How to Hire React Developer to Make Your Front-End Shine?

Elena Kononchuk
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It’s needless to say that any business resource’s front-end is its face, and many clients judge about the company’s qualification and reliability by the way its front-end looks.

Impressive websites attract clients, increase sales, and maintain a consistently high rate of conversion.

Thus, if you are interested in making the most out of your front-end and bringing it to an entirely new level of customer impact, then you need to hire React developers for the task.

Who is a React developer?

What is the difference between a React.js developer and a React native developer?

What is a reasonable React.js developer salary to attract the best-qualified specialist to your team?

In this article, we cover all major points related to React.js recruitment and share all crucial information every business needs to consider when they decide to hire React developers.

How to Hire React Developers?

development team in modern office

So, the first point of the recruitment algorithm is to decide which specialist you need and to specify all technical and non-technical requirements for the specialist that you have. We recommend focusing on four core areas:

Technical skills
The first point that all employers should consider is the technical expertise of candidates.

What is the minimum expected of such a specialist? First, the knowledge of React fundamentals is a must; if your candidates cannot explain what JSX, Virtual DOM, and component lifecycle are, they are most likely unable to do the job well.

Attractive extra skills that you should look for include: the knowledge of (or even better – practical experience with) Sentry error tracking, Bitrise, Hockeyapp, Redux, ESLint, Jest, Enzyme, and other technologies associated with React.

If your candidates know all this and in addition can keep their code elegant and clear – these are the right persons for your team.

Soft skills
Technical expertise is what matters most, no doubt.

But is it easy to work with a super-qualified genius who does not accept any outside opinion, who doesn’t stand the interference from management, who is always late with submissions because of the muse’s absence, or who creates projects based only on his/her vision, without taking into account the client’s requirements?

Such work may be gorgeous and technically flawless, but is that what the client needs?

Not always.

So, when you hire React programmers, make sure to check their soft skills together with hard skills.

It’s important that a developer who will work in your team possesses strong interpersonal skills, is curious and polite, can strategize, respects others’ opinion, is punctual and responsible. It is also crucial that developers in your team are ready for lifelong learning and improvement of their technical expertise, open to new ideas, and are strongly business-minded.

Sure, you may accept the word of the React development specialists about their qualifications and abilities.

But is that a wise decision, especially given how much is at stake?

A much better choice is to have a look at the developer’s portfolio – this is usually the “face” of any developer’s work skills and aptitudes, and if you are satisfied with the quality you see there, then you may go on inviting the specialist to a job interview and hiring them.

People don’t work in a vacuum nowadays, and you should not walk in darkness when searching for a React developer.

The easiest way to check whether the job candidates are worth the money they ask for is to contact their previous employers.

It may turn out that despite an impressive portfolio and a huge list of technical skills, the candidate is a very irresponsible and non-collaborative person.

Or the candidates may constantly be late with project submissions and communication.

In such cases, it’s better to hire specialists with less shiny portfolios and fewer years of expertise, but with a much more positive work history.

20 Best React Interview Questions

While most of the technical and soft skills may be learned from a React developer resume, this amount of information is still not enough for you to make the final decision about recruitment.

It’s vital to hold a job interview to get acquainted with the candidate in person and to make sure that he/she possesses all skills mentioned in the resume, and what is more, can apply them in practice.

For this purpose, we offer you a set of React interview questions that will help to check the candidate’s expertise.

  1. What is React for you?
  2. What features of React do you consider the handiest in your work?
  3. What disadvantages of React did you come across? How did you manage those challenges?
  4. What is JSX?
  5. Do browsers read JSX?
  6. What do you mean by using the term “virtual DOM”? How does it work?
  7. What is the difference between Real DOM and Virtual DOM?
  8. What are the distinctions between ES5 and ES6 syntax?
  9. What are the differences and similarities of React and Angular?
  10. Experts say, ‘In React, everything is a component.” Comment on that.
  11. What is the difference between controlled and uncontrolled components in React?
  12. Can you embed several components into one? How do you do that?
  13. How do you use state in React?
  14. What are Props and how to use it?
  15. What is flux and redux, and how do you use them in React?
  16. What are the synthetic events in React? How can you use events in React?
  17. How do you use reacting routing?
  18. What are the lifecycle methods of React components?
  19. Why do you use ReactJs?
  20. Which of the ReactJs versions is stable?

These are surely only some of the React.js interview questions that you may ask.

Adjust this list and add the questions that deal specifically with your company’s needs and requirements to make the job interview times more effective and informative.

React Developer Salary in Different Countries

CountryReact Developer SalaryReact Native Developer Salary

Now we come to the most meaningful topic that worries all businesses wishing to hire React developers.

What will it cost you to hire these tech specialists?

What is the normal React programmer salary within which you can expect to find a high-quality, experienced specialist?

