Why Do South African Companies Work With Qubit Labs?

Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

We are proud to have clients from all over the world because we offer many benefits and the best decisions for business growth in every country. Today I would like to introduce one of our clients from South Africa and explain why South African companies are successful with Qubit Labs.

South Africa has one of the most extensive information and communications technology markets. It shows technological leadership in the mobile application field, security software, and electronic banking services. However, finding skillful and narrow-profiled specialists is a big challenge in South Africa. UI/UX designers, React software developers, and project managers are the specialists with the highest demand. In addition, on average Southern African software engineers have similar rates as those in Western Europe. Let us compare the average wage in South Africa and alternative tech hubs:

Country  UX/UI Designer  React Developer Project Manager
South Africa $35,000 $46,000 $40,000
Ukraine $25,000 $30,000 $34,000
Georgia $22,500 $24,000 $20,000
Kazakhstan $23,000 $25,500 $24,000
Azerbaijan $20,000 $22,000 $18,000

As we can see, the annual income among IT specialists is significantly higher in South Africa compared to alternative locations in Eastern Europe and Caucasus Region. But, let me show you a real example of how Qubit Labs has built a successful cooperation with a South African company and managed to boost their business to a new level.


Partnership With Qubit Labs: Our South African Client’s Successful Experience

It is a B2B company that provides web development, SaaS, and app development for international brands. They messaged us as they have faced some challenges in hiring IT professionals for their team. They require highly-skilled specialists, which are hard to find in South Africa. After discussing all details and goals, we found IT specialists, part-time, to cover their tech tasks. 

After an outstanding job with our software developers, our client hired a dedicated team instead of extending the current in-house team. 

As a result, we have hired a team of diligent tech professionals, including the product manager, web designers, software developers, and testers.

We have been cooperating with our South African client for more than 1,5 years and are happy to see a great result in their business growth and development. As soon as they require more tech talent, we are always ready to provide them. 


Benefits For South Africa of Working With Qubit Labs

If you still have any doubts about hiring a remote team with Qubit Labs, let me show you more substantial benefits that you get from cooperation with us: 

  • Similar Time Zone 

South Africa is just 1-hour ahead of Eastern Europe and Caucasus Region. That means you and your team will always be in touch, as the time difference won’t harm productivity. You receive quick replies from your employees that speed up the working process.

  • Great Tech Hubs 

Qubit Labs hires in various countries with all tastes, preferences, and budgets. We choose destinations with an incredible number of software engineers, English proficiency, affordable tax, and attractive rates. For South Africa, we can offer a variety of matchable countries like Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

  • Cultural Proximity

With us, you build your team with not only tech professionals but also great individuals who know how the South African tech market works. They will be a perfect match for your current team and a good fit for your corporate culture. 

  • Flexibility

We are always ready to adjust to new conditions of your project if you consider changing it. We are ready to find new specialists to fit your requirements whenever you need more tech talent. You can hire just one software developer or the whole dedicated team. 

  • Replacement Guarantee

If one of the professionals we hire for you won’t satisfy your expectations (which happens very rarely), we provide a guaranteed replacement. We make sure you are pleased with each IT specialist you work with.


To Sum Up

As you can see, cooperation with Qubit Labs will be the best decision for your company’s growth. Your location is not a limit for us, but a great opportunity to unite you with the best tech talent from Eastern Europe and Caucasus Region. But better to see it once than hear about it hundreds of times. 

So if you are ready for big and successful changes in your company – message Qubit Labs.



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Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner
Iva Kozlovskaya is a Managing Partner of Qubit Labs. Iva has been working in operations, sales and project management from the beginning of her career path. Nowadays Iva runs her company that helps clients from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams in Ukraine.