Why Companies Choose Java for Product Development Outsourcing?

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It’s been 25 years since Java programming language has been introduced to the world of coding. So many new languages and their variations have been created in these 25 years, yet Java remains one of the most popular languages in the world. Why?

Being “in its twenties”, Java is a language on which so many giant businesses are built. Banks, retailers, insurance companies, utilities, and manufacturers all use Java. Almost all Fortune 500 companies will confirm using it, too. By now it is already running on over 5 billion devices and has become the “native language” for most programmers.

Java has been consistently developed and bettered in its programming efficiency over these couple decades and is designed to keep running on any stage and OS stably, regardless of the OS in which it was initially developed. Java owes its popularity to its unrivaled platform independence. Most types of computers are compatible with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) including PCs running on Windows, Macintosh computers, Unix or Linux computers, and large mainframe computers, as well as mobile phones, both on android and iOS. All a programmer needs to do is install the JRE onto the machine.

Java’s flexibility and independence are exactly what makes it ideal for programmers to grow their careers. Also, there are a lot of resources where you can learn Java for free, so now there is no problem to find Java developers in any country.

Java code is easy to understand and troubleshoot while it also allows for “reusable code”. One of the developed features of the language is known as Java objects and allows a programmer to reuse common codes whenever possible, instead of rewriting the same code time and time again. On top of that, Java has a powerful source code editor and comes with an automated, built-in debugger.

If you plan to develop a product in Java you should consider hiring a Java dedicated development team or  that will work on your app full-time or product development outsourcing to development company.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Java Development

1. Cost

Outsourcing Java developers will prevent worries about having to generate work or overpaying for no work. If your Java development team is in-house, even when a project is not being completed, you still have to account for monthly salaries while hiring an offshore development team you can transform those fixed costs to variable costs paying the developers only for the work being done and thus allowing money to be freed up and invested in other ways of pushing your business forward. Check the average java development rates information here. Also you can check what are average IT outcourcing cost.

2. Access

As mentioned before, Java is considered the language of all programming languages, and the share of professional developers who code in it is huge. You don’t need to sweat to find a high-quality developer to work with Java. The two index measures of popularity of coding languages TIOBE and PYPL are both around 17% for Java.

3. Time & Focus

You can entrust the project to the senior developer(s) and concentrate your time and effort on other operations and have progress being made in all essential areas of your business. You won’t need to look for separate qualified programmers and put together a team – outsourcing Java developers you will be able to hire a well-bonded team of professionals right away. There won’t be any complex work for you to do either – only monitoring the progress.

4. Support & Communication

Outsourcing companies that work with Java developers usually have round-the-clock support and communication mechanisms in place. These let the client communicate with the engineers at any convenient time. With this type of services time zones aren’t a problem anymore. Apart from updating the business enterprise on the state of the project, they also accept any last-minute changes to be incorporated into the software.

5. Delegation

When hiring a development company you delegate dealing with all the back-office, HR, scaling, and administrative issues to the contractor and can have your energy channeled in other types of productivity. Meanwhile, you are absolutely free to ask any questions and give advice to the development team.

Naturally, hiring a company needn’t be a leap of faith with the first agency you hear of, even if someone recommends it. Every business is unique in its IT needs, so you should do your due diligence and research. We can help with a few tips.


What to Check Before Hiring a Java Development Company

What to Check Before Hiring a Java Development Company

Check Companies Expertise

Explore the Java development expertise in offshore software development company before hiring them. Look at their record and portfolio – what industries they have experience developing for, how platform-versatile their solutions are, what is their know-how(s). Investigate how strong they are in best practices for Java development, language fundamentals, scalability, design patterns, and specification fundamentals.

Certification – Make sure the developers have all the official certification that qualifies them to work on Java projects you need them to undertake. These are some of the certificates to look for:

  • Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer;
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer;
  • Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer (OCMJD);
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer;
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Business Component Developer;
  • Oracle Certified Expert Java Platform EE Web Services Developer;
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application Developer and Oracle Certified Master Java EE 5/6 Enterprise Architect. (all formerly known as “Sun Certified…”).

Check Portfolio

Not only should there be a certain variety in the company’s portfolio to attest to their versatility, but you should look for a company that has a lot of experience and perhaps affiliation to your industry. This will help on many levels, from communication to creative solutions. Also look at the number of projects a company has done this far.

Interview the Developers

This shows the company’s flexibility and readiness to work together in an open and trust-filled environment. Ask the company to interview the team they have picked out for you, oftentimes cultural and communicational compatibility goes a long way.

