Ukrainian Startups That Are about to Change the Tech Industry

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Ukraine is replete with startups and talented developers, the number of which grows each year. Despite the challenging economic situation in the world, Ukrainian startups have managed to reach the top 30 globally, and Kyiv has become a European hub, as per Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2020.  

This proves that startups in Ukraine have something that sets them apart from the foreign competitors and attracts global companies to cooperate with local IT specialists. Due to the innovative ecosystem, Ukraine business startups receive some high-profile investments and become interesting to venture capitalists.   

In this article, Qubit Labs gathered some of the most promising Ukrainian startups that have all the chances to become the next unicorns. 



Comin - Ukrainian Startup

Year Founded: 2019

HQ: Kyiv

Size: 11-25

This is a commercial content monetization platform. The primary solution provided by Comin is the opportunity to embed a widget with a product that is tied to a blog post. In this way, the readers can be stimulated to make a purchase directly via the trusted website with a simple checkout process. In addition, the product helps to make affiliate sales more efficient by engaging impulse buying. 

Many Ukraine business tech startups come up with unique business ideas, and Comin allows users to stay on the original page while making the purchase. It also helps to increase affiliate revenue, allows using a product card constructor, solves the issue of broken links, and provides advanced analytics. 



outload - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2020

HQ: San Francisco

Size: 1-10

Outloud is a frontline intelligence platform for offline retailers. The product helps to provide advanced service to guests by providing clear incentives to do so. With Outloud, the restaurants’ visitors become happier, and the owners get higher revenues, directly rewarding employees for the results of their work. 

The product captures customer interactions and helps to get valuable insights to help restaurants run better ops. Outloud helps to increase the business’ average check by 10-15% and skyrockets their customers’ satisfaction. Also, this solution makes it possible to set and track service-related KPIs and double the number of returning customers.     



ignation - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2019

HQ: San Jose

Size: 11-50

IGnation is among Ukraine new tech startups that is the first and only platform for organic growth and monetization of the users’ following and engagement. Once the person decides to use this product, they become members of the community of influences that help each other grow their personal brand. 

The product helps people to increase their influencer status and turn their hobby into a profitable business. Besides, it allows users to get more promotional deals and grow the number of their followers.  



same key - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2020

HQ: Kyiv

Size: 1-10

Being a cloud access control system, SameKey allows opening doors in several ways. With it, users can open doors by cards, NFC tags, Bluetooth, mobile applications, and guest links. The company also produces various devices that connect to electronic locks. 

The users can easily manage, analyze, and export their workplace activity. Besides, security guards, HR, and office managers get remote access to the cloud control panel. With SameKey, business owners can organize all the access points, employee keys and analyze the working time. Also, it’s easy to delete access keys and connect SameKey devices to control panels.    



hacken ai - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Kyiv

Size: 51-100

This is an all-in-one cybersecurity app that educates and provides tools for users so they can be safe on the Internet. HackenAI offers a password manager that creates unique passwords and stores them within an encrypted password vault. 

The app has a simple and intuitive interface, digital wallet, DarkNet monitoring, VPN, and an educational program, CyberBootCamp. Combining blockchain and cybersecurity, HackenAi also has its own native token that can be used to pay for the provided services and products. 



cotano - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Wilmington

Size: 1-10

Startups in Ukraine are sought-after among global consumers, and Cotano is one of them. This is a sales automation and acceleration platform that helps boost the network marketing companies’ revenue. It helps to automate routine tasks faced by sales professionals and allows keeping customer and prospects data organized and stored in one place. 

Also, the app offers using different templates for recruiting, retention, and sales and encrypts data at rest and when it’s being transmitted. Cotano aids businesses in making effective management decisions and controlling the sales pipeline of their distributors. Companies can easily detect and remove bottlenecks, predict product demand, and create and share KPIs when using the product. 


Caretech Human

caretech human - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2020

HQ: Kyiv

Size: 1-10

This is one of the Ukraine business startups focused on providing innovative IoT solutions. Caretech Human enables constant and automated health monitoring and illness detection at the early stages at home. 

The company’s device is fully automated and uses ML/AI algorithm-based analysis to deliver the results to the end-user, doctor, or medical systems. It allows for recognizing multiple disorders by detecting different biomarkers and disease-related chemical patterns. In addition, it works autonomously for a couple of years, silently providing health security. 

Besides, Caretech Human enables the exchange of data with other devices and systems to allow doctors to make informed decisions regarding patients’ further needs.  



awesomic - ukrainian startup

HQ: Stamford

Size: 1-10

If the company needs a designer ASAP and doesn’t have time for hiring or management, Awesomic matches them with best-fit specialists. The company boasts 4,000+ completed tasks. Also, it allows businesses to cooperate with dedicated graphic/UI designers who study their business needs and work as a part of their teams. 

Awesomic offers completing various design tasks, including redesign, landing pages, branding, mobile solutions, and pitch decks. The company helps customers develop an easy-to-modify design that aids them in raising money from investors and attracting new customers. 



upswot - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2019

HQ: Charlotte

Size: 11-50

Being a white-label loan onboarding platform, Upswot helps lenders to provide loans to SMEs better, faster and cheaper. The platform leverages adjusted business processes, accurate underwriting, and pre-scoring to achieve this goal. As a result, it helps to save considerable time for financial analysts, cut down underwriting costs, and increase the acceptance rate. 

Upswot pulls and automatically analyses the data from public registers and business systems used by SME and SE. Besides, it helps SMBs to make decisions with actionable insights and allows financial institutions to uncover the pertinent findings to create lasting and valued partnerships with their business clients. 



hacken proof - ukrainian startup

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Tallinn

Size: 1-10

Ukraine business tech startups are known for their reliable products that help companies secure their businesses. HackenProof is one of them, being a trusted bug bounty platform.

It analyzes the customer’s company’s needs and connects it with a community of hackers from all over the globe. After that, the platform provides business owners with continuous information on the security levels of the company. The product enables independent security researchers to report the discovered breaches in a legal way.  

By cooperating with white hat hackers, the companies can uncover their security vulnerabilities and timely address them. 


Wrapping Up

As you can see, Ukrainian startups are skyrocketing thanks to offering timely solutions and getting the first-to-the-market advantage. The local tech environment is constantly advancing, growing an international reputation for IT excellence, and becoming an attractive destination for tech investments. 

If you’re wondering what specialists make startups in Ukraine grow, contact Qubit Labs so we can reach out to the top-notch developers and hire them for your project. 



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