Dedicated Front-End Developer for Travel Company from Sweden

Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

Client’s Goals

Now cyclists spend approximately the same time traveling through all 5 continents. More “impatient” tourists can organize a whole trip from Kyiv, Ukraine, to San Francisco, USA, just in a few clicks. Comfort and convenience are above all.

An ambitious company from Sweden shares these values. So they decided to make it easier for tourists to book hotels and tickets and was looking for software development service for Sweden companies.

Business Challenge

As the startup started working on it, they realized they must extend their Front End development team to implement all the features. And that was when they faced the first big problem in hiring – local developers either lack the needed knowledge or finding and hiring such experts would be costly and time-consuming.

However, at first, the startup tried to find a local Front End developer, but after a few attempts, they gave up because recruiting started to take most of their time. These guys started considering remote workers as nowadays, cooperation between employer and employee at a distance is no longer treated as something suspicious. They addressed a few vendors being hesitant over the idea of the extended team.


That’s how the startup found Qubit Labs. The first stage of our negotiations was explaining to our potential client the processes and procedures we have in our company. It was important for them to know that the extended Front End development team model is safe as they:

  1. interview a selected candidate on their own and approve or reject him/her;
  2. can ask for a free replacement during a 3-month trial period;
  3. make the first payment only when a candidate is approved;
  4. can start with one developer in a team.

Our transparent scheme of cooperation convinced them to try the service. They wanted us to hire a passionate and proactive Middle Front End developer who would take active part in the project, suggest new solutions, and work close with UI/UX. They also had a particular skill set, so they gave us a detailed job description. Among the technologies, they looked for were JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Webpack.


Since Ukraine can boast a large IT talent pool, finding a matching candidate didn’t take much time. Our recruitment team spent a week to find and contact the Front End developers with relevant experience. After showing a few CVs our client chose one candidate for the interview. He appeared to be a perfect match, so the vacancy was closed and the company got their Front End development team extended just in 5 days. The startup was amazed by such quick hiring as they couldn’t find a programmer in Sweden despite 5 month search.

Case Overview


  • Travel
  • SMB


  • Extended Team


  • Front End
  • JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS

Connect With Our Experts

If you need a reliable partner to hire top tech talents for your business, you are in the right place. Qubit Labs will find the needed candidates and set up a dedicated team for any industry. Just contact us and send us your requirements to solve your hiring hassles.


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Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner
Iva Kozlovskaya is a Managing Partner of Qubit Labs. Iva has been working in operations, sales and project management from the beginning of her career path. Nowadays Iva runs her company that helps clients from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams in Ukraine.