Which Is the Best Example of Outsourcing?

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These days, many companies go for IT outsourcing because it can be a great way for businesses to save time and money while gaining expertise. The well-known fact is that around 70 percent of big organizations have outsourced some of their services to third parties at least once.

Which Is the Best Example of Outsourcing?

But which is the best example of outsourcing? Before you start looking for an answer to this question, you should understand what outsourcing is, at least in general. This is nothing but the process in which a business gives away some of its non-core work to a third party or external firm to do the same on behalf of the business. As a result, it generates expertise work for the business at less cost, so one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your custom software development today is the cost.

If you are willing to see how it works, you should get acquainted with a few success stories, and you will see which is the best example of outsourcing.


Example of Outsourcing Services – What Can Be Given Away to a Third Party?

As mentioned before, a lot of modern companies decide to outsource services to save on efforts and costs associated with training, hiring, and maintaining full-time employees. The services can vary across different fields, such as accounting, human resources, advertising, and marketing. Figuring out which is the best example of outsourcing and having an idea of what kind of services can be done by an agency will help you identify opportunities for your business.

Here are a few outsourcing services that can be delivered by a reliable and trustworthy company:

  •   Web Development Outsourcing

You can hire a team of experts who will create any sort of website according to the needs of your business. The great part is that they will do their best to make it reflect the goal, values, and mission of your company.

  •   Web Design Outsourcing

This is another example of outsourcing service that helps you with diverse tasks that contribute to your site`s overall strength. Professionals can develop design and visual content for your website that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

  •   App and Game Development Outsourcing

If your company needs an app, you do not have to hire an in-house team of developers. Instead, you can get a team of professionals who will do that for you. App and game development outsourcing are among the most common outsourced services.

  •   SEO Outsourcing

This is another example of outsourcing services that can help your business thrive. It is nothing but the process of reaching better search engine rankings and more traffic. In this digital landscape, integrating translation services is crucial as it opens doors to global audiences, thereby enhancing your company’s online visibility.

  •   Content Marketing and Advertising Outsourcing 

Modern businesses need to be present on social media to succeed. Instead of figuring things out yourself, you can hire experts who know everything about advertising and marketing, and they provide your company with the best solutions possible.

  •   Sales and Lead Generation Outsourcing

Lead generation is the process of generating customer interest in your service or product, and this should result in more sales. It is a good example of a service that can be outsourced.

  •   Customer Support Outsourcing

This option is another great example of outsourcing because it is easy to get someone who will take care of customer support, and you do not even have to have these experts in your office.

  •   Tech Support Outsourcing

In the case of software/app malfunction or failure, nobody else but professionals can solve the clients’ issues. Outsourcing agencies can provide you with a variety of tech support experts who deal with these problems.

  •   Email Automation Outsourcing

Email automation is another great example of outsourcing – such agencies can help you develop an email marketing strategy to interact with existing and new clients.

  •   Virtual Assistance Services

Having a virtual assistant, your business can grow much faster because this person will manage a part of the work remotely and solve a variety of issues. Furthermore, with the aid of a clock in clock out app, you can effortlessly monitor virtual assistants’ time allocation, ensuring optimal productivity and streamlined management of tasks.


Which Is the Best Example of Outsourcing?

Now that you know what outsourcing is and what kind of services can be received this way, you might want to see a few real examples. So, which is the best example of outsourcing? In fact, there are a few great examples, and here they are:

  • Wise

Wise outsourcing example

The former name of this company is TransferWise, and it is a well-known money transfer service. With its help, it is extremely easy to monitor, manage, and pay remote workers. The company has a few remote employees who help with engineering, and the brand is known for hiring Estonia and Ukrainian developers. However, they do that not because of the cheaper offshoring but because of those professionals’ talent. Wise is focused on getting the best product engineers available. According to them, such an expert must go through a technical interview with two engineers, pass a take-home test, have a product interview with an engineer and manager, and succeed in a final interview with the co-founder. Wise utilizes these phases to evaluate the skill of an independent employee. As a result, this company can deliver top-notch services at affordable prices.

  • GitHub

GitHub outsourcing example

This is a widely known open-source site that hosts software development version control utilizing Git. More than 90 million developers use GitHub for their projects and communication with other professionals. The company chose Chacon as a third-party company to develop the backend of the site. The truth is that the expert who created the backbone of the platform is now its CIO. Noteworthy, the company chose the best professionals to create its backend, and outsourcing was a wonderful solution used to complete business tasks while receiving high-quality standards. This approach also helped GitHub save money and resources.

