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Updated July 31, 2023

We made a list of deserving web app development companies from USA, UK, Canada and Australia, to give you an additional information and guide you through the market, we know that it is never enough to check one company to find a tech partner.

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TOP 1. Qubit Labs (Canada, USA, Estonia, Ukraine)

Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs is fast-growing outsourcing company, emphasizing on hiring young and talented people able to deliver new viewpoints to the projects, rather than established specialists, working with well-known and used technologies. Qubit Labs has the most experience in transport, entertainment, media apps and mobile game development, as they have been working with customers from these areas for years. They specialize in the development of all kinds of Android and iOS apps, including native, cross-platform and hybrid ones. This allows you to get an app that matches your requirements and business precisely. The unique business model helps to cut even more costs by covering all R&D actions in Eastern Europe.

Services: Mobile application development, UX/UI design, Web development, Internet Of Things, Mobile game design and development, Custom software development, AI
Average hourly rate: $35 – $45 / hr
Company Size: 21…80
Founded: 2015
Office Locations: USA (New York, Columbus), Canada (Toronto), Germany (Berlin), Belgium (Brussels), Estonia (Tallinn), Ukraine (Kyiv)
Key clients: MyHeritage, Fiona, NodeCM.

TOP 2. eKreative (USA, UK, Ukraine)

ekreative - top mobile app development company

Having greatest enterprises such as Microsoft, Sony, Citibank, and smaller tech startups in their roster for more than 15 years, eKreative has a great experience of dealing with projects of any scale. UX/UI and stunning graphical interface design for apps is the key feature of this company. A great bonus for those who wants to outsource mobile development project with eKreative is their in-house analytics and efficiency tools they provide for almost all their clients.

Services: Mobile app development, UX/UI design, Web development, IoT, Design
Average hourly rate:
Company size: 81…100
Founded: 2003

Office locations: Unites States, Ukraine (Cherkasy)
Key clients: Sony, McKinsey&Company, Eaton, O2, The Independent, City

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TOP 3. Y Media Labs (USA)

yml - top mobile app development company

Considering your business specialties, Y Media Labs provides full mobile application design services, starting from developing values and strategy for your app. After the usual app development lifecycle comes extensive support and helps with analysis of your app usage by customers. They have 6 offices all over the US and are one of the best solution providers to enterprises, such as PayPal, L’Oreal and Credit One.

Services: Mobile app development, UX/UI Design
Average hourly rate: $150 – $199 / hr
Employees: 250…999
Founded: 2008
Office Locations: United States (Redwood City, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis)
Key clients: Staples, PayPal, L’Oreal, North Face, Amex, EMC, Montessorium, Stanford University, Credit Karma, Nom Nom Paleo, Bank of America, Lonely Planet.

Intellectsoft (USA, UK, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus)

intellectsoft - top mobile app development company

Intellectsoft has the most experience in travel and hospitality, automotive and transport, as they have been working with customers from these areas for years. Land Rover, Jaguar, Harley-Davidson, and Eurostar are some of their most well-known clients. You can choose from 6 offices in 5 countries and join 340 loyal clients of Intellectsoft.

Services: Mobile app development, Web development, Custom Software Development
Average hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr
Employees: 250…999
Founded: 2007
Office Locations: United States (Palo Alto, New York, ), United Kingdom (London), Norway (Neuberggata), Finland (Helsinki), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Belarus (Minsk), Ukraine (Kyiv)
Key clients: Harley-Davidson, Jaguar, and Universal Pictures, Cirrus Insight.

WeAppIt (USA)


WeAppIt stands as a pioneering mobile app development and UI/UX design company rooted in North Carolina, United States of America. With a commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions, WeAppIt crafts digital experiences that bridge creativity and functionality. Their adept team of app developers and designers collaborates seamlessly to bring visionary app concepts to life, catering to diverse industries. Recognized for their attention to detail and cutting-edge technologies, WeAppIt consistently delivers apps that captivate audiences and drive client success. By combining the charm of North Carolina’s innovation ecosystem with its expertise, WeAppIt remains a driving force in the realm of app development and design. Apart from app development, they also deliver unmatched web development and custom software development services.

