Where to Find and How to Choose Top Game Publishers?

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

Once you have developed a fantastic game, the time will come when you need to select among many game publishers to assist you in expanding your app’s audience and earning the income you deserve. There are many elements to consider while picking a versatile game publisher that surpasses the income split. Making games is easier than ever, but finding a customer is challenging: this is the current narrative regarding the game industry. It is understandable why so many indie teams attempt to top game publishers without clearly understanding what they require assistance with and what they are willing to give in return.


What Do Game Publishers Do?

The games industry relies heavily on game publishers. They invest in projects and game developers and publish and market games. Game publishers can assist you with everything from counsel and the executives of the game improvement interaction, funding, and conveyance to game advertising through different channels. To pitch a game, game publishers purchase, publicize and contact the media. New distributors arise as the open doors for publishing a game carefully improve. You can use these publishers to reach gamers directly through communities, blogs, YouTube, and other social media. They typically concentrate on games with lower prices.

So, what do game publishers do? And what is the role of game publishers in the game development process?

  • Marketing process 
  • Expertise and understanding
  • Product advancement
  • Support for a product plan

What usually do game publishers require?

  • Options for financing and publishing follow-up games, or sequels, if the game’s creator wants to keep the copyright.
  • The game’s design, age classification, production plan, approval of interim deliveries, and marketing are all under creative control.
  • All profits generated by the game until your company recouped the costs of developing and marketing the game (after which, profits will be divided according to a unique royalty system).

How to Choose Top Game Publishers?

Indeed, you are looking for any publisher and top game publishers who will commit to your game and be motivated to promote it successfully. There are some factors to pay attention to before choosing game publishers:

  • Look at Their Experience

It is fitting to join forces with leading hyper-easygoing game publishers. These organizations have the history, devices, an enormous client base, and gaming industry specialists to help your game reach its highest potential. Additionally, reputable game publishers have dedicated Game Product and LiveOpps teams responsible for A/B testing, scaling, and maximizing profits from your game.

  • Game Publisher Should Support All Processes

Best game publishers should be able to assist you in weak areas. If you are the developer and only want to work on the development, they may be able to help you with marketing and any other sites in which you are lacking. Remember that they are in the publishing industry rather than the development industry.

They probably won’t assist you with completing your game. However, they might assist with financing regions that would help you. Additionally, they should almost always assist with the launch’s marketing, audience development, and other marketing strategies to ensure maximum success. 

  • Best Game Publishers Must Have Track Record

Ensure those game publishers you work with, particularly assuming that they are requesting a lot, that they have a history. Naturally, game publishers need to start somewhere. Contact any other game developers who have previously collaborated with them. The game advancement local area is genuinely very close. They are open and honest about any game publisher who engages in unethical business, but they frequently offer advice when it is not requested. Make sure you’re working with the right partners by asking around. 

  • They Should Work With Robust Technologies 

The hyper-relaxed and half-and-half spaces are continually developing at high speed. Thus, game distributors with hearty innovation can empower your game to succeed and become beneficial in all economic situations. In particular, ensure your future distributor has robust procurement and adaptation innovation to improve and expand your game’s benefits (this is a significant advantage for working with a laid-out distributor).


How Much Do Game Publishers Take?

One of the most extensive questions is the price of publishing your game, and how much do game publishers take? It depends on a few factors and the publishing company itself. Game publishers take between 20% – 40% of gross income from game designers they join forces with. Naturally, there are additional dangers that a novice game developer might encounter. Depending on your circumstances, there may be a few higher-priced deals that may make sense.

Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo all charge a platform fee of around 30%, which is the industry standard. The Epic Games Store only takes 12%, and the independent platform itch.io allows developers to set their split, with a default of 10%, to disrupt the market. Microsoft takes 30% of Xbox console digital store sales, while Epic recently changed its PC marketplace to take 12%, in line with Epic.

According to many game developers, the standard platform cut of 30 percent is too high. 71% of over 3,000 respondents to the Game Developers Conference 2021 State of the Game Industry survey believed that digital storefronts should only receive 20% or less of each sale, according to the data.


List of Game Publishers

To give you an example of what you can create and promote with the best game publishers, we have chosen the top ones from worldwide. Here you can find a list of game publishers focusing on different titles. 

  • Activision Blizzard 

One of the most famous game publishers. Activision Blizzard is known for publishing popular franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. They have a diverse portfolio of games across multiple platforms. They have international offices in most countries of Western Europe, US and Asia. Game publisher’s set of experiences returns over 40 years. 

