Top IT Outsourcing Destinations in Ukraine: Full Guide +Video

Oksana Zabolotna
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Ukraine is one of the most popular and rapidly developing IT location in Eastern Europe. It’s a reliable partner of thousands of foreign companies of different sizes and cooperates with global tech leaders, including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. Local professionals are recognized among the most skilled developers in the world due to their solid tech expertise, high level of English proficiency, and experience of working on projects of various complexity levels.

However, when hearing about Ukrainian IT outsourcing locations, business owners usually associate it with Kyiv, the country’s capital, forgetting about the capacity of other cities. That’s why Qubit Labs wants to describe other Ukrainian IT outsourcing destinations to shed light on a handful of untapped opportunities. 


Guide to Top IT Outsourcing Destinations in Ukraine (Locations, Cities, Rates)


IT Outsourcing to Kyiv

This city of numerous opportunities sets trends for IT development in the country and is the birthplace of the most famous Ukrainian startups. It boasts the highest concentration of developers in the country, and our list won’t be complete without Kyiv. So, these are some of the most notable facts about the tech development in the Ukrainian capital: 

Kyiv IT Outsourcing Information with number of developers, IT companies, salaries


  • Probably, the biggest number of Ukrainian IT companies is located in Kyiv, namely over 300 organizations. 
  • The capital of Ukraine boasts 99,080 tech and non-tech specialists. 
  • You can easily travel to Kyiv from any destination because it has many international flights. Besides, Oracle, Wargaming, Google, Microsoft, and IBM have their outsourcing or R&D centers in the city. 
  • Ukrainian developers’ salaries for mid-level specialists vary from $28,800 to $36,000.


Software IT Outsourcing to Lviv

The city located in the Western part of Ukraine boasts an impressive start-up mentality, attracting foreign investors and being another local trendsetter in the IT industry. Lviv focuses on establishing inspiring IT communities, which help like-minded people gather and come up with top-quality products. 

Information how to hire developers in Lviv in IT Outsourcing: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Lviv is a city with 22,021 IT industry specialists and more than 200 companies engaged in the sphere. 
  • One can easily get to Lviv because it has a bunch of international flights. 
  • There is a rapidly developing Lviv IT Cluster, which helps companies skyrocket. Besides, Oracle, Siemens, Plarium, and Ericsson have their outsourcing offices in the city. 
  • On average, the salaries start from $24,600 to $34,800 for the most popular programming languages. 


Lviv is the only Ukrainian city that has implemented a competitiveness strategy, according to which IT is one of its priority areas. This means that the representatives of local government, businesses, and the public have come together to develop the IT industry. This synergy is also one of the peculiarities of Lviv because it is not often in Ukraine that such a level of cooperation and mutual understanding between these three categories is achieved. They work alongside to make more and more IT professionals choose Lviv as a city to live in.


 IT Projects Outsourcing to Kharkiv

Kharkiv is referred to as the “city of students.” This implies that one can easily find junior specialists in Kharkiv and seniors as well because many successful Ukrainian IT companies have their roots in this city. 

Kharkiv IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Kharkiv can be referred to as the accelerator of IT companies’ emergence because their number is estimated at over 300
  • It has the second largest fraction of Ukrainian specialists, namely 29,068
  • There will be no problems with getting to Kharkiv because it offers a variety of international flights. 
  • The local IT community is rapidly developing, having attracted such companies as Samsung, Plarium, Oracle, and Gameloft as promising outsourcing destinations. 
  • As for the salaries, the average specialists receive around $23,400 to $32,400 per year. 


Excellent programmers, the long-term history of the local market, and the proven experience level of Kharkiv developers are the factors that form a competitive environment, in which appear effective teams that can implement any, even the most daring, ambitions.


IT Outsourcing to Dnipro

Despite being less saturated with IT companies, Dnipro still holds its position in the local rankings of the flourishing tech destination. Its tech development is growing slower yet steadily enough.


