Qubit Labs Published Book “Offshore Team 101”

Svitlana Rumyantseva
Project Manager


Learn to how to build offshore development teams wisely

Outsourcing and IT staffing are growing in popularity day by day, suggesting that distributed work environments are indeed a workable alternative to hosting the entire project team in your office. No matter why you select to outsource IT talent, the main thing is to do it properly and to get the best experts for your money, right? Doing this is hard for novices, as risks of outsourcing are high but often neglected. To help you out, the Qubit Labs CEO Iva Kozlovska has distilled its experience in an e-book Offshore Team 101. It will be highly useful for companies and individuals working with remote office teams or only considering setting one up – only experiential knowledge, practical tips, and workable solutions.

About Iva Kozlovska

Iva Kozlovska - CEO Qubit Labs
Iva Kozlovska is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Qubit Labs, an IT outsourcing company specializing in developer recruitment and R&D centers’ launch in Ukraine. Possessing a Master’s Degree in Psychology and over 10 years of experience in HR and recruitment, Kozlovska was awarded the HR Brand Award by HeadHunter Ukraine in 2013.
Iva Kozlovska confided that the inspiration for the book came from accumulated experience and analysis of the drawbacks of the outsourcing business. She noticed frequent discrepancies between the client’s requirements and actual needs, excessive focus on the technical side without regard to soft skills, and overall negligence of risks and potential hurdles that vendors did not explain to clients in the process of talent recruitment. This is what Mrs. Kozlovska recognized as careless attitude and decided to change with the strategic asset at her disposal – qualified human resources helping developers find their dream jobs and assisting clients to get the best fitting talent to their teams. To attain this goal, she created Qubit Labs, a company focusing on the combination of technical expertise, soft skills, and psychological compatibility as the major criteria in recruitment.

Why an e-book about offshore team?

Benefits of IT outsourcing are on everyone’s lips today; improved efficiency, ability to focus on core areas, access to global talent, cost effectiveness, speed, and higher service quality are definitely an advantage that every client wishes to obtain. However, there is too little information about risks associated with having an offshore team or an outsourced IT expert. This book teaches how to avoid:

  • Possibility of weak management;
  • Outdated technology;
  • Inexperienced workers;
  • Greater levels of uncertainty because of a lack of physical proximity;
  • Hidden costs;
  • Inability to provide outsourced staff with in-house training.

Moreover, many clients use the services of IT outsourcing vendors but generally have no clue about what happens once they make an inquiry or place an order with such a provider. Qubit Labs has created a book to show the inner workings of the IT outsourcing business. We have a deeply rooted belief that better knowledge and understanding of inner processes increases clients’ trust; thus, we have adopted an open, transparent policy of showing the mechanics of Qubit Labs operation.

What will you find in the book?

Our book consists of four chapters, each dedicated to a specific step of work with an IT outsourcing vendor:
Part 1. Choosing Vendor This introductory part familiarizes the readers with the concept of a vendor, criteria for choosing the right one, red flags to watch out when selecting the vendor, advantages of hiring remote office teams, and benefits of working with Ukrainian vendors of IT outsourcing.
Part 2. Outsourcing Models Here you will find out all specifics of IT outsourcing and staffing, will learn to distinguish between extended teams, project-based outsourcing models, offshore development centers, and R&D centers. This chapter also covers relocation fundamentals and average developers salaries, as well as teaches the initial steps of established a custom offshore team.
Part 3. Hiring Offshore Developers This part shares Qubit Labs’ secrets of successful hiring, emphasizes the importance of focus on soft skills, and gives details of hiring dedicated development team in Ukraine.
Part 4. Managing Offshore Team The final section of the book explains the principles of remote team management and teaches how to avoid the remote team syndrome.

Who will benefit from this book?

This book contains tons of useful material for those interested in outsourcing, specifics of remote control, management, and team setup, outsourced employee recruitment and developer outsourcing. It will also come in handy for business people trying to keep pace with the new trends and ready to implement them in their business processes. Here you will find much new about the recent rise of outsourcing and will see what it is like today. You’ll also learn the diversity of remote collaboration models such as extended teams, project-based model, setting up of offshore development centers, staff relocation, team/body leasing, etc.

Where to download it?

If you wish to read our e-book – you are welcome to download it here for free or order a hard copy on Amazon. Enjoy the reading! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. In addition, you can order a free consultation with Iva Kozlovska.

Offshore Team 101 Book by Qubit Labs

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Svitlana Rumyantseva
Project Manager

Svitlana is a ex Project Manager at Qubit Labs with legal education and PhD degree in political science. She has experience in managing in-house and offshore/nearshore software development teams including freelancers. She is sure that smooth communication and motivation is the basis of efficient teamwork and successful projects. Svitlana is passionate about networking, achieving great results and acquiring new knowledge.