Since 2015, we have been providing IT staffing services for some of the leading software companies, helping businesses to innovate and implement digital transformations.
Dozens of companies all over the world nowadays opt for addressing to IT staffing companies to ease their HR burden.


Qubit Labs undertakes all the HR responsibilities – CV screening, interviewing candidates, checking their technical and soft skills, simulated work scenario trial, etc. And even more – you don’t need to think about workstation for your new employees as they will work on your project in our office. All you need is to provide us with your requirements concerning your ideal employee or a whole R&D team.

What Benefits Do You Get?


Make the first payment only when you approve the candidate.


Manage your remote team on your own by setting schedules and meetings when needed.


Reasonable hourly rates for IT staffing services will significantly cut your administrative and HR expenditures.

What We Do:

Qubit Labs builds your dream team of software developers based on your requirements. We take into account all the aspects that can be important for your company starting from coding skills and finishing with particular mindset that will fit your company’s corporate culture. Our IT staffing company provides your leased employees with all the necessary – from well-equipped work station to bonuses. You just pay fixed monthly rates and forget about retention or tax paying issues. There are two types of services we offer our clients:
  • As your vendor we hire developers according to your requirements and job descriptions and locate them in our office so that you get a remote team with all necessary tools to start work at once.
  • An outsourcing technique that allows you to hire a contractor instead of a full-time employee to lighten the load on your workers or simply to introduce fresh ideas for your business.

To get your new team members in no time!



Our considerable IT staffing background allowed us to develop our own processes due to which we ensure smooth workflow, high productivity and impressive results. Our clients become our loyal customers which is the best proof of outstanding


All the IT staffing agencies brag about making projects on budget. We created a special business model covering taxes and HR management that allows you not only to meet financial needs but also to cut down your work expenses up to 45%.


Our approach to communication is constantly improving so that you get developers easy to work with. Controlled either by you or our project manager rest assured your team understands your requirements perfectly well to achieve the needed results.


With 10+ years of HR experience and international certificates of our recruiters you can be sure you won’t face any difficulties in finding a perfect candidate for your project. We solve all hiring problems while you are busy with your core responsibilities.


Losing rights to intellectual property may lead to the end of a company. We take care about your business, so confidentiality and intellectual property protection are of ultimate importance for us. That is why Qubit Labs signs an NDA with all clients.


Have an immediate idea to realize? Qubit Labs appreciates your time. We have an extensive pool of candidates that counts more than 5000 specialists. It will take us only 2-4 weeks to select a perfect match for your team.



cultural match with Western countries


recruiting deadlines met


of our developers have upper-intermediate level of English


cheaper than majority of IT staffing companies

Qubit Labs allocated one developer to expedite a project via staff augmentation. The resource is assisting a frontend redesign using a React and JavaScript. Qubit Labs provided an extremely talented developer that consistently produces high-quality work. Thanks to his assistance, the overall project is moving along on schedule. Their management staff ensures accurate invoicing and transparent communication. They’re a flexible company.
David Rozenberg, Lead Engineer at Roomeze
Qubit Labs provided recruitment assistance for tech resources. They took on the requirements and quickly identified an appropriate list of qualified candidates for the role. Their efforts paid off within a short matter of time as they put together a list of potential leads. The communications and the workflow between us were simply amazing. The team communicated extremely effectively, always keeping relevant people up to date and never wasting any time.
Till Wendler, Head of Operations at
Qubit Labs identified strong engineering staff options, a process that has fostered new perspectives for future technology stack scaling opportunities. In addition to offering a customizable package of services, the team has prioritized communication to foster a successful offshore engagement. Qubit Labs provided staff augmentation services, yielding one software engineer, to join the development team of a commercialized solution.
Nabil Aidoud CEO at IncuranceMenu
Recruiting and HR team truly listen to your needs and scout for candidates that fit, you feel real personal approach. They don’t only hire, they also take care of our team, help through the adaptation period, monitor and support the team spirit and manage the team with our needs in mind.
Alex, CEO at Nexteum

Why IT Staffing Is a Perfect Solution For Your Business?

  • Qubit Labs offers you a big pool of IT experts so your team will be completed in 2-4 weeks. Expertise level of our software developers ranges from junior to senior so you can easily choose the one who will fulfill your technical and financial requirements.
  • After you determine the goals of your project we take the initiative to define methods to implement them and make a step-by-step plan how to achieve the needed result. Careful planning is exactly what allows us to finish the project on time and budget.
  • We carefully read your demands to the project to understand your aims and forecast issues that can arise during development process. Together we work out the IT staffing solutions and ways to make software development hassle-free and agile.
  • We respect our clients’ time so deadlines are a must for us to meet. Due to our team management methods and skillfulness of HR managers here in Qubit Labs we achieve dramatic 100% of met deadlines.
  • Our office is located in such a time zone that working hours of both local and remote teams will overlap no matter if you are in Australia or Europe.
  • IT staffing grants your right to manage your team on your own. However, if you want to concentrate on your work and don’t feel like controlling side tasks you can hire an experienced project manager to lead your team.

Does IT staffing fit your goals in software development?

This model of software development outsourcing is designed for those who look for transparent and flexible ways to run business of any scale. Qubit Labs can satisfy project demands of young startups and world-known corporations – we are an IT staffing provider that strives for excellence of software development services. So, if our corporate values coincide and you are looking for a reliable outsourcing vendor to hire best IT talents we are here for you.

Thinking of hiring a dedicated team?

Find your best matching software development team.


* We provide free recruiting for teams under 5 developers