Top IT Conferences 2023 That You Can’t Miss

Inna Coker
Talent Mapping Specialist

Tech conferences are a great chance to get new insight and business opportunities and boost your business with new technologies and digital innovations. Let’s take a closer look at top IT conferences in 2023, so you won’t miss a great chance to meet top tech leaders. 




Get ready for the most anticipated virtual gathering of Java enthusiasts worldwide! Welcome to JCON WORLD ONLINE 2023, the premier international Java community conference presented by the Java User Group Oberpfalz in collaboration with JAVAPRO Magazine. At JCON, Java is not just our profession; it’s our passion, and we’re here to make learning about it both informative and incredibly fun.

Join us for the 8th edition of JCON, as JCON WORLD ONLINE this is our entirely online experience for the third year in a row. We’re excited to bring together Java aficionados from all corners of the globe in a spectacular 100% live conference that’s open to Java-User-Group communities worldwide.

In 2022, JCON-ONLINE saw an astounding participation of over 2,600 attendees hailing from 77 countries across six continents, and we’re aiming to make 2023 even bigger and better.

At JCON WORLD ONLINE 2023, you’ll be part of a dynamic, global community of Java enthusiasts, experts, and innovators. Our sessions will be streamed live, ensuring that you can interact with speakers, ask questions, and connect with fellow attendees in real-time. Plus, all sessions will be recorded, so you won’t miss a moment, even if your schedule doesn’t align with the live sessions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your Java skills, explore cutting-edge developments in Java-Cloud-Native and Microservices, and connect with like-minded professionals from around the world.


React Camp – Your path to becoming a React pro

React Camp

The Academy presents the training event “React Camp – Your path to becoming a React pro” with Hans-Christian Otto, which will take place online from December 4 to 6. The camp is aimed at all developers who are interested in React. A basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is a prerequisite for participation in the camp.

In three days, participants will become professionals. The trainer is none other than the Program Chair of the renowned React Days – Hans Christian Otto. On the first day, he will guide you through the basics of React and show you the advantages of TypeScript in combination with React.

On the second day, questions such as “What are hooks and how do I use them?”, “How does list rendering work?” and “How are React components tested?” will be answered. Finally, we will specialize in React Hooks. Among other things, participants will learn how to develop their own hooks and gain an insight into React projects with Docker. The hands-on training promises a practical approach with lots of exercises at all times, so that what you learn stays in your head for the long term.

The team and hero discount gives interested parties the chance to get a reduced ticket. The training is held in german.


RSG Balkans 2023

rsg conference

RSG Balkans 2023: Agile and IT leaders at the largest Agile conference in the Balkans

Supported by Scrum Alliance, the Regional Scrum Gathering Balkans is a global event aimed at bringing together Agile professionals, developers, trainers, and enthusiasts. Together, we will demonstrate the strength and power of the Balkans in terms of knowledge sharing, quality networking, and the highest level of professionalism.

Two days, three stages, and more than 30 speakers from around the world!

The Regional Scrum Gathering Balkans 2023 will be held live on November 16th and 17th at the Madlenianum theater, with an online attendance option for international guests. It will cover the most current topics and workshops in the fields of agile transformations, leadership, planning and estimation, DevOps, QA testing, as well as data science, AI technologies, agility in the gaming industry, and the development of software products and applications.

This year’s program brings together some of the most influential global thinkers from the agile and IT communities such as Lyssa Adkins, internationally renowned co-author of the Agile Manifesto Jon Kern, Roman Pichler who is a leading expert in product management, Geoff Watts, a top British coach for agile teams and leaders, and many others who will share their knowledge and experience and contribute to the development of professionals in the region!


Voxxed Days Thessaloniki

VoxxedDays Thessaloniki

Voxxed Days Thessaloniki, one of the largest conferences in the technology industry, will be held for one more year in Thessaloniki on 24 – 25 November 2023, at the “Ioannis Vellidis” conference center. The conference is based on the philosophy of the Devoxx Conferences and has established itself as the annual technology meeting for developers in the Balkan region.

