Webinar: Presenting Best IT Outsourcing Destinations in Ukraine

Presenting Best IT Outsourcing Destinations in Ukraine
Start date: 22 November 2021
Start time: 11:00 New York Time
Location: Online
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    Ukraine is one of the leading software outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. It has a booming tech ecosystem, a large talent pool, and strong tech education. You can benefit from a high price-to-quality ratio when cooperating with local outsourcing vendors.

    Watch our free webinar on November 22, 2021 to gain valuable insights on the Ukrainian tech market and see how you can benefit from setting up a software development team in Ukraine.   

    Webinar: IT Hubs in Ukraine

    Who is it for?

    For companies aiming:

    • to save money on development without sacrificing the quality
    • to establish a remote office in Ukraine without back-office hassle
    • to know more about the development of the local IT industry
    • to start an R&D center in Ukraine

    For everyone who wants to:

    • learn more about Ukraine as the best IT outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe
    • see the software development opportunities in multiple Ukrainian cities
    • know more about the number of developers, salaries, and tech growth in the largest Ukrainian IT hubs

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