How to Choose a Nearshore Partner?

How to Choose a Nearshore Partner?

Scaling your team is a fundamental step in your business journey. As every business person, you would like to do it cost-efficiently, smoothly, and risk-free. A nearshore software development partner is your best friend. Why?

First, you are in the same or similar time zone. Hence, it is easier to do a synchronous collaboration defined by working together through meetings, near-instant replies to messages, and a shared schedule.

Secondly, travel wise is a lot easier and cheaper than offshore. So, it is simple to do whenever you need to visit your partner or team.

Now, let’s find out the main question on how to choose a nearshore partner.


How to Choose a Nearshore Partner for Your Business?

  • Identify Your Business Needs

Think about your business growth. How would you like to develop it, and what type of IT specialists can accomplish these goals? What skill gaps are your company facing right now? After answering those questions, you can start an investigation about your nearshore partner. 

  • Look at the Vendor’s Experience 

Nearshoring is a model of finding particular specialists for your company in neighboring countries. For example, if your company is based in Germany, your nearshoring partner can find great experts in Ukraine, Georgia, or Moldova. So, to identify the best location for hiring, the process starts with talent mapping. Talent mapping helps to realize what country best fits your talent requirements, budget, number of specialists, etc.

  • Look at the Time Differences 

If your potential nearshore partner is in the same timezone as you – that’s a good sign! That will help to have a chat in real-time without any delays, deal with any issues quickly and receive responses from both sides in no time. In addition, dealing with any problem will be quicker without harming your productivity. Moreover, for nearshoring, the maximum time difference between the countries is 2 hours.

  • Define if the Employees Work Full-Time?

An experienced nearshoring partner will provide you with a team that focuses purely on your project and works full-time if you need it. Just message your partner about your preferences and goals, and you will receive an excellent tech talent who will boost your business quickly.

  • Rule out the Possibility of Language Barrier

Before choosing a nearshore partner, ensure no language barriers in your communication—the same with the future remote team. Your vendor will provide highly-skilled professionals with excellent English efficiency to avoid misunderstandings based on the tongue. 

  • Look at the Cost of Service

If you have already made any investigations among nearshoring partners, you could notice that prices are relatively changing. The price depends on location, experience, professionalism of the company, and how many successful projects they have. Go with ones that have a perfect price-to-quality ratio.

  • How Fast You Get Employees?

Discuss with your vendor the estimated time of hiring candidates. Ask about tax processes and legal issues to make a process more convenient.

  • Trust Your Guts 

The most important thing when choosing a nearshore software development partner is to feel comfortable cooperating with them. Your perfect vendor is always helpful and flexible. So when you book a first consultation with a potential partner, look at how you feel.


Wrapping Up 

Choosing the right nearshoring partner is essential for your company’s scaling. It would help if you did deep research and investigation before picking one. If you are still looking for a professional vendor – try Qubit Labs.

As a nearshore partner with many years of experience, we know all top tech countries with a great talent pool of the best IT professionals. We hire from the most fast-growing tech destinations like Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. So you can scale your team fast and work with the best.


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