What Factors Affect Python Developer Salary?

What Factors Affect Python Developer Salary?

Advantages of Python Development

Before exploring Python developer salary, it is worth inquiring about the perks of choosing this programming language and finding out why professionals commonly use it.
Nowadays, Python is the fastest-growing computer language, rising in ranks each year, overcoming Java and C#. According to Stackflow, in 2019, it was in the 4th place among the most commonly used languages, preferred by 41.7% of developers. That’s a universal environment for the development of programming codes with a 30-year history.

This can be confirmed by giant companies that apply Python to implement global projects. These are Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Yandex. Certain stages of creating services for YouTube, Wargaming, Instagram, and Mozilla, have not been without Python. This programming language has a wide field of application. It is utilized to create varied types of tasks. These include automation scripts, life support systems, games, all kinds of applications, and web resources.

Throughout its existence, Python has been effectively used and dynamically developed. Standard libraries were created to support modern technologies, such as databases, Internet protocols, and e-mail. A source of the language’s positive reputation is that it works equally well on OS / 2, Macintosh, UNIX, Windows. Python’s versatility offers the deployment of large programs and the development of small applications.

Let’s quickly go through the benefits of Python:

  • It isn’t hard to master Python as one of the founder’s main goals was to create a simple and understandable programming language. One can develop complex applications without having to spend weeks studying complicated syntax. It reminds English because it uses, for example, “in” or “not” in the same meanings as present in everyday speech.
  • Cross-platform, suitable for multiple operational systems, like Linux or Windows;
  • Strong community thanks to its popularity among developers, so if one has any questions, other specialists will help you. Also, numerous conferences are held in different parts of the world, attracting speakers who share their experiences and consult others;
  • There is no need to “reinvent the wheel” when facing an urgent task that has to be solved. A large number of high-quality libraries and education literature, as well as various courses, provide newcomers with excellent opportunities to master Python;
  • It is readable due to elementary syntax and transparent structure. Developers don’t even need to utilize curly brackets in every code line. If you know Python, you won’t face any issues with any version of this programming language, putting minimal effort towards mastering it.
  • The speed of development also plays a significant role in Python’s popularity level. When combining frameworks, developers can find new tools that’ll improve their performance.

Therefore, Python is a programming language that is sought after today and with great potential in the future. The current labor market requires experienced specialists with expertise in Python. Now, let’s move on to answering the question, “how much do programmers make a year.”

What Factors Affect Python Developer Salary?

As in other fields, Python programming job salary depends on numerous factors, like a professional’s skills, a specificity of industry, a city in which one works, education, and so on. It’s essential to clarify that the entry level Python developer salary is much lower than one of a middle specialist with extensive knowledge or a senior who can apply one’s experience towards developing top-notch projects. Further, we will review the process of forming developers’ in python salaries and how they differ based on such trivial elements as, for example, type of employment and time basis.


  • Experience level

Usually, there are three main types of employees in IT: junior, middle, and senior. These levels directly affect the average salary for a software developer. Significantly, these positions have nothing to do with age as a junior might be older than a senior, and a middle might have broader experience in programming. It’s more than coding skills that distinguish specialists of different levels from one another.


Most of the juniors are inexperienced and come to work after graduating from universities. To become a junior specialist, one must be able to write simple programs, understand the concepts of work, and figure out what to look for in other codes.

A junior needs to show one’s desire to develop his/her skills, learn from mistakes, be dedicated and energized, and calmly react to criticism, drawing conclusions. Junior Python developer salary is sufficient and corresponds with one’s expertise. It’s more about gaining experience than making money in this case.


In general, middle specialists are required to perform routine tasks without any supervision. They follow individual objectives rather than developing comprehensive projects. Such specialists realistically evaluate the deadlines and complexity of responsibilities. Although they need mentors, in most cases, middles function individually and are expected to understand what specific applications can do. It is also essential for them to be familiar with standard templates and cooperate with other team members. In the means of a Python programmer salary, an employee of this level can expect a decent income that will rise depending on improving one’s practice.


The transition from the previous level to this one is a complicated process that requires obtaining competence to solve the tasks nobody else can. Seniors stand out thanks to their ability to ask correct questions, and individually develop applications, thoroughly examining the overall complex of technologies.

They are the “lifelines” for less experienced specialists and significantly interfere with their company’s overall image. Thus, the senior Python developer salary level is high, but it is fairly reasonable because such specialists are lifelong learners who have to keep up with companies’ demands.