  • Dnipro is home to more than 150 IT companies with 17,413 industry specialists. 
  • There is an airport in the city to easily travel to your outsourced office if there is a need. 
  • Speaking of its business attractiveness, Playtika, Oracle, Wix, and Sitecore have selected it to be their outsourcing destination. 
  • The salaries for the most popular programming languages vary around $20,880–$30,000


Dnipro is one of the five largest outsourcing cities, with thoughtful and attentive programmers. Therefore, companies with a flexible recruiting policy aimed at prolonged results are growing in the city. This strategy allows the city to slowly but surely increase the number of programmers by 10-30% per year.


IT Projects Outsourcing to Odesa

Being an attractive outsourcing destination for a bunch of foreign companies, Odesa is also home to talented developers and non-tech specialists. Local professionals are valued among employers for their ability to deal with any project and deliver top-notch results. 

Odesa IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Odesa is an advanced Ukrainian outsourcing hub as well because it has more than 150 IT companies with over 10,493 professionals. 
  • It won’t come as a challenge to travel to the city because it has an international airport. 
  • A bunch of world-known companies, including NetCracker, Snap, and Plarium, saw Odesa’s potential and established their remote offices there. 
  • An average mid-level specialist specialized in one of the most popular programming languages usually makes from $27,600 to $34,800 per year. 


Odessa outsourcers have been and remain the drivers of the region’s development, not only due to the constant employment of juniors but also because they hold or sponsor professional meetings and conferences. The peculiarities of the Odesa IT market include the stability of employees because they do not change their workplace as often and easily as, for example, developers in Kyiv.


Software Outsourcing to Vinnytsia

Have you ever heard of Vinnytsia? This city is smaller than the previous ones, so local salaries are lower, implying that’s a cost-effective outsourcing solution for many organizations. Although the number of developers gives way to Kyiv and Lviv, you still can find the developers specializing in popular technologies in this city. 

Vinnytsia IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Actually, it’s a rather new yet fast-growing local IT hub, which comprises around 70 companies. 
  • Although the number of local developers is not as impressive as in the cities we’ve discussed above, with only 5,880 people, Vinnytsia has excellent potential. 
  • Moreover, Aricent, SysIQ, and Playtika have their offices in the city. 
  • It might be rather challenging to get there because there are few airlines. 
  • Mid-level developers specializing in PHP receive the lowest salaries, $23,700 per year, while C# programmers are paid the highest, namely $35,340 annually. 


Vinnytsia has great potential in the IT sphere. Over the past few years, a handful of IT companies were founded in the city, which creates a healthy competition necessary for their development.


Ivano-Frankivsk Offshore Software Development

Another not that popular Ukrainian IT outsourcing hub, which yet has immense prospects for the future, is Ivano-Frankivsk. Thanks to being less expensive to live in, the city has lower salaries, but its developers exceed the expectations of employers. The professionals aim to follow the trends set by their colleagues located in the neighboring Lviv.

Ivano-Frankivsk IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Currently, it has around 30 companies and 3,757 specialists engaged in the IT industry, but these numbers are growing every month. 
  • The city’s main weakness is that there is no international airport, making it challenging for business owners to get there.
  • The salaries of local developers might overlap that disadvantage because you will pay them much less than in big cities. 
  • Local IT Cluster provides a boost for startups and small businesses, and Sigma Software has recently established its office in Ivano-Frankivsk. 
  • Salaries of local mid-level developers vary from $22,200 to $33,456 per year. 


IT Projects Outsourcing Cherkasy

Although being less sought-after compared to other cities, Cherkasy offers cooperating with skilled developers who are able to turn ideas into reality. Besides, since the competition in the city is lower, it’s easier to build a team of vetted professionals. 

Cherkasy IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Cherkasy is also a small city but with a booming IT market because it has around 50 companies and 5,023 specialists engaged in the industry. 
  • The local developers’ community is attracting more and more companies. Cherkasy has R&D centers and offices of several international companies, namely Codenvy, eXoPlatform, and TransferWise. 
  • The absence of an airport significantly affects getting to the city, so you might have to consider other options, like railway or car to visit your remote office. 
  • Salaries in Cherkasy are lower than in the cities mentioned above, from $14,400 for mid-level Java developers to $28,800 for PHP software engineers. 