Services: Mobile app development, UX/UI design, Web development, Custom software development, Product designing, and Consulting.

Average hourly rate: USD50/hour

Company Size: 50+

Founded: 2022

Office Locations: USA (North Carolina)

Key clients: LocalLit, SatPay, Ysily, Pay By Check.

Chelsea Apps Factory (UK)

chelsea - top mobile app development company

Chelsea Apps Factory is one of Britain’s well known mobile app development studios that extensively re-uses the data and knowledge with other clients. This being said, they not only help you create a successful application from strategy to support, but they help you with a strategy using other companies’ experience and gather your already working app’s data to improve their knowledge and make their future services even better. With this idea in mind, they provide extensive support for the apps developed in this studio.

Services: Mobile app development, UX/UI Design, Web development, Custom software development
Average hourly rate: $150 – $199 / hr
Employees: 50…249
Founded: 2010
Office locations: United Kingdom (London, Edinburgh)
Key clients: Peace One Day, Transport for London, CAF, Waitrose, Kantar, Ange & Gerry’s

Cubix (US)

Cubix Software Development Company

Cubix is a versatile application, game, and venture programming organization! They are experts in creating, altering, and coordinating complex endeavor-level arrangements, business knowledge examination, and high-level web and portable displays. With 12 years of involvement, they have worked for clients that incorporate people, new companies, and associations. The company is continually improving and dominating the business movement. Blockchain, E-Learning, IoT, Computerized reasoning, AI, SaaS, Increased Reality, Augmented Reality, and so on. Their certified advancement group has dominated all and is improving with the business. 

Services: Mobile app development, software development, app design (UI/UX)

Technologies: UI/UX, AI, IoT

Company Size: 50-250 employees

Founded: 2008

Office Locations: US, UAE, Pakistan

Infinium (USA, Croatia, Slovenia)

infinitum - top mobile app development company

Infinium is a medium-sized design and development company with several offices, which has its own products, as well as projects for other businesses. Infinium has experience in both information and entertainment apps, thus has a great potential in gamification. They are great users and contributors to open source, and often use and reuse open source code where possible to provide a quality product with less time used for development.

Services: Web development, Mobile app development, UX/UI Design, Custom software development, IoT development
Average hourly rate: $100 – $149 / hr
Employees: 50…249
Founded: 2005
Office locations: United States (San Francisco), Croatia (Zagreb), Slovenia (Ljubljana)
Key clients: We’re developing high­end software for global clients ranging from small startups to large brands. Some of our clients are Royal Carribean, Universal Music Group, T-Mobile, P&G, Crowdstar, Eventim, Samsung, and Bayer.

Mobiversal (USA, Romania)

mobiversal top mobile app development company

Mobiversal is a to-go choice for emerging startups requiring to build mobile infrastructure from ground-up. They have a big experience with small teams with whom they shared their knowledge in designing, building, launching, supporting and promoting new mobile apps, and they cover lots of additional services like app publishing and presentation website to ensure their clients’ success. The company has its development team located in Romania, which ensures a plenty of outstanding specialists for reasonable prices.

Services: Mobile app development, UX/UI Design, IT Strategy consulting, IT managed services
Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
Employees: 10…49
Founded: 2011
Key clients: Forbes, Russmedia, PhantomALERT,, Find a Way, José!, City of Oradea, City of Iasi, Housar, Salusfin, Housar, Rolling Pizza

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Synergo Group (USA, UK, Canada, Romania, Germany)

synergo - top mobile app development company

Apart from the usual mobile app design and development services, the large international agency Synergo Group offers management and R&D services. From the technical point of view, they have a vast experience with extensive high-load backend systems, distributed and cloud computing and data storage, Internet of things, machine learning and business intelligence.

