Starting an IT Recruitment Mentorship Program at Women in Tech Ukraine

Qubit Labs
Qubit Labs Team

Women in Tech Ukraine initiative was started in partnership with Qubit Labs in 2017 with an idea to implement activities and programs designed to break down the boundaries and limitations that prevent girls and women of all ages from starting a career in IT or their own business.

Starting an IT Recruitment Mentorship Program at Women in Tech Ukraine

We are announcing the start of a free mentorship program for international IT recruiting for Ukrainians. Our main goal is to help young people find themselves in new professions and find new paths for careers. Mentorship will be held in Ukrainian and will start on October 23rd.

✅ Full mentoring lasting 2.5 – 3 months.
✅ Weekly webinars lasting 1-1.5 hours.
✅ Support from a mentor throughout the training, help, answers to questions, and much more.

👩 🏫 Mentor: Anastasia Konovalova – Talent Acquisition Partner at the crypto startup WOO Network.

Expectations from mentees:
🎯 Curiosity and a true passion for recruiting and analytics.
🎯 1-2 years of experience in recruiting.
🎯 English at Upper-Intermediate level or higher.
🎯 Great sense of humor.
🎯 Responsibility and desire for self-development/determining the direction of professional development.

If you are willing to participate, apply by October 18 at 20:00 because this is the time when we close the registration form.

The selection results will be announced on October 20, and we will contact you via Telegram or email.

👥 Only 5 participants will be able to take part in the program, so hurry up and fill out the registration form right now here 


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