Voxxed Days Thessaloniki will last for 2 days and its participants will come from more than 15 countries and will exceed 600. It is worth noting that there will be more than 30 renowned speakers from Greece, Europe, Asia and America who will share their valuable knowledge and rich experience with the conference audience.

Among the keynote speakers will be Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, award-winning author of several technical books, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., and professor at the University of Houston.In total, there will be 40 topical thematic sessions and they will be held in 2 parallel rooms, that cover the areas of software engineering, best practices, big data, AI, soft skills and many more/

The organizer of Voxxed Days Thessaloniki Mr. Patroklos Papapetrou says “The conference started in 2016 in Thessaloniki with the participation of 300 people, as a one-day event. I am particularly happy as over the years, Voxxed Days Thessaloniki has become one of the most well-known technology events that aims to offer developers the best place for networking and exchange of views. Important for us is that the number of participants has doubled.”


droidcon Italy


droidcon Italy is the leading event for Android developers in Italy and beyond. Hosted in Turin, 12-13 October, participants can choose between attending the live event or connecting to the online event. All participants benefit from exclusive access to the recorded presentations for the three months following the event. The event will be hosted at Turin’s Museo dell’Automobile (MAUTO).

This is the tenth year of droidcon Italy, with every event building on the success of the previous. Four hundred and fifty participants are expected in Turin, with an additional three hundred connecting online.

The event will include a total of 30+ presentations delivered by local and international Android experts. The agenda will include keynote presentations, case study talks, roundtable discussions and an exhibition for showcasing and networking. Speakers at the 2023 event include:

  • Santosh Astagi, Software Engineer, Meta Platforms
  • Chris Sinco, UX Design Lead, Google
  • Emilie Roberts, Developer Advocate, Google: Chrome OS, Android camera, audio, & vulkan
  • Benjamin Kadel, Principal Platform Engineer for Android, Babbel
  • Mario Bodemann, Developer Relations, Deutsche Telekom

Sponsors of droidcon Italy 2023 include Telepass Digital, the Italian digital transformation company, Subito, Synesthesia and NTT Data. All of the event sponsors are providers to the Android community and benefit from six months of high quality engagement with the audience.

“droidcon is one of the places to see the emerging and newest things concerning the Android world. The right place to see what’s going on with the green robot.”droidcon Italy 2022, participant


Wey Wey Web

Wey Wey Web

Wey Wey Web is a 2-days international Yay-Yay conference taking place every year in Málaga City since 2022. Organised by the same team behind J On The Beach, this event is focused on and designed for front-end and full-stack developers, UI and UX experts as well as product designers. Both days will be full with conferences, workshops and a lot of networking activities for all participants. Come and be Yay-Yay in Málaga!


Intersection Conference

Intersection Conference

Intersection Conference is the international event connecting designers and developers in both managerial and operative roles. It’s the place where to learn about the best processes, methodologies, and technologies on the market from high-profile professionals working for the World’s top tech companies and startups through workshops and inspiring talks.

We believe that great things can come out from confrontation, networking and exchange. This is why, year by year, we select a meaningful theme in which we, as a community, can drive a positive impact: for our 5th edition we will be talking about scaling human potential for a greater future.

Today’s digital world demands vigilance. Companies must not only prepare their teams and organizations for disruption, but also ensure that their products and services are agile enough to embrace the unknown changes ahead. Global, existential forces are not the only drivers of disruption; managers must also face breathless emerging technology hype, such as the power of augmented intelligence foster by open AI. The importance of enhancing creativity, building soft skills, empathy and really understanding the needs of the customer will be more and more valuable in this kind of world.

On the 9th and 10th of October we invite you to join us online and in presence in the stunning OGR location in Turin to talk about:

•DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES: Improve every aspect of your process, from team management & design tools, inclusivity & accessibility, to development frameworks & libraries.

•CREATIVITY: Discover how to apply creativity in different contexts and learn how computer programming can be a creative discipline. Master how to design disruptive and people oriented interfaces.

