Ukraine. For Ukrainian software engineers nothing is impossible.


To Sum Up

Ukraine is a vast and unexplored digital innovation hub that has a chance to become a leader among other countries. Yet, despite being in the war zone, digital development hasn’t stopped for a second; quite the contrary.

Thanks to government support and many hard-working software engineers, Ukraine has already proven its confidence in digital innovations and future decisions that most European countries have never heard of. If you see the prospects of Ukrainian digital futures as we do, you can hire skillful IT professionals from Ukraine that will boost your technologies to a new level. Qubit Labs will help you with that.


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