Services: Web development, Mobile app development, Custom software development
Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
Employees: 10…49
Founded: 2005
Office locations: Canada (Toronto), Romania (Timisoara), United Kingdom (London), Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Brazil, United States, South Africa
Key clients: Hartford Steam Boiler – HSB (USA), Modernizing Medicine (USA), Samsung, Electronics (USA), AssetWatch (USA), IGIGI (USA)

AllianceTek (US) 

AllianceTek Software development company

With a talented team of 200+ software developers, project managers, and designers, the company delivers end-to-end tailored solutions empowered with the latest tools, technology stack, and methods. They audit and engineer the entire project development process. They work with you to strategize and find the best solutions specific to your requirements while regularly taking feedback

AllianceTek utilizes onshore and offshore teams to ensure faster development with multi-level collaboration. Each project has a complete hierarchy of dedicated experts for timely and effective solution delivery.

Services: Application development, Cloud management and support, dedicated development team, Power BI

Technologies: Magento, Salesforce, .NET, Java, JavaScript, HTML5

Company Size: 250+ employees 

Founded: 2004

Office Locations: US, India 


domtom - top mobile app development company

DOM & TOM is a digital agency with several locations in the USA, which provides a wide range of ordinary services – Android, iOS and Xamarin app development. They combine the leading and industry proven methodologies together with their own extended research method, which allows outlining your future app’s design and architecture long before the actual coding. This allows both them and their clients to have an understanding of the whole project scope right in the beginning, and estimate the outcome better than anywhere.

Services: Mobile app development, Web development, UX/UI Design
Average hourly rate: $150 – $199 / hr
Employees: 50…249
Founded: 2009
Office locations: United States (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles)
Key clients: Priceline, General Electric, Hearst, Turner, Bloomberg, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Tyson Foods Inc., McDonald’s, The University of Oklahoma, Private WiFi, Fitch Ratings, Saban Brands, Bonobos, Citibank, AIG, The Emmys, Dignity Health, AmeriLife, Condé Nast, ideel, LECET, AARP, Lisa

ZCO Corporation (USA)

zco - top mobile app development company

Operating for almost 30 years and gradually reworking itself to a mobile-based development in the last years, US-based ZCO Corporation is now amongst the largest software development companies in the world. With this company lifespan, there are lots of very experienced developers that work with ZCO for more than 15 years and adding some unexpected old-school twists to the most modern technologies like AR, VR, IoT, SaaS and alike.

Services: Mobile app development, UX/UI Design
Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
Employees: 250…999
Founded: 1989
Office locations: United States (Boston, Nashua)
Key clients: Verizon, Microsoft, John Hancock, Liberty Mutual, Coolmax Socks, BBC America, Chatsworth Products, Align Communications, Flint Group, City of Lowell, Massachusetts, Management Sciences for Health, APR Energy, The Morning Star Company, Utz Quality Foods, American Hotel & Lodging.

Core Blue (UK, Belgium) 

Coreblue software development company

Core Blue is a prospective software development company focusing primarily on custom software development and mobile app development. Their mission is to help businesses and governments uncover opportunities for improved operations and efficiencies through strategic advice and custom software development.

Whether you need to modernize existing infrastructure or outdated systems, or you have a vision for an entirely new way of working, they work hand in hand with your teams to deliver these changes safely and cost-effectively.

Services: custom software development, mobile app development, design, consultancy, risk analysis, cyber security

Technologies: Java, Java Script, Python, UI/UX, DevOps

Company Size: 50 employees 

Founded: 2015

Office Locations: UK, Belgium 

GoodCore Software (UK)

GoodCore Software development company

GoodCore provides software development services to startups and established businesses alike. Their team works in an agile manner and offers exceptional value for money. Innovative feature-rich apps, bespoke operational software, and much more. They offer a collaborative fixed-cost and time-bound discovery phase to help you refine your ideas and requirements from a design and technology perspective.