•ENTERPRISE UX: Learn how to leverage business value into your design projects and to measure the ROI of design. Explore how to build Omnichannel Customer Experiences.

•GENERATIVE AI & MACHINE LEARNING: Explore use cases and applications of autocoding platforms and voice interactions. You will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics, bias, & jobs.


GSAS (Global Software Architecture Summit)

GSAS conference

GSAS (Global Software Architecture Summit) is a 3-day summit that aims to attract and connect software architecture experts from all over the world as well as all those interested in building working software to improve their skills, share knowledge, and connect.


The XtremePython


The XtremePython online conference focuses on the Python programming language. It is an international conference that gathers professionals and speakers from all over the world. It takes place every year. 


The XtremeJ


The XtremeJ online conference focuses on the Java programming language. It is an international conference that gathers professionals and speakers from all over the world. It takes place every year. 


The XtremeJS


The XtremeJS online conference focuses on the JavaScript programming language. It is an international conference that gathers professionals and speakers from all over the world. It takes place every year. 


WeTest.Athens 2023


Whether you’re a seasoned tester, developer, manager, or just starting your career, this conference has something for everyone. Our lineup of keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions promises to be both informative and inspiring. You will have the chance to learn from the best in the business and to engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals.

So, get ready to dive into the world of testing and discover new and innovative ways to improve your skills and take your career to the next level. We can’t wait to see you at the WeTest.Athens 2023!


Compass Tech Summit

Compass Tech Summit

For the first time 5 tech conferences merged together to create the Compass Tech Summit in Budapest.  Join Compass along with 70+ speakers, 1700+ attendees to discuss topics like Data (Crunch) + AI and ML  (Reinforce AI ) +UX (Amuse)  + Product (Impact) + IT Management & Leadership (Stretch conference )

Top 5 reasons to join Compass:

  • Enjoy 5 tech events with 1 ticket
  • Amazing lineup, speakers from companies like The New York Times, Meta, Spotify, Airbnb, or The LEGO Group
  • Industry leading experts at one place
  • Endless networking opportunities
  • Hands-on knowledge in the form of talk sessions and workshops


The Open Source Infrastructure Conference

The Open Source Infrastructure Conference

StackConf is about open source infrastructure solutions in the spectrum of continuous integration, container, hybrid and cloud technologies. International experts present their ideas for bridging the gap between development, testing and operations. Join lectures on infrastructure topics around the whole DevOps lifecycle including building, CI/CD, running and monitoring. Learn about innovative technology mixes and future-oriented design of large infrastructures. Join us in September 2023!

With the following voucher code you get 25% discount of your stackconf ticket:



WN Conference

WN Conference

Building on last year’s success, WN Conference is coming back to Limassol!

The conference is dedicated to the gaming and AI markets, with the main focus on networking with representatives from renowned companies such as Google, Meta, and others.

It will include two days filled with back-to-back activities, running alongside insightful lectures, networking sessions, expo zone meet-ups, and even a party. The conference presents three distinct tracks that meet not only the demands of the game industry community, but also incorporate the non-gaming app track and the AI track.

For attendees seeking expert insights, there is a chance to engage in 25-minute one-on-one consultations with legal, tax, and marketing specialists. Additionally, the program features an exclusive masterclass titled “Insider Secrets for Making Investors Fund Your Company.”

20 lucky developers will secure an opportunity to join WN Cyprus’23 at no cost by participating in the on-site Developer Showcase. Each project will be awarded a Premium ticket and a dedicated spot in the expo zone to demonstrate their game to all attendees.

The event’s features will be available to both on-site and online attendees, enabling comprehensive networking with every participant. All attendees will gain access to the WN Hub meeting system from August 29 to September 27.

Get more details and join WN Cyprus’23 on-site or online with a 5% discount code “qubit” before the price increase on the conference website.


SREday 2023


Join us for SREday on September 14-15 2023 in London, UK!

Who is this for?

– Are you responsible for the reliability of applications or platforms?

– Do you love systems performance? Do they call you when things ‘are slow’?

– Do you make Cloud, Kubernetes and distributed systems work like clockwork?