IT Outsourcing to Chernivtsi

This small city located in the West of the country offers hiring developers that are experienced enough in working with outsourced companies. So, it won’t be a problem to find a common language with local programmers. 

Chernivtsi IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • In Chernivtsi, there are over 40 IT companies, and the number of Ukrainian programmers there reaches 2,129 people
  • It’s located in Western Ukraine, and although there is no airport, you can fly to the neighboring city Lviv and get to Chernivtsi by car or train. 
  • Valtech has established its outsourcing office in the city, and there is a so-called Cluster bit, which unites people whose passion is technology. 
  • The salaries of mid-level programmers in Chernivtsi are rather low, so you will save a lot of money on development when opting for this city. In general, an average JavaScript developer makes $18,000 per annum, while a C# programmer gets paid $26,520. The local IT industry has certainly grown rapidly in recent years. 


However, there are problems: it is difficult to find developers above Junior experience level. At the moment, Chernivtsi has several large IT companies and about 20 smaller ones of various directions and sizes. More than 60% of companies in Chernivtsi are engaged in outsourcing.


Software Development Outsourcing to Zaporizhzhia

You might have heard of Zaporizhzhia since it’s one of the largest Ukrainian cities. There, you can hire programmers with impressive tech stacks that are ready to work in scalable teams. 

Zaporizhzhia IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • The local IT industry is still on the road to development because there are only around 30 companies. 
  • The size of the IT talent pool in Zaporizhzhia is growing, and currently, there are 7,177 developers
  • You can get to the city by air because there is an international airport. 
  • Livestream proved that Zaporizhzhia has untapped potential when it outsourced its software development to the city. 
  • When considering the most popular programming languages, average salaries range from $19,260 for C# to $30,000 for JavaScript.


IT Outsourcing to Uzhgorod

Although Uzhgorod is rarely listed in the rankings, it’s still worth attention. It boasts developers with a European-like mentality and talent for creating high-quality products. One of the most significant benefits of cooperating with local professionals is the lower development cost. 

Uzhgorod IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • Uzhgorod is a city located in the Western part of the country and comprises over 20 companies and 1,884 people engaged in technical and non-technical spheres of the industry. 
  • SysIQ and Astound Commerce decided to go with Uzhgorod as their outsourcing destination and haven’t miscalculated because the local IT community is constantly implementing new strategies and coming up with unique solutions. 
  • Since it’s a rather small city, salaries there are lower than in Kyiv, for example. For middle-level specialists, they start from $18,000 to $24,000 per year


Uzhhorod is the city that is located the closest to 12 European capitals. New companies appear regularly in the city — foreign IT employers establish their offices or local representatives of the IT community create their own companies. The main disadvantage of the IT industry in Uzhgorod is the small number of candidates with the necessary knowledge, especially of senior-level.


IT Outsourcing to Poltava

And the city that completes our ranking is Poltava. There, you can find many junior-level programmers who are still studying at local universities or mid- and senior-level ones who already have significant experience working at international tech companies. 

Poltava IT Outsourcing Hub: companies, salaries, number of tech specialists

  • It is home to approximately 30 IT companies and has 4,219 Ukrainian IT developers
  • Digicode and CoreValue selected it as their outsourcing destination and reaped the benefits of cooperation with the local developers pretty soon. 
  • Poltava doesn’t have an airport, so keep that in mind in case you plan on visiting your remote team. 
  • And for the most intriguing point, the annual salaries, on average, range from $18,000 to $27,000


Poltava is attractive in the long term due to the fact that the “ground” for the development of the future IT industry in the region is being prepared now.



To sum up, the Ukrainian IT market has vast potential, spread over different country cities. Business owners are the ones to choose which option suits them better, based on the size of their projects, budgets’ limits, and the desired programming languages and technologies. 

It’s no wonder that the biggest cities, including Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv, offer the most diverse talent pools, technology stacks, and travel opportunities. However, they suit best for projects with big budgets because the salaries of local developers are higher than in other cities. 

In case you want to save money on software development or your project isn’t large, you can confidently outsource to smaller cities, like Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, or Poltava. Dnipro and Odesa are also great options because many programmers live in these cities, yet local salaries are equal to those in the three first cities.



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