Their team analyzes your needs, aided by visual prototypes, to deliver quality working software. They have a refined and time-tested agile process to deliver our software projects quickly and efficiently, on time and on budget.

Services: MVP development, bespoke business applications, mobile app Development, Web Applications, dedicated development team, testing, quality assurance, UI/UX design

Technologies: React, Angular, IOS, Android, PHP, Node.js, Java, Scala, Flutter

Company Size: 250+ employees

Founded: 2005

Office Locations: UK, Malaysia, Pakistan

Simform (USA, Canada)

simform - top mobile app development company

Having more than 10 years of experience, Simform helps businesses increase their value via their development services. Simform has worked with organizations of different types and sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Apart from providing full-cycle app development and product designing, it delivers software teams on demand. Simform offers AI/ML development services and mobile apps development, helping customers improve their time to market and quality by providing top-notch services. 

Services: full-cycle custom software and application development, mobile app development services

Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr

Company size: 50 – 249

Founded: 2010

Office locations: United States (Florida, Orlando), Canada (Toronto)

Key clients: Redbull, Hilton, Sony Music, Boy Scouts of America, Pepsico, Zep Inc, Marriott

Algoworks (USA)

algoworks - top mobile app development company

The company has been in the IT industry for 13 years, which helped it gather the best specialists under one roof. It provides a wide range of services in critical areas, including mobile app development. It follows a consultative-driven approach, which helps it provide end-to-end expertise when delivering mobility solutions. Algoworks has experience cooperating with startups and Fortune 500 companies. Its developers follow Agile methodology and can ship the product quickly, taking care of everything from design to marketing. 

Services: mobile strategy, user interface, and experience, native and hybrid mobile app development

Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr

Company size: 250 – 999

Founded: 2006

Office locations: United States (California, Sunnyvale)

Key clients: Coca-Cola, ebay, Vodafone, JLL, Brightcove, Vice Media, Tata, SpiceJet

Simpalm (USA)

simpalm - top mobile app development company

Working in the IT industry since 2009, Simpalm boasts more than 300 successfully completed mobile apps and web projects. The main principles it follows when developing the products are partnership and affordability. It offers an unparalleled combination of business acumen and technology expertise, and these characteristics help the company stand out on the market. Its portfolio includes apps for the financial industry, startups, payment processing companies, the retail industry, the entertainment industry, and social media companies.

Services: UI/UX design for mobile apps and web apps, mobile app development for iOS and Android

Average hourly rate:

Company size: 10 – 49

Founded: 2009

Office locations: United States (Maryland, North Bethesda; Illinois, Chicago)

Key clients: Taptin, Forte Payment System, AudiobookNow, KonnectApp, Window Nation

RightPoint (USA)

rightpoint - top mobile app development company

The company works with the clients end-to-end, taking care of numerous tasks. It can help you with defining and enabling the vision, as well as ensure ongoing market relevance. It combines its vast experience with empathy, data, and creativity. RightPoint is focused on five key areas and provides the clients with integrated multidisciplinary teams. These areas include insights, strategy, design, content, and engineering. The company has several software partners, namely Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program and a Salesforce Partner.

Services: AR/VR, experience design, information architecture, content audit and analysis

Average hourly rate: $150 – $199 / hr

Company size: 250 – 999

Founded: 2007

Office locations: United States (Illinois, Chicago)

Key clients: Macy’s, B&H Photo,, Rue La La, Intuit, Bloomingdales, EMC, SolidWorks, MIT, RunKeeper, Intuit

hedgehog lab (UK)

hedgehog - top mobile app development company

The company is an expert in delivering various digital solutions. So, be it iOS, Android, web, immersive, or voice, they are able to provide high-quality products to their customers. It has helped several large organizations challenge their status quo and transform their business. Its experts make sure that your products have a defined roadmap and allow you to learn from your users. Besides, the company makes sure you’ve set the right milestones and helps you in achieving them while making sure you can validate your ideas quickly.    

