Join Our Webinar: Best Way for Australian Companies to Hire Remote Software Developers Offshore

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❗ Learn more about the Australian tech market and opportunities that nearshore and offshore countries suggest to cost-effectively satisfy Australia’s most popular tech demands.

Join our webinar “How Australian Tech Companies Use Offshore Countries to Hire Remote Developers” on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 16 00 (Sydney Time).

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🔰 We continue our Webinar series to tell more about how different countries can use remote software development to gain the best results, shorten a tech gap, and better work with their budgets.

❓ Are you an Australian tech company considering hiring a team of remote developers?
❓ What are the benefits, costs, and what to look out for?

How_Australian_Tech_Companies_Use_Offshore_Countries_to_Hire_Remote developers

Let’s take a look at the agenda:

〰 What does cost-effective mean, and what are the actual salaries for developers: .NET, C++, C#, SAP, Azur (DevOps), Oracle, and Spotify?
〰 Difference between offshore and nearshore countries.
〰 What locations (countries) work the best for Australia and why?
〰 Shortage of tech talents in back-end and front-end development in Australia.
〰 How can you find employees for Whitelabel hiring at the best cost?
〰 Difference between project-based and long-term collaboration in $ equivalent.
〰 The best ways to manage remote employees.

Who will be interested?

✅ Australian tech companies that are considering building a remote development team or hiring one developer;
✅ Startups ready to scale their development team or looking into various options;
✅ Enterprise and SMBs looking to set up a remote development office overseas;
✅ Web, mobile, and design agencies that are looking to outsource part of their work or hire a long-term developer to support their projects at a better cost.

Speaker: Iva Kozlovskaya, Managing Partner at Qubit Labs.

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