Webinar: Specifics Of Hiring IT Talent In Ukraine: Answering Most Popular Questions


    We want to talk about specifics of hiring process in Ukraine or in other words things you should know before hiring dedicated development team in our country, so answer questions that will help you to take your recruiting process to the next level.

    What you will learn in this Webinar:

    • Why do companies choose Ukraine as a destination for hiring developers?
    • Is Ukraine among the countries with the best programmers and developers?
    • Which teams you can hire in Ukraine?
    • What specifics you should take into account before hiring in Ukraine
    • Timelines for hiring in Ukraine
    • Interviews and feedback
    • Why candidate turned down your job offers?

    While IT recruitment is, certainly, a complex process and one influenced by a range of factors, there are also several useful recruitment-related generalities that can help you do your project planning timewise if you want to hire developers in Ukraine.