  • Skype

Skype outsourcing example

So, which is the best example of outsourcing? Skype is a great success story. The thing is that this company discovered all the necessary knowledge and expertise at a reasonable cost. Thanks to this approach, they managed to maintain low costs while developing their online services at the same time. Skype hired an impressive number of developers in Estonia because they wanted talented individuals. The hired employees eventually showed success, and the company decided to accept them as partners. This is a great example of outsourcing because Skype wanted cost savings, capacity, and accessibility to limitless talents and skills, and this goal was achieved.

  • Cambio

Cambio outsourcing example

Daintel happens to be a clinical workspace for Intensive Care Units. In 2007, they decided to go for outsourcing to enhance the capacity of the department and to take the performance of the existing solution utilized in hospitals to the next level. The chosen agency optimized the performance of the system and the connection pool with the help of base connection storage. Daintel also received new modules for the Intensive Care Unit, including the Snomed CT, Prescription, IOM Graphic, Administration, EMM, CPOE module, and more. Which is the best example of outsourcing? It is Cambio because the company managed to become a healthcare market leader thanks to their solution to use outsourcing services.

  • SpecTec

SpecTec outsourcing example

In 2017, a leading Maritime software provider that develops AMOS software for Maritime, Oil Gas, and Defence industries, decided to try outsourcing services. They hired a team of professionals that was responsible for working on AMOS functionality. Another task was to make sure that it was fully functional both offline and online. The chosen experts also worked on the development of the AMOS Inventory app, AMOS Maintenance app, web approvals, and a quality management system. This case is a great example of outsourcing because they received an optimized architecture. Another great thing is that their online and offline data synchronization for Inventory and Maintenance applications is successful. Thanks to this, SpecTec increased its efficiency and productivity, which helped it meet its goals.

  • Google

When thinking about which is the best example of outsourcing, you might easily decide that it is Google. This company also outsourced its operations to remote employees. Although it is one of the leaders among tech companies, it seems that Google can manage all operations in-house. However, they still decided to outsource to cut their labor costs. Google is probably the best example of outsourcing company because they have almost 90 thousand in-house employees, but they are still not able to manage all the tasks. As a result, Google had to look for workers in other countries. Since 2018, the number of remote employees has outnumbered the number of their in-house workers. The company is widely known for hiring talented professionals and working with remote workers on its AdWords project. This solution is ideal for two reasons – it allows them to deal with top talent they do not have in their team, and it helps the company cover the gaps when employees take parental leave. In addition to that, outsourcing helps the giant cut labor costs and maintain incredible profitability.

  • CuriosityStream

Curiosity Stream outsourcing example

While deciding which is the best example of outsourcing, you should not forget about this one. The company is a global media brand and streaming service that started its outsourcing processes in 2019. They hired six developers to work on the video feature that was supposed to reduce operational costs and increase the number of hours watched. The company decided to go for outsourcing when they saw that others did it and succeeded. The solution brought CuriosityStream such an impressive result that they decided to keep on working with third-party developers.

  • Waitwhile

Waitwhile outsourcing example

This one was launched by ex-Googlers, and its task is to solve a common problem for people, which is waiting in line for a call. The thing is that nobody likes being held up at the receiver point for hours. The company is solving this issue with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Initially, the company had a base application provided to users, so scaling became imminent. At the same time, the brand was limited by its technology, which made it decide to outsource the work to a third-party company. The chosen agency upgraded its old framework and provided it with the necessary functions to support high-scaling possibilities. This solution helped Waitwhile to announce its position in the market.

  • Alibaba

Alibaba outsourcing example

Many people know a lot about the success story of this company and its rise. It was launched by Jack Ma in 1999, and that was the time when businesses and companies started turning to the Internet for customer service. The founders were smart enough to make the decision wisely because they opted for outsourcing. The company hired developers from the United States to build a website that was able to cater to both domestic users and international English-speaking customers. This solution was great because everybody knows what Alibaba is.



So, which is the best example of outsourcing? It is not easy to name one company because each of the provided examples is great. At the same time, they have one thing in common – they decided to act wisely and hired third-party companies to achieve their goals. You can learn from their experience and get one or even a team of professionals for your business. The main aspect is that you should opt for a reliable company.

If you choose Qubit Labs offshore outsourcing agency, we guarantee we will do our best to help your business thrive. We are known for hiring impressive experts in top tech hubs. You just need to let us know what you need, and our hiring experts will find the perfect dedicated team for you.


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