9 Reasons to Choose the Dedicated Team Model

9 Reasons to Choose the Dedicated Team Model

Today’s business operations are loosely linked to the company’s physical location and office, with so many opportunities to access the global talent and compile dedicated team. However, each model of remote cooperation with workers entails a set of pros and cons that every employer should know

to avoid the frustration related to the loss of control, less efficient communication, and time/culture differences.

The most popular models between which modern businesses choose are a dedicated development team project-based outsourcing.

The latter relates to hiring an external company and outsourcing the software development project to it in full, while the former presupposes hiring a remote team from scratch for it to work only on your projects in the long-term perspective.

Here we cover the advantages of a dedicated team model over project-based outsourcing to show how you as an employer can reap sustainable, strategic benefits for your business from this approach to creating a well-tuned team for lengthy, successful collaboration.

#1 Project Focus is Higher with Dedicated Teams

Project-based outsourcing never guarantees exclusive attention of the service vendor to your project. It’s typical for such companies to take up several projects at the same time (the more, the better), sometimes they can deliver mediocre quality, because of the lack of time, focus, and dedication to any. Once you work with a dedicated team, you can be totally sure that it is occupied with your project only, not distracted by the competing needs of other projects and clients.

#2 Higher Level of Responsibility

As soon as you pursue the dedicated team model, you receive a unique chance to get acquainted with your team in person and establish a rapport with its members so that they feel they are part and parcel of your company. It’s typical for dedicated developers to indicate their employer as a full-time work position in their social media or LinkedIn profiles. When it comes to project-based outsourcing, the collaboration of outsourced teams with clients is usually mediated at several levels (Project Managers, Accountants, Sales Departments, etc.), which reduces their personal responsibility and commitment to the client’s project. As a result, you get slower speed of completion, lower staff morale, and a generally lower quality level.

#3 Choice of a Developer

When you are compiling a dedicated team, you are always able to interview the candidates and make sure that they indeed possess the qualities and competencies you need. Outsourcing companies sometimes are indecent enough to lie about their staff’s level of seniority and tech stack just to get the client sign the contract. In the end, you may suffer losses in terms of delays, poor quality, and numerous revisions.

#4 Integration into Your Company

A personal connection with the company is a strong contributor to employees’ commitment and performance. Thus, a dedicated team feeling that connection and staying in constant touch with the client’s in-house team is sure to perform better than a generally isolated, disconnected team of the outsourcing vendor.

#5 Complete Budget Control Over Dedicated Team

Due to the fact that a dedicated team is a more stable unit of your staff, it may be easily integrated into the task management system of your company, allowing better planning, process monitoring, and budgeting. Upon such integration, the team’s progress also becomes visible and transparent, thus easier controlled. In case you collaborate with other companies on a project-based system, then you are most likely to be ousted from the development process. Outsourcing companies typically prefer to confirm the plan with the client and then present the final report with the hours spent on each task completion. As a result, you are unable to intervene in the development process or its management, receiving only the final product for review.

#6 Direct Management

In case you hire a dedicated team, the opportunities for direct management and control are much better. You can assume full control over the development process, communicate with the team personally, set and monitor the tasks, track the progress, and evaluate the staff’s performance quality in real-time.

#7 Full Control of the Project

In essence, a dedicated team is your team working from another office, so you are the full owner of the project it completes, similar to the projects that your in-house team would complete. The only difference is that you don’t meet in the office kitchen every day and can’t chat about work and personal matters over a coffee. Project-based outsourcing, in turn, presupposes, that you provide a technical task and receive a mock-up, design, and a final product, thus approving the work that has already been completed and relying on the team’s expertise.

#8 Ability to Hire Any Number of Developers to a Dedicated Development Team

A great advantage of a dedicated team is its unlimited scalability. You can create a team of any size, from one to 1,000 specialists. The staffing vendor scales its operations in compliance with your needs by including the expansion prospects into its core business processes. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about where to place your new team members and how to manage that team. Project-based outsourcing is limited in potential as the provider of such service usually has a set team of, for instance, 20 specialists. So, if the vendor is not planning to expand and hire new staff, it may start hiring subcontractors and freelancers to catch up with your growing needs, which inevitably causes poor quality and performance.

#9 Control Over HR Processes and Team Spirit

The staffing vendor usually assumes full responsibility for the back-office routines, tax payments, office rent, arrangement of social events, performance control, etc. However, you may still participate in all the processes and keep in constant contact with the vendor’s HR managers to receive current data on team spirit, feedback from the staff, and suggestions for improvement.

Let’s check the short-list of pro’s list here:

  1. Project Focus
  2. Higher Level of Responsibility
  3. Choice of a Developer
  4. Integration into Your Company
  5. Complete Budget Control
  6. Direct Management
  7. Full Control of the Project
  8. Ability to Hire Any Number of Developers
  9. Control Over HR Processes and Team Spirit

As you see, hiring a dedicated team is a beneficial all-in-one solution allowing you to choose the proper balance of involvement and delegation of responsibility to stay in touch with the team and at the same time relieve the stress of daily administrative routines, such as taxes, rent, office supplies, equipment, etc.

Before choosing a country to set up your team – check our Outsourcing Country Guide.

The staffing vendor performs all these tasks for you, managing your dedicated team in the best possible manner and allowing you to focus on what matters most – your project goals and business growth.

With Qubit Labs you can hire developers or set up your R&D center and run a development team all back-office processes covered.


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