You will join experts to learn from, peers to learn with and other, like-minded people to hang out with.


CityJS Berlin Conference 2023

CityJS Berlin Conference 2023

When: November 1-3, 2023

Where: Berlin, Germany

Join us for an enriching 3-day event, featuring 20+ speakers and 200+ attendees, all united by the love of JavaScript.

CityJS Berlin Conference 2023 is the culmination of the boundless energy and success of a thriving community. Emerging from the collaborative efforts of four prominent JavaScript groups in London – Halfstack, JSMonthly, London JS Community, and London Node User Group – this event brings you a uniquely community-driven experience.

Dive into thought-provoking talks, workshops, and trend discussions. Stay in the loop with the latest industry shifts and JavaScript innovations.


PyCon Estonia


PyCon Estonia is the largest Python Conference in Northern Europe bringing together people passionate about the Python programming language. This year, over 250 developers, innovators, CTO-s and investors will gather in Tallinn University on September 7-8, 2023 to discuss multiple topics that impact the tech community, including the topic of Python’s huge role in the rapid advancement of AI and Machine Learning. After successful events for the last four years, PyCon Estonia 2023 is going to be a two day conference with a much detailed plan for talks, activities and coding workshops!


International JavaScript Conference Munich

International JavaScript Conference Munich

Welcome to the International JavaScript Conference Munich, the premier destination for JavaScript enthusiasts and web technology innovators! From October 23 to 27, 2023, embark on a five-day journey into the heart of JavaScript excellence and modern web development. Whether you’re a seasoned JavaScript developer or a curious newcomer, this conference offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the latest trends, tools, and techniques shaping the dynamic world of web applications.

The International JavaScript Conference Munich gathers a distinguished lineup of industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries who will guide you through a diverse range of topics, from frontend frameworks and libraries to advanced JavaScript concepts and emerging technologies. Immerse yourself in interactive sessions, gain practical insights, and learn about real-world implementations that are driving innovation in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Connect with fellow developers, exchange experiences, and ignite vibrant discussions that propel the web technology community forward. Explore the bustling exhibition area, where you can engage with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and solutions that are revolutionizing JavaScript development. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the International JavaScript Conference Munich 2023, where you’ll expand your knowledge, forge valuable connections, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of JavaScript and web development.


BASTA! Fall 2023

Basta! Fall

Welcome to BASTA! Fall in Mainz, the ultimate conference for software architects, developers, and IT professionals. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Mainz, this five-day event promises a deep dive into the latest trends, tools, and techniques shaping the software industry. Whether you’re passionate about .NET, web development, or cloud technologies, BASTA! Fall offers a diverse range of sessions and workshops to elevate your skills and expand your horizons.

Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge topics, from advanced C# programming and cross-platform app development to DevOps best practices and AI-driven applications. Renowned experts and thought leaders will share their insights, equipping you with actionable takeaways to drive innovation within your projects. Engage in lively discussions, ask questions, and network with fellow attendees who share your enthusiasm for all things software.

Beyond the enriching sessions, BASTA! Fall provides a vibrant platform to connect with leading technology providers. Explore the exhibition hall where you can discover the latest tools, services, and solutions that are shaping the future of software development. Join us in Mainz from September 25 to 29, 2023, and become part of a dynamic community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of software excellence.


International PHP Conference Munich

International PHP Conference Munich

Welcome to the International PHP Conference Munich 2023, the ultimate gathering for PHP developers and web technology enthusiasts! From October 23 to 27, immerse yourself in a five-day journey into the dynamic world of PHP innovation and modern web development. Whether you’re a seasoned PHP developer or a curious newcomer, this conference offers an exceptional platform to explore the latest trends, tools, and techniques shaping the future of web applications.

The International PHP Conference Munich 2023 boasts a stellar lineup of industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries who will guide you through a diverse range of topics, from PHP frameworks and best practices to advanced PHP concepts and emerging web technologies. Engage in interactive sessions, gain practical insights, and learn about real-world implementations that are driving excellence in the PHP ecosystem.