Schedule a Meeting With the CEO

Who better to answer all your questions than the person(s) who run the company? If possible, go ahead and arrange a short meeting with the CEO, thankfully the technology today allows you to do it regardless of where you are in the world and if you can’t physically grab a coffee to discuss things, a quick Zoom call can easily be arranged. The person in charge of the company is the best representation of the service you would find and you can get all of your questions answered by someone who knows the business to the core.

Get References from clients

Testimonials are a good thing to check for, but you have to be careful and make sure they are genuine, come from real clients, and aren’t manufactured by some fake businesses. Your best bet is to personally check in with the companies from the software development agency’s portfolio. Can’t be too careful.

Does Company Provide Full service

The company you’re hiring should be able to provide all the services related to programming in Java. Services like J2EE, JSF, EJB, Struts, Servlets, and JSP should all be offered under one roof.

You Can Scale a Team

Businesses and projects grow bigger or smaller sometimes and you might need to scale your team accordingly at some point. Make sure the company you’re about to hire has enough developers for your project and has all the resources and processes for scaling the team available. Look for an outsourcing partner that has a strong and stable HR infrastructure in place so they can scale fast and smoothly.


Custom Java Development Services

Java development company

Companies are ready to offer your business a full spectrum of Java development services from basic level complexity to more intricate custom projects.

Java SaaS Development Services

Saas is so popular among clients looking for Java services because it allows businesses to significantly cut costs, dodge extra spending on IT infrastructures, and hike up productivity.

Java PaaS Development Services

Outsourcing your platform to Java experts is a good way to reduce development costs while also improving the quality of the services your business provides. Letting third-party developers to your API has been known to yield successful results.

Java Mobile Development Services

Some ideas are better implemented for mobile. In fact, almost all serious businesses with digital presence have an app related to their product available for iOS and Android. If you have an app to be developed, we will supply a top-tier offshore development team to create a user-friendly, functional and efficient mobile software and bring your business to the screens of your clients’ smartphones.

Java Web Application Development Services

Developers from development companies usually will build your web application from scratch to help you launch across all browsers and platforms.

Java Application Development Services

To tackle apprehensions for connectivity or security, one can turn to software that runs locally on the user’s hardware. For such instances, our developers have software that runs on all major operating systems.

Java Server-Side Software Development Services

The solid backend that doesn’t bend to heavy traffic is one of the keys to a smooth launch. The base of anything you build, be it a home or software, should be fine-tuned to the smallest detail. Developers will make sure your web app is server-side tested meticulously and is ready to launch when you need it to be.

To sum up, here’s why Companies Choose Java for their product development:

The pool of Java developers is large, and it makes hiring easier. Qubit Labs will make hiring even more so for you by putting together a brilliant team for your business while giving you complete control over it.

It’s safe. The compiler catches more errors than C\C++.

Proven stability (many businesses are using Java and are running fine);97% of Enterprise Desktops Run Java; 89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. Run Java; 9 Million Java Developers Worldwide; 3 Billion Mobile Phones Run Java; 100% of Blu-ray Disc Players Ship with Java; 5 Billion Java Cards in Use; 125 million TV devices run Java (rewrite with your own words)

  • It’s performant. (The JVM is extremely optimized);
  • It has many tools available and a solid number of those are free;
  • Easy to learn and develop: Java is easy and simple to learn. With a lot of libraries, it really helps developers come up with simple code that is easy to maintain and debug when compared to other languages;
  • Platform independence: Platform independence simply means that Java can run on any environment let it be Linux, Windows, or any other OS;
  • Famous Products Created with Java: Eclipse, Android, Spring, Blue Ray, Murex, Telegram for Android, VLC media player, NASA World Wind.

Why choose Qubit Labs as your Java Development Company?

Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular has become one of the most prominent offshore software development and outsourcing hubs in the world.

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The number of software engineers in Ukraine is nearing 200,000 (about 30,000 of them Java developers) and almost half of them work for outsourcing and outstaffing bringing the value of general soft-dev export for the country over 4 billion dollars annually.

Outsourcing SaaS to Qubit Labs means faster results and saving resources. Ukrainian Java developers have duly earned high praise all over the world and we at Qubit Labs are proud to have representatives in London, New York, Toronto, and Tallinn and be working with companies like Insurancemenu and Roomeze (USA), Nanoreality (Cyprus), AOB Travel (Sweden), Traxgo (Belgium) and Bussr (Singapore) across industries like fintech, retail, healthcare, entertainment, telecom, e-commerce and many more.

We are always happy to share testimonials from our clients because we’re proud to be providing offshore Java development services to clients internationally and celebrating their successes with them.


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