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Did you know, that Ukraine is home to the largest number of IT professionals in Europe? Moreover, the country ranks fourth in the world by the number of IT specialists after the United States, India, and Russia. Apart from numerous R&D centers of the global market players, Ukrainian companies offer next to every kind of software service you can think of: software development, web and mobile design and development, quality assurance and testing, team building, full-stack solutions, IT consulting, as well as research & development services. World-renowned companies like Jooble, DepositPhotos, Petcube, CleanMyMac, Grammarly, InvisibleCRM, and Readdle, just to name a few, started in Ukraine.

The IT industry makes an enormous contribution to the development of Ukraine’s economy. It is a powerful and scientifically advanced industry and realizing this makes its workers even more consolidated. They know what it is necessary for Ukraine to be synonymous with high technology, and they are the reason why Ukraine’s software development companies are such reliable partners who deliver outstanding results and have already helped a lot of satisfied clients build their brand.

What are the largest software development companies in Ukraine and what do they do?

But if there are so many outstanding software development companies in Ukraine, where do you start? In July 2016, the Developers of Ukraine community, which is the leading on-line community for software developers launched in 2005, compiled a rating of Ukraine’s top 25 software development companies. We would like to shortly introduce you to some of the biggest companies.

With 4.500 employees in Ukraine and headquarters in the USA, EPAM Systems has been on the very top of the list for a while now. Also, this company has ranked #8 on the Forbes’ list of Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies. This developer provides services in areas like banking and finance, commerce and travel, media and entertainment, software and hi-tech, healthcare and life sciences.

SoftServe Inc. is the largest global IT-company with purely Ukrainian roots that has proudly been the best employer of 2010-2015 according to the Developers of Ukraine, AON Hewitt, Hewitt Associates and HR Center, among others. With just over 4.000 employees and headquarters in Lviv (Western Ukraine), this is one of the leading global outsourced product and application development company. And, taking into consideration SoftServe’s 300 new job openings, the company is well set for continued growth.

Luxoft ranked #3, with over 3.500 employees in Ukraine and an HQ in Switzerland. With its deep expertise in finance, telecommunication, energy, automotive, travel, and aviation industries, Luxoft managed to build long-lasting partnerships with companies like Boeing, IBM, Deutsche Bank, and many others.

With just under 3.000 employees and headquarters in the US, GlobalLogic is a full-cycle software development company with offices in four Ukrainian cities. Concentrating on digital media, electronics, finance, retail business, and telecommunication, GlobalLogic works with startups as well as with industry leaders well known on both hardware and software markets.

Wanna know more about European software development companies? Here is the list of top Estonian startups.

Ciklum, ranked #5, has seven offices in Ukraine, and the HQ is located in Denmark. Of more than 2.200 employees, about 1,900 are technical specialists who are involved in over 200 global client teams worldwide. Its areas of expertise are as diverse as gaming, digital advertising, banking, and financial services. Cirklum was the first company in Europe to receive IC Agile certification in 2009. Workers of this company are native speakers of 15 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Irish, Danish, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Pakistani, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, and Polish.

On top of it all, ten Ukrainian IT companies have won places on The Global Outsourcing 100, which is the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals annual list of top tech firms (as of February 2016). You can check the high quality of work by collaborating with Qubit Labs.

These are only a few examples that prove that Ukrainian software development companies are trusted by many specialists around the world. They prove that Ukrainian companies have competitive advantages in the rapidly growing global IT services market, and your company can gain from this like no other!

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