  • Ubisoft 

Ubisoft is one of the best game publishers based in France, Ubisoft is known for publishing popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs. They have a strong focus on open-world and action-adventure games. The five Guillemot brothers, who saw an opportunity in the growing software development business, founded Ubisoft in 1986 to create and distribute video games around the world. Starting from its first releases like Zombi for the home computer, to the hit 90s platformer Rayman, Ubisoft’s early creative spirit paved the way for its future.Today, Ubisoft’s 45+ studios and more than 21,000 employees make up a diverse global team that helps us bring joy to all types of players from all over the globe.

  • Take-Two Interactive 

The company develops and publishes products principally through Rockstar Games, 2K, Private Division, and Zynga. Their products are currently designed for console gaming systems, PC, and Mobile including smartphones and tablets, and are delivered through physical retail, digital download, online platforms, and cloud streaming services. The company’s common stock is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol TTWO. Take-Two is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors and four Executive Officers. Together, they have extensive and diverse management experience, subject matter expertise, and knowledge that is critical to the company. They bring a range of valuable perspectives to their leadership roles.

  • Square Enix 

One of the top Japanese game publishers, Square Enix is known for publishing popular franchises like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Tomb Raider. They have a strong presence in the role-playing and action-adventure genres.

  •  Capcom 

A Japanese game publisher is known for publishing popular franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter. They have a strong presence in the action and fighting game genres. Capcom started in Japan in 1979 as a producer and merchant of electronic game machines. Capcom Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 and quickly established a reputation for bringing cutting-edge software and technology to the video game market. Capcom’s legacy of historic home and arcade gaming franchises is evidence of an unparalleled dedication to excellence, making it now a market leader in the video game industry.

Capcom is now involved in all aspects of the video game industry, expanding on its beginnings as a manufacturer of game machines. With its corporate headquarters in Osaka, Japan, Capcom maintains operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Tokyo.

  • Devolver Digital 

An indie game publisher is known for publishing unique and innovative titles from indie developers. They have a reputation for supporting creative and unconventional games across various genres.

  • Focus Home Interactive 

A French game publisher focusing on publishing titles like A Plague Tale: Innocence, Vampyr, and GreedFall. They have a diverse portfolio of games across various genres, including action, adventure, and simulation. With over 20 years’ experience and success, they put their passion and creativity at the service of gaming by creating unforgettable stories. 

  • Creative Mobile 

Creative Mobile started as a small game publisher and developer but has grown into a well-known studio and publisher worldwide. With their games, Creative Mobile has reached over 300 million players. They continue to reinvent themselves and work with unique developers. CM Games is an independent game developer based in Northern Europe since 2010. They are developing mobile, VR, and NFT projects. Over 450 million players have installed their hit games such as Into the Radius, Nitro Nation, and Drag Racing.

They are a team of over 150 like-minded people. From their humble beginnings at the dawn of mobile gaming to serving more than 300 000 players daily, they are always challenging ourselves to exceed expectations

  • Game Garden 

Established in 2009, Game Garden helps independent developers and studios publish their games on the majority of platforms while also recognizing the art of game development. Their audience is more than 27,4 million people. They offer help all through the distributing system and have assisted with the games – Farmdale, Pixie Ranch, and Pixie Realm.

  • Paradox Interactive 

A Swedish game publisher specializing in strategy games, Paradox Interactive is known for publishing titles like Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, and Stellaris. They focus on grand strategy and historical simulation games.

  • THQ Nordic 

Founded in 2011, THQ Nordic is a global video game publisher and developer. Based in Vienna (Austria), and with subsidiaries all around the globe, THQ Nordic brands include Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, Destroy All Humans, Wreckfest, Titan Quest, Biomutant, Gothic, ELEX, Kingdoms of Amalur and many more.

THQ Nordic is meant to represent a core approach of doing much more than “owning” a highly competitive portfolio of IPs. It revolves around cherishing them, and aligning them with the very best development resources to expand upon them with the level of experience that communities and established fan bases expect and deserve. 

Since July 2018, HandyGames (Giebelstadt, Germany) is part of the THQ Nordic network and perfectly complements the setup of the rest of our group as the new “go to”-publisher for small- and midsized developers and projects. The company has a very strong background in VR and publishing of mobile games.

