Why are JavaScript Courses Worth Your Attention?

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Why Learn JavaScript?

It is often when experienced developers give negative feedback about JavaScript by saying it is too old-fashioned for the modern IT world. However, they are being mistaken. This programming language has significantly changed and became modern enough because most of its issues and errors have been addressed.

Thus, Qubit Labs can confidently suggest that currently, it is a sought-after and forward-looking programming language because our company had a significant number of cases when JavaScript developers took the average projects to another level.

This language has numerous frameworks and libraries, which enable software engineers to develop various applications on its basis, including Microsoft Office and Photoshop. With JavaScript, you can create games, mobile apps, and even neural networks.

Besides, junior developers’ threshold is relatively low, so anyone could start utilizing the language right after finishing JavaScript courses. Speaking of other benefits that’ll address the question “why learn javascript,” they include:

  • React. This is the most popular library for creating user interfaces, which allows using web applications that update without reloading the page. As for React Native, it is aimed at creating mobile applications for Android and iOS. Some of the most notable examples written with React Native include Facebook, Pinterest, Bloomberg, and Walmart.
  • Vue.js. This framework was created while taking into account previous libraries’ errors to provide a high-quality development tool for the programmers. It has excellent performance and is well-optimized.
  • Angular. It is quite hard to learn this framework compared to the previous ones. However, it provides the largest amount of opportunities. Its goal is to expand the browser apps and make testing and development easier. The most notable projects made by Angular are Gmail, Google Drive, The Guardian, PayPal, Upwork, and Freelancer.

If a person aims to learn JavaScript for beginners, one will receive a benefit in the means of syntax because it is similar to the well-known C language. After learning JavaScript, you will get a basic understanding of all the “C” languages, including C ++, C #, Java, and PHP. They are trendsetters in the respective fields and are quite popular, so it is vital for a beginner to become familiar with C syntax. Now, let’s move on to reviewing the best ways to learn JavaScript.

Best JavaScript Courses

Some people might think, “why do I need to pay for courses if I can learn JavaScript myself?” Undoubtedly, there are many cases when the beginners put effort towards learning and devoted a lot of time to finding necessary materials, noting and fixing bugs on their own, and addressing the arisen questions by googling them. Although such a method is cost-effective, it is not always efficient. Thus, we can mention that the best way to learn JavaScript is by attending courses that will meet your expectations and provide sufficient knowledge and experience for you to start working in IT right after finishing them.

Usually, JavaScript courses include the basics and advanced implementation of JS, video lessons for practising received knowledge and learning to solve tasks, creation of your own projects under the lecturers’ supervision, and the necessary certificates at the end of the learning. Let’s review some of the most efficacious and “opportunities-opening” JavaScript online classes.


This is a wonderful JavaScript-free course that will get you through the basic aspects of the programming language to understand how it operates. Both theoretical and practical information creates a great learning environment that allows participators to learn coding in the most efficient way. However, keep in mind that this course is focused on basics, and to be able to develop real-world projects, you will need to use additional JavaScript resources.


Wonder how to learn JavaScript fast? Take a look at this JavaScript Codecademy course, which teaches its students programming fundamentals and utilizes the latest JavaScript syntax for basic object-oriented concepts. After finishing it, you could try to build games, interactive websites, and web applications with React.


If you are looking for a resource to learn JavaScript for beginners, this website is for you. It is interactive and enables you to go deep into the coding, even if you are a newbie. Thanks to its interactivity, the site will give you feedback on the code before you take the next step. It is among other sites like Codecademy, yet it is aimed to let the participants solidify the learned concepts in practice instead of talking about them in the lectures.

Practical JavaScript

This course will surely address the question “where to learn JavaScript?” It is one of those courses when learning by example is not just an empty phrase. During the learning process, you will learn how to build a simple todo app, which will provide a case in point on the understanding of fundamentals. With the learned basics of JavaScript, you will be able to use them to develop applications because almost any app implements this programming language.

You don’t know JavaScript

We want to highlight this JavaScript course because it lets the participants behind the scenes of the programming language and answers all the questions before they even arise. It helps to connect all the dots and make all the concepts you might have learned earlier united and more understandable. In other words, you get a broad picture rather than look at individual brushstrokes.

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS by Duke University (Coursera)

This course is a perfect decision for those who think about where to learn JavaScript because it combines the best of both worlds: knowledgeable professors and practical implementation of the received knowledge. Apart from learning basic programming concepts, like conditional statements, functions, and loops, students grasp web development by using HTML and CSS. As the end of the course approaches, learners demonstrate what they learned by creating a web page. Only like a few JavaScript courses, it also encourages students to apply problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as utilizes quizzes and different kinds of assignments.

