20+ Telegram Channels To Sharpen Your Software Development Skills


How much time does a person need to work out a habit? Some scientists say 21 days are enough, others claim that a habit is created in 3 months. But anyway you surely use the Internet longer:) That’s why we suggest you to develop a new good Internet-related habit – to subscribe for the Telegram channels dedicated to software development. Hard to start? Let us navigate you through thousands of groups to the coding gems. Fall to!

Top Tech Telegram Channels


1. The Art of Programming https://tlgrm.eu/channels/@theprogrammingart
If you wanna master coding, learn more tricks or get a piece of useful information about programming, this channel is what you need.

2. Hack+ https://tlgrm.eu/channels/@hacking_group_channel
This channel collects the best articles, podcasts and vids about infromation security.

3. Programmer Jokes https://t.me/programmerjokes
Tired of being serious while saving the world from IT disaster? This is your bay to relax and have some fun.

4. Computer jokes https://t.me/pcjokes
One more channel dedicated to funny stories, pics, comics about programmer’s life.

5. Tech Guide https://t.me/TechGuide
Mobile, web and tech related stuff can be found there – your source of daily news.

6. Linuxgram https://t.me/linuxgram
Need to keep up with Linux updates? Here you are!

7. Technohacker https://t.me/technohacker
Regularly updated channel with news covering Apple, Google, & Microsoft.

8. Programming eBooks https://t.me/javaebooks
Ultimate source of ebooks for programmers, coders, software engineers and for many others.

9. Programming Challenges https://t.me/prograchallenges
Feel bored? Here are some programming challenges to solve.

10. Programming tips https://t.me/ProgrammingTip
Useful coding tips from experts in the field.

11. Dev Champions https://t.me/devchampions
The most relevant links, books, commentary and educational materials. Helping you to champion software development. (c)

12. Telegram Geeks https://t.me/geekschannel
The name of the channel speaks for itself – this is the place for geeks to learn more about bots, social networks and technology. And if you want to discuss the news you read, Geeks Chat welcomes you https://t.me/geeksChat.

Top Web Development Telegram Channels


1. Web Dev https://tlgrm.eu/channels/@webdev_eng
The latest news about web development.

2. FrontEnd Development https://tlgrm.eu/channels/@fedevelopment
All you need to know about FrontEnd in one place – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and lots of info about frameworks.

3. Front End World https://t.me/front_end_first
Ultimate collection of Front End news – articles, tutorials, reviews and videos about CSS and JavaScript including its frameworks.

Top Mobile App Development Channels in Telegram


1. iOS dev https://t.me/iosdevio
The most interesting details of iOS development with a strong emphasis on Swift.

2. Android ReId https://t.me/AndroidResId
This Telegram channel highlights top Android news, peculiarities of app artchitecture, app development, and testing.

3. Apple# https://t.me/applenewz
Fans of Apple devices can find all the iPhone related how-tos and guides there.

4. Apple https://t.me/AppleUsersGroup
Bite the forbidden fruit of Apple, discuss the product and discover leaks.

Telegram Channels about Programming Languages


1. Python https://t.me/Python
Chat with fellow coders, share your knowledge or ask questions to get thorough answers from fellow Python developers.

2. C/C++ https://t.me/programminginc
This is an international group of C and C++ developers to discuss assembling, hacking and debugging.

3. Amazing PHP https://t.me/phpme
The community of PHP developers skilled in Yii and other framework sharing their experience.

4. The Devs https://thedevs.network
Develeper’s Bible in Telegram. Tips, tutorials, articles and many more resources for coders. The channel also has 12 groups discussing such topics as Java and Go programming, C# and JavaScript, and a sepatate chat dedicated to design.

5. BSD https://t.me/usebsd
The group is created to learn and chat about Berkeley Software Distributions, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.

Congratulations! You made the first step to the new habit. Feel like reading more? Here is our list of best tech blogs that will give you even deeper insight into IT industry. Or enjoy our collection of top Youtube channels for developers.

Julia Kravchenko