Why You Should Opt for Poland Team Augmentation in 2024?

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

Team augmentation an outsourcing model of team extending with remote employees to cover skill gaps, tech tasks and business development. The method involves assessing the current workforce and determining the required additional skills. For example, this strategy could utilize in-house resources, contract workers, and outsourced services.

Team augmentation Poland is a great way to cost-effectively fulfill your team with tech professionals. Poland is a significant IT hub full of diligent and hard-working software engineers. In our new article, we would like to demonstrate all benefits of Poland team augmentation and why Qubit Labs will be a great decision to start it.


Why Choose Team Augmentation Poland?

Did you know that Poland is a center for commercial giants like Google and Microsoft’s research and development centers and has one of the world’s largest pools of IT talent? And it is not surprising. Poland counts over 250,000 software engineers and over 400,000 people involved in the IT industry, and the number keeps growing. 

IT companies choose Poland to expand their teams for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there is a functioning IT market in Poland: it contributes 4.6% to employment and 8 percent of the Polish GDP. As a result, an increasing number of young people choose to pursue a degree in computer science or mathematics. Over 65,000 students studied IT during the most recent academic year. 

Aside from specialized skills, polish programmers have a decent degree in English, so they are ready to work with western tech organizations. Per the EF English Capability List, Poland is positioned sixteenth out of 112 nations. Furthermore, having excellent language skills makes it simple to work together on the product development process, establish open lines of communication, and work with team members.

So, if you consider Poland team augmentation for your business, it will be a perfect match for your growth.


Core Benefits of Poland Team Augmentation

Poland is definitely worth your attention. Let us show you even more of the benefits of investing in polish programmers to develop your business successfully.

  • Highly-Skilled Professionals

Poland is the leading country concerning the number of tech experts in Eastern Europe. As a result, numerous specialists are working with various technology stacks. SQL is the most widely used programming language among Polish programmers, followed by JavaScript. Over 30% of coders are familiar with Python and Java, and 19% use C#. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters of software engineers have a minimum of three years of experience. Therefore, regardless of your technology, Poland’s team augmentation model allows hiring an experienced coder with the necessary technology stack.

  • Cultural Proximity

An easy-going and productive working environment is how you can describe Polish work culture. Working closely with customers is supported by European heritage. Poles confront their ideas openly and directly but also freely criticize and correct things they disagree with. One-on-one meetings are frequently used to resolve issues. Polish programmers are familiar with the Western European market system and understand your priorities.

  • Convenient Location and Time-Zone 

The convenience of the locations and the manageability of the time difference are two benefits of team augmentation Poland. Your remote team can easily be reached by plane from any European city, which takes between one and two hours. In addition, Poland is in Central European Time (GMT+2), so it’s easy to work with other European countries. The time difference also plays into your favor if you collaborate with your American team.

  • Competitive Salary Rates  

Because Polish wages are significantly lower than those in the United States, the question of compensation must be addressed when discussing the advantages of team augmentation Poland. 

  • For example, the annual wage of a Python developer in Poland is around $23,000-$27,000 per year, while a Python coder in England can make over $50,000 annually. 
  • JavaScript developers in Poland make approximately $22,000, while in the US, specialists in the same technology earn at least $70,000 yearly.
  • Tech support specialists in Poland make around $20,000, while in the US, specialists with the same experience earn at least $60,000. 
  • You can also read about Polish game developers in our guide.

As you can see, the payment rates are significantly different in Poland compared to the US. Nevertheless, team augmentation Poland is a great way to receive an outstanding tech service for attractive rates.


Why Choose Poland Team Augmentation in 2024?

The following year won’t be easy for the tech industry: economic crises, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine – all these factors harm the IT industry’s development. So, why will team augmentation Poland be a good investment in 2023?

Another example is Russian and Belarusian aggression against Ukraine. These two countries were enormous resources of an affordable tech workforce that are not available anymore — that’s why most American and Western European IT companies have to find alternative countries to cover skill gaps. Poland team augmentation is the right decision for your business development with diligent tech talent that won’t break your budget.


To Sum Up 

Poland is an outstanding IT hub where you can find talented software engineers and build a solid remote team or extend your team to achieve your goals. Poland team augmentation is a reliable and cost-efficient way to boost your business fast. And for that, you need a suitable vendor. Qubit Labs knows everything about the Polish tech market and will be happy to provide you with the best candidates who perfectly fit your requirements.


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Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

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