JavaScript Introduction Certification by W3C (edX)

A global learning platform, edX runs this JavaScript course. During the learning process, the participants will study the fundamentals of JS, understand how to add interactivity to their projects and get closer to obtaining an experienced web developer’s status. It has five modules, which allow gradually moving the levels of complexity and learning each aspect one by one, without haste.

Interactivity with JavaScript by University of Michigan (Coursera)

The course’s primary purpose is to educate learners on how to implement interactivity into their websites. This is one of the sites like Codecademy, which implements its unique learning approach. Starting from basics, it takes on another level and becomes more practice-oriented. The final project engages students in demonstrating their knowledge during this JavaScript training online.

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning (Udemy)

The best way to learn JavaScript is to get to the details and learn everything step by step, from fundamentals to advanced programming. It includes a multitude of exercises and assignments, followed by modular learning sections and projects. This course is great both for beginners to JS and those who want to strengthen their skills.

JavaScript Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

This course was created to help the learners who want to know how to learn JavaScript fast yet don’t want to apply for some low-quality lessons. It focuses on key principles, including variables, conditionals, data types, and advanced features like loops and DOM scripting. The custom-made projects included in the course show the learners how this programming language is utilized in the real world. Each topic is covered in detail, and the course is divided into 12 parts with subsections.

Resources for Learning JavaScript

Any developer would feel more confident in one’s knowledge and skills if he/she has had comprehensive knowledge in the area of one’s work. However, it is pretty impossible to receive them when it comes to JavaScript, a programming language, which is continually evolving. Nevertheless, nobody has cancelled JavaScript resources that make the developers’ lives easier by providing information on any emerging trends. Thus, let’s do a quick recap of the books, blogs, and YouTube channels that will enhance your language awareness.


  1. JavaScript: The Good Parts. A book by Douglas Crockford is intended for those who are just starting their acknowledgement with the programming language. As you can tell from the title, it mainly covers only the advantages of JS.
  2. You Don’t Know Js. Kyle Simpson is a person who is highly invested in everything related to JavaScript and tries to share his knowledge with those interested in learning this language. Actually, it is a book series, and each part covers a certain topic. It is suitable for in-depth learning and comprehension of the most challenging concepts.
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript. One of the critical moments in learning JS is algorithms and data structures. Michael McMillan has decided to fully cover this topic because recruiters often ask questions related to the mentioned aspects of the interviews.
  4. Effective JavaScript.  Dave Herman’s book includes the expert’s advice on JavaScript, written for the developers with medium or advanced knowledge levels in the area. It offers 68 proven ways that will help in dealing with your tasks and code’s organization.
  5. JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development. Jon Duckett’s book was written for programmers, content-managers, and web-designers. The author reviews the core basics for starting to develop simple software. After finishing this guide, you will know how to create JS scripts and interactive websites, use jQuery, and improve code.


  1. SitePoint. This is one of the most well-known platforms focused on web-development, which started its activity in the year 2000. It has an impressive collection of detailed articles that are aimed at teaching something new to the readers. A high percentage of new articles engages readers worldwide and cooperates with top-notch experts in the area. There, you could find valuable information and food for thought, which will increase your skills.
  2. Brendan Eich. This man is the creator of JavaScript, so why not learn from his experience? He often publishes his thoughts and offers a discourse into his perception of JS. You could also find videos with his explanations there and coherently understand the programming language, getting first-hand information.
  3. David Walsh Blog. This person is an expert and a famous figure in the JavaScript world. His blog is about conveying ideas, guides, and personal thoughts regarding the language. You could find articles on different topics on the blog and feel the author’s aim to create the experience of a personal approach for each reader.


JavaScript YouTube Channels

  1. Derek Banas. The author is one of those people who read the followers’ comments and release videos on the most frequently asked topics. He is an experienced iOS developer who offers to learn JavaScript in 30 minutes or watch 2-hour lasting guides on leading technologies and languages.
  2. Codecourse. The channel shares valuable tips on the most popular programming languages and explains how to create small projects. The videos will be handy for junior programmers and those who want to sharpen their knowledge.
  3. Adam Khoury. This channel focuses on uploading videos oriented at software development and design.
  4. Google Developers. The best way to learn JavaScript is to apply relevant and tested information, which you can easily find on this channel. It offers watching lectures, descriptions of the best practices, tips, reviews, and news on the IT world’s updates.
  5. kudvenkat. The author uploads tutorials on using different programming languages, frameworks, and tools. The channel’s main goal is to offer software training for anyone and engage students who have the potential to learn to program.

To Wrap Up

Thus, we can conclude that JavaScript courses are valuable for anyone who aims to get the most out of it and is ready to devote time to see the results in the long run. There is no “glass ceiling” when it comes to education, so both beginners and advanced programmers can consider the mentioned resources.


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