Connect with fellow developers, share experiences, and ignite dynamic discussions that propel the web technology community forward. Explore the bustling exhibition area, where you can engage with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and solutions that are revolutionizing PHP development. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the International PHP Conference Munich 2023, where you’ll expand your knowledge, forge valuable connections, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of PHP and web development. 


Product-Led Summit Berlin

Product-Led Summit Berlin

October 5, 2023

Hold onto your hats and get ready to launch yourself into the epicenter of product awesomeness. 

We’ve gathered the most innovative experts and thought-provoking leaders to share their best kept secrets on how they have transformed their companies through product-led strategies, and they’re ready to share their success stories with you.

Get ready to learn about:

  • How to drive consistent growth with proven, actionable tactics.
  • Master agile discovery by incorporating it into your team culture.
  • Techniques to scale sustainable growth with PLG after product-market fit.
  • Methods to build a successful platform product through team alignment and an excellent customer feedback loop.
  • Accelerate innovation by harnessing the power of AI and ML in your product development

Don’t miss out on the chance to drive the expansion and adoption of your product through a strategic PLG approach.



Seetest 2023

SEETEST 2023 is coming to Bucharest, Romania! 

Join us for two days of exciting talks, learning and fun on September 19-20, 2023, in-person in Bucharest, Romania and online.

September 19 will start with tutorials in our well known format, while September 20 will offer multiple sessions chosen by our Program Committee during Call for Papers. September 18 will serve as a warm up – with full-day pre-conference courses on various topics. 


Blockchain Expo Dubai 2023

Blockchain expo Dubai

When: September 20-21

Where: Dubai

Dubai, renowned for its forward-thinking approach to technology and innovation, serves as an ideal backdrop for Blockchain Expo Dubai 2023. The event will provide participants with a unique opportunity to engage with key stakeholders in the region, including government officials, industry leaders, investors, and regulators, fostering collaboration and paving the way for future advancements in blockchain technology.

Whether attendees are blockchain enthusiasts, industry professionals, or curious individuals seeking to expand their knowledge, Blockchain Expo Dubai 2023 promises to deliver an immersive and insightful experience.

Registration for Blockchain Expo Dubai 2023 is now open. Early-bird discounts are available for a limited time. 


PAY360 2024


With the increasingly rapid pace of change as the payments ecosystem continues to expand, you can only truly understandhow this change affects you by talking to others. This is what PAY360 is all about. With over 1800 attendees and an 80% increase in exhibitors in 2023, we have once again outgrown our existing venue. PAY360 continues to be the chosen meeting point to meet new customers, forge partnerships and shape policy and, as a result we are stepping up to the challenge by pushing PAY360 even further to benefit the payments community we serve.I am delighted to share that we have a new home – ExCeL, London. This will be our PAY360 home moving forwards with 2024’s edition taking place on the 19th-20th March.


TestCon Europe 2023

TestCon 2023

Dates & Venues:

Onsite Workshop | October 24 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Onsite & Online Conference | October 25-27 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Description about the event:

TestCon Europe is the biggest software testing conference in Europe for everyone willing to learn testing trends, best practices and make their contribution to the smoother software development cycle and quality. The event features the hottest topics in industry covering: Shift-Left Testing, TestOps, AI-Powered Testing, Risk-Based Testing, Release Management, User Experience, Compliance Testing, Traceability, Load Testing, Usability Testing, Mobile Testing, Test Environment Automation, Security Scanning, Exploratory Testing, Test Data Automation and more.


Big Data Conference Europe 2023

Big Data Conference Europe 2023

Dates & Venues:

Onsite Workshop | November 21 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Onsite & Online Conference | November 22-24 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Description about the event:

Big Data Conference Europe 2023 is a four-day event that focuses on technical discussions in the areas of Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. The conference comprises a series of workshops and sessions, aimed at bringing together developers, IT professionals, and users, to share their experience, discuss best practices, describe use cases and business applications related to their successes. The event is designed to educate, inform and inspire – organized by people who are passionate about Big Data and Data Exploration.