Our analysis of 10 countries showed that the minimum React.js developer salary is in Ukraine; here you can find React programmers for as low as $18,000 per year, while a React native developer may cost you a bit more than $22,000 per year.

As for other countries, businesses pay $108,000 annually for React developers with a solid experience.

On average, the salaries of React native developers exceed $100,000 in most analyzed countries (the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland), and the lowest rate at which you can hire React developers is that in Israel.

No matter whether you need to hire React developers for the React front-end or React web development, the lowest pay rates (without compromise on quality, by the way) are in Ukraine.

So, we strongly recommend taking a closer look at the Ukrainian job candidates as here you can find a great front-end React developer within a reasonable budget.

Main Difficulties in Recruiting React Developers

When you start to look for React.js developers, the journey from the vacancy announcement to the actual recruitment may turn out not as easy as you first thought it to be.

The first thing to take into account is how well you understand what React is – the employer should understand the difference of React vs. React native to find the proper talent to the development team.

React is the brainchild of Facebook; this JS library is open-source, aimed for the creation of stunning user interfaces.

So, you may need this technology to create single-page applications or launch full-scale native cross-platform apps.

Apart from React, the React Native framework is specifically geared toward mobile app creation.

So, businesses hire React developers with a good command of Native to create and launch rick mobile user interfaces.

Also, the employer needs to manage the following challenges of the process:

  • The demand for React developers is growing day by day, so landing the best candidate can be problematic – you either need to offer a high, competitive salary, or to search for candidates in distant countries.
  • The need to check the candidate’s soft and hard skills.
  • The need to find experienced candidates with solid hands-on expertise in your concrete area.
  • The need to organize relocation of candidates who reside outside your location.

Thus, to hire React devs effectively, you need to be aware of these hurdles before the recruitment process starts so that to overcome barriers on time and streamline your effort towards choosing the best suitable candidate.

3 Main Ways to Find ReactJS Developers

Overall, you can hire React developers in three ways:

Hire locals
This variant is convenient, as you will have a specialist in your office, but it’s also the costliest option.

Find freelancers

Freelance developers charge times less than in-house specialists do.

However, they are often non-punctual and non-collaborative, which is ruinous for many projects. So, hiring them is more suitable for quick completion of tiny project parts.

Address a staff augmentation company

This option is optimal for many businesses because it allows having a full-size development team at an affordable rate and with convenient, effective collaboration of the in-house team level.

Why Hire React Developers with Qubit Labs

When you hire React developers, you may come across some issues in the process. They relate to a lack of time, a limited recruitment budget, poor understanding of React intricacies, and a set of other problems.

That’s why addressing Qubit Labs may make your recruitment much quicker and more effective for these reasons:

  • High-quality account management.Our managers and recruiters always respond quickly and informatively; we also offer free consultations.
  • Sample CVs.You can always check the free database of candidate CVs to decide whether we have the proper talent you need. This will help to decide on working with us.
  • Direct communication with recruiters.That’s a real benefit we are proud to offer. Once you become the client of Qubit Labs and formulate the candidate search criteria, your communication with the recruiter is organized directly to remove bureaucracy and ensure the effectiveness and speed of closing vacancies.
  • Internationally certified recruiting team.We have clients from all over the world, so we know how important it is to keep the recruiting practices globally up to par. We foster development and professional growth of our recruiters and guarantee that you are served by the best.
  • Flexible hiring model.With Qubit Labs, you can hire one developer or a team of 5+ developers. That’s entirely up to you – we can find any number of specialists your business needs at the exact point in time.
  • Quick hiring.We start looking for candidates right after signing an NDA with the client, so the overall recruiting time does not take over six weeks, typically ending in two weeks (depending on the client’s requirements).
  • Best quality-to-cost ratio.Salaries of Ukrainian React developers are lower than in the USA, but Ukrainian specialists have advanced tech skills, so the level of quality they deliver on most projects is competitive with the best global talent.
  • Candidates with a technical background.We make thorough checks of all candidates’ technical skills to offer you only verified lists of vacancy contenders.
  • Personal interviews.Clients choose their developers by themselves, and we only conduct prescreening.
  • Dedicated team.The developer you hire with our help works solely on your project.
  • Office facilities and equipment.Your developers work from our office where HR can monitor their performance and mood.
  • Social package.Qubit Labs guarantees health insurance, team buildings, and other social benefits to your team.We also arrange entertaining events like pizza parties to keep your developers satisfied.

React Developers Resumes

We have a fully transparent recruitment policy and are always ready to assist you with the recruitment process in many ways.

If you are ready to delegate us building a React development team for your company, feel free to download the CV samples of our candidates here:

react developer resume example
React Developer 1
react developer resume example
React Developer 2

Let’s create your dream team together. Contact us to get more CV samples or to discuss hiring process. We are waiting for you!

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