USACanadaUnited KingdomGermanyUkraineIndia

The average salary for a Python developer in the world ranges from $110,000 in the US for a mid-level developer to $15,000 for an equal specialist in India. When speaking about other countries, a junior Python engineer in Canada receives $80,000, $40,000 in the UK, $51,000 in Germany, and $20,000 in Ukraine.


  • Region

Check our software development guide to know more about regions, rates and salaries:


Hire developers in America

In this area, there are the most high-paid jobs for python programmers, yet increased competitiveness.

Hire developers in Australia

Even entry positions developers receive decent Python developer salary in this area, raising their marketability.

Hire developers in Asia

In comparison with the US and Western Europe, Asia has a much lower Python salary. However, local culture is quite different, and that has to be taken into account.

Hire developers in Eastern Europe

Python programming jobs’ salary in this region is lower than average. There are many specialists and smaller wage demands because of the economic level in the countries. Nevertheless, many local universities graduate specialists who obtain excellent technical skills, are fluent in English, and can easily compete with foreign programmers.

Hire developers in Western Europe

It’s where countries with the most attractive Python developer salary are located. The reasons for that are improved living standards and good experience of the specialists.


North America110,000$
Latin America15,000$
Western Europe65,000$
Eastern Europe25,000$

In the case of North America, an average Python developer has an estimated salary of $110,000 per year. In Latin America, the number is lower, rising to $15,000 in general. Western Europe is a world-known IT hub, which attracts top-notch developers by offering an average salary of $65,000. Contrastingly, Python developers who work in Eastern Europe receive lower salaries than in the Western part, namely $25,000. When it comes to Asia, a mid-level programmer will receive about $40,000.The indicator of Python developer salary in Australia is relatively high and is estimated to be $65,000 per year.


  • Industry 

Some industries are more in demand than others; hence, there are more tasks and projects with changing sophistication and requirements. Let’s explore how to work in a particular area affects Python programmer salary:

  • education – one of the most underrated industries, offering much lower payments than other fields;
  • healthcare – a sought after and prospective sphere in terms of programming, having decent Python programming jobs salary;
  • consulting – a relatively low-wage sector compared to other Python jobs in the USA;
  • media – offers upper-middle python salaries;
  • marketing – this area demands dedication to be able to jump over the average wage, which still isn’t very high;
  • finance – those who work in this industry are considered to be the highest paid programmers.



  • Tech Stack

A frontend is about developing a user interface and features that run on the client-side of a website or application. Backend development is a set of hardware and software applied to implement the logic of the site.

There is different data on each site regarding “how much do python programmers make based on tech stack.” However, we can conclude that backend developers still are the highest paid programmers in these means.



  • Team Lead Experience

Team leaders who have more than 20 years of experience in the field receive nearly twice as much money as those who just began their career in Python jobs related to managing other employees.

The specialist is expected to keep the team moving, inspire others, and avoid implementing a “one size fits all” approach. Everything comes with practice, so the more time a person spends working as a team lead, the more efficient results he/she will deliver, enhancing the level of a Python developer salary.



  • The number of mastered frameworks

Python is an open programming language; it is easily compatible with various frameworks. When creating applications, you can reduce the amount of code and time spent on writing it. Besides, they can be customized for specific tasks.

Thus, the more frameworks a professional masters, the more tasks he/she will be able to solve. Consequently, knowing more than six frameworks positively affects Python developer salary.



  • Remote/In-office position

Usually, a Python programmer salary might slightly vary when comparing remote and in-office positions. The thing is that those who work at the office demand higher wages because they spend money and time on getting to the office.

Due to the rising popularity of remote work, companies can easily hire specialists from any country, increasing chances of finding perfect candidates thanks to a broader geographical scope. Commonly, trusted and high performing employees show similar results both when working from home and on-site. Therefore, a Python developer salary is unlikely to positively or negatively change based on the employee’s location.



  • Full-time/part-time

It is clear that the more time you spend at work, the higher your wage is. The same applies to the Python software engineer salary. A part-time job implies working for less than eight hours per day and, in general, receiving 50% of the full-time wage. Such employment type applies when the company doesn’t have 100% load for a specialist, or an employee prefers to reconcile work and hobbies.

Full-time work is about having specific responsibilities and delivering results every day, working for eight or more hours a day. The highest paid programmers might spend seven days a week at work to meet the expectations put on them by the company.


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