  • Annapurna Interactive 

Laid out in 2016, Annapurna Intelligent game publisher works with game makers from around the world, helping them make and deliver individual encounters for everybody. The business is part of Annapurna Pictures. A publisher known for publishing artistic and narrative-driven indie games, Annapurna Interactive has released titles like What Remains of Edith Finch, Florence, and Sayonara Wild Hearts. They focus on unique and emotionally impactful experiences.

  • Headup Games 

Headup Games is a games improvement and publishing organization that supports game engineers from everywhere in the world. They are available for all devices and all major consoles. Since its foundation in 2009, the organization has delivered over 100 games. They formed Thunderful, one of Sweden’s best game studios and independent publishers, when the stars aligned in the year 2020. Later that year, The Station joined us in the dance, and now we’re writing a new chapter in Sweden’s gaming history with a number of fantastic games in the works.

  • Bethesda Softworks 

Known for publishing games like The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout, Bethesda Softworks is a prominent game publisher focusing on role-playing and open-world games.

  • Team17 

One of the UK-based game publishers known for publishing indie games across various genres, including Worms, Overcooked, and The Escapists. They have a focus on cooperative and multiplayer experiences. Over the course of the last 31 years, Team17 has created and published some of the most well-known video game and mobile game series, including the well-known Worms, The Escapists, and Overcooked! Moving Out, Hell Let Loose, Blasphemous, and a lot moreTeam17 has industry expertise, world-class development talent, and innovative and creative thinking. Because of their wide range of activities, every day is lively, varied, energizing, and brimming with a passion for games. 

  • Sega

A prominent game publisher known for popular franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog, Yakuza, and Total War. They have a diverse portfolio of games across various genres, including action, adventure, and strategy.

  • Raw Furry 

A publisher is known for publishing indie games with artistic and narrative-driven experiences, including titles like Kingdom, Bad North, and Sable. They focus on innovative and thought-provoking plays.

  • Modus Games

A game publisher is known for publishing indie games across various genres, including titles like Trine, Override, and Remothered. They have a diverse game portfolio focusing on original IP and licensed tags. Modus provides independent developers worldwide with AAA publishing services. One of the fastest-growing full-service game publishers, they are made up of industry veterans, gamers, and developers who have embraced the golden age of indie. 

They have offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as a development studio in Brazil. In August 2019, Modus Games gained The Equilibrium Inc., the studio behind Abrogate: Brawl in Mech City. Modus Studios Brazil, a new division devoted to the creation of original intellectual property and expanding independent developers’ access to high-quality production resources, was established as a result of this partnership. They can easily help you with global distribution, marketing, production, funding and many more. 

  • tinyBuild

An indie game publisher is known for publishing unique and quirky games, including titles like Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, and Party Hard. They focus on indie games with distinctive gameplay and visuals. The organization has delivered many games, including Hi Neighbor, Cemetery Guardian, SpeedRunners, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In spite of the fact that it settled in the Seattle Region, USA, the organization has laid out areas of strength for a presence with studios across the US, Netherlands, Latvia, and all through Eastern Europe.

 In the past, PC and console games have been tinyBuild’s primary focus. Be that as it may, we’re continuously searching for ways of enhancing and are available to flighty open doors. In March 2021, the company was listed as TBLD on the London Stock Exchange. In the Kickstarter campaign, tinyBuild raised more than $26,000, and an undisclosed publisher offered us another $20,000. 

  • Kalypso Media 

A game publisher is known for publishing strategy and simulation games, including franchises like Tropico, Railway Empire, and Dungeons. They specialize in management and simulation games.


 How to Hire Game Developers With Qubit Labs

In conclusion, game publishers facilitate games’ creation, marketing, and distribution, making them an essential part of the gaming ecosystem. Best game publishers must adjust to changing elements as the gaming business develops and embrace mindful and comprehensive practices to encourage a lively and supportable gaming industry. Game publishers can continue to contribute to the growth and innovation of the gaming industry by working together and adhering to ethical standards, providing gamers worldwide with diverse and engaging experiences.

Obviously, you are considering finding top game publishers when your game is ready. But if you are on a stage of developing your game and need creative and skillful game developers, Qubit Labs hires specialists in the top tech hubs with developed game industry, great expertise and attractive rates.

In addition, we have extensive experience providing top game developers. For example, one of our clients is a game publisher and indie game developer company DrasticFun. Five years ago, DrasticFun asked us to hire Unity game developers to make arcades, fun, action, and other casual games. We successfully provided skillful specialists. 

Another great example is a game development company Obscure Games which required only one 3D artist to add to their team. The developer we hired easily integrated into the team from the first day of cooperation and diligently accomplishes all tasks and goals. 



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