Services: technology, design, and product development

Average hourly rate: $100 – $149 / hr

Company size: 50 – 249

Founded: 2007

Office locations: UK (London, Newcastle Upon Tyne), USA (Massachusetts, Boston)

Key clients: Deliveroo, Standard Life Aberdeen, LaserShip, Leisure Pass Group, E.ON Energy

Sonin App Development (UK)

sonin - top mobile app development company

This company specializes in products, platforms, and experiences that can meet users’ needs and provide a proven business value to its clients. Having entered the IT industry in 2009, Sonin App Development makes sure that it connects its in-house experts with your company’s ones because it enables them to build better products. The company utilizes the latest technologies to create apps for its clients and understands how to build large-scale platforms that can connect a range of stakeholders. 

Services: AR/web/native mobile development, road mapping, UX/UI design, user testing, app analytics

Average hourly rate: $100 – $149 / hr

Company size: 10 – 49

Founded: 2008

Office locations: UK (Reigate, Edinburgh)

Key clients: FatFace, Morrisons & Schwartz, esure, The British Museum, Marmalade Insurance

Zudu (UK)

zudu - top mobile app development company

Zudu is a pioneering digital agency, which is focused on development, conceptualization, and digital marketing. Its employees are experts in web and app development and worked with different clients, ranging from individuals to multinational organizations. The company has the technical knowledge and combines it with its broad expertise in the fields of strategy, design, marketing, data analytics, and security. It helps the customers achieve measurable and tangible results while engaging with their audience on a deeper level. 

Services: web and app development 

Average hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr

Company size: 10 – 49

Founded: 2014

Office locations: UK (Dundee, Edinburgh, London)

Key clients: NHS, Scottish Government, SSSC, Trading Standards, Angus Council, Dundee Council, Edinburgh Napier University

The Distance | App Developers (UK)

distance - top mobile app development company

The Distance is proficient in developing mobile apps for iOS because it’s been the company’s main focus since the launch of the first iPhone. It develops creative, intuitive bespoke mobile solutions for iOS and Android smartphones/tablets. The company has a strong domestic presence and is known for its well-structured and transparent processes. It ensures custom solutions by adapting to the clients’ particular requirements and working models.

Services: iOS and Android mobile app development

Average hourly rate: $100 – $149 / hr

Company size: 10 – 49

Founded: 2009

Office locations: UK (London)

Key clients: Virgin Trains, East Coast, NHS, Adidas, EDF Energy, Slimming World, Camden Market, SafeStyle UK, AstraZeneca, Bentley Motors

Vog App Developers (Canada)

vog - top mobile app development company

This is a creative development company, which specializes in building robust iOS and Android mobile apps. Its products follow the goals of decreasing failure rates, maximizing returns, optimizing processes, and increasing operational efficiency. It’s experienced in several areas, including Fintech, Cryptocurrency, and energy apps and social media, delivery, and utility-based apps. Vog App Developers create digital strategies and solutions that add value to their clients’ businesses. They are considered enthusiastic, creative, and knowledgeable, which makes them stand out among the competitors.

Services: UX/UI design, mobile app development, enterprise applications, custom software development

Average hourly rate: $100 – $149 / hr

Company size: 50 – 249

Founded: 2012

Office locations: Canada (Calgary)

Key clients: DC Bank, VIP Golf, MacCosham, Vieworx, Johnston’s Grain, Bitvo, Fuel Donkey


Your business should be serious about keeping up with modern trends and becoming mobile-first. Even if you’re not used to it, there is no cause to be upset: there are lots of great mobile app developers who will not only design and build the application you need but will help you to decide what exactly you require. Qubit Labs is one of the best client-oriented partners to choose. Contact us if your business is only starting up and about to build the first mobile app, as well as if you have already grown an established enterprise and want to modernize your services for mobile addicts.

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