Internet 2.0 Conference Bio

Internet conference

The Internet 2.0 Conference is a 3-day event where thought leaders from around the world discuss digital transformations and new technologies. The conference will feature experts deliberating on topics ranging from deep learning algorithms to artificial intelligence as well as practical applications of VR/AR and IoT. Its upcoming editions in Las Vegas, USA and Dubai, UAE, will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, fireside chats, and plenty of opportunities for networking. 


React Advanced London – October, 20 & 23, 2023

React Advanced

About the conference: 

React Advanced London is the hybrid conference for those who are into modern web development with React, React Native, GraphQL, TypeScript and hungry to learn from the best.

The event features top-notch speakers who present real-life case studies and share their expertise on core open-source projects.

In addition to the informative talks, React Advanced offers a range of networking opportunities. You can socialize in person with fellow attendees and speakers, connect with colleagues, and join hybrid speaker rooms, topic-based discussion rooms and the special after-party show.

Date & format: London & Online, October 20 & 23, 2023

Covered topics include but are not limited to React 18, Design Systems, Performance, Server Components, Server-Side Rendering, Engineering Leadership, Career Advice.

Among speakers you can expect top industry leaders, open source contributors, senior developers & top managers. Current agenda is available at the event’s website.


  • Elevate your expertise with Free & PRO workshops led by top industry minds
  • Experience London’s nightlife scene as we turn up the afterparty
  • Dance like nobody’s watching at the silent disco
  • Have fun & sing your heart out at karaoke
  • Enjoy a Draw Battle – a high-energy game where two teams face off with a frantic final round!


React Day Berlin – fifth edition – Explore the React Universe with Us

React Day Berlin

Where: Berlin & Online

When: December 8-12 2023

This conference is all about in-depth talks, career-boosting workshops, and networking opportunities. You’ll get to make new friends and collaborate on stellar apps on December 8 & 12 in Berlin & Online.

Here’s what you can expect:

The speakers will shed light on all things puzzling your mind, be it architecture, design systems, GraphQL, scaling to senior roles, accessibility or other.
Berlin’s energetic, creative, vibrant, and forward-thinking vibe is constantly evolving, with a rich history and a bright future.
Workshops to improve your React and JavaScript problem-solving skills and learn new dimensions of them.
After the conference, get ready for a React-fueled party with an after-party and comedy show. Berlin is one of the world’s party capitals, so it’s going to be a blast!
React Day Berlin is hosted at the amazing Space Age theater from the 1960s, Kosmos, in the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain.


i-Con 2023


Where: Cyprus, Limassol

When: 29-30 June, 2023

The Affiliate Conference, often known as i-Con, is the go-to event for affiliate marketers, advertisers, publishers, and business experts who want to up their online marketing game. i-Con, held on the beautiful island of Cyprus, provides guests with a transforming experience where they can get immersed in cutting-edge techniques, interact with business leaders, and create lasting relationships. i-Con is the go-to event for individuals looking to remain ahead in the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing, with a carefully crafted schedule comprising enlightening lectures, engaging seminars, and networking opportunities. Find out how i-Con can transform your experience with affiliate marketing!


JSNation Conference – the main JS conference of 2023

JS Nation Conference

Date & format: June 1 (in-person, Amsterdam & remote) & June 5 (remote), 2023.

Covered Technologies: Webpack, Turbopack, Qwik, SolidJS, AlpineJS, Theatre.js. Vue, Node

The JSNation conference is both about learning top-notch content from industry leaders and enjoying fun activities such as parties, city tours, and games. The event gathers 40+ speakers, 1K in-person & 20K remote attendees.


Learn from live legends & rising stars – the ones who write the history of the JavaScript nation.
Ferry ride to the venue with stunning views of the sea and Amsterdam.
Exploring Amsterdam’s nightlife at the biggest JavaScript party worldwide with algorave,karaoke & silent disco.
Discovering the beauty and excitement of the city on amazing boat & walking tours, while also engaging in thought-provoking discussions on the latest JavaScript topics.
JavaScript open source awards up for grabs
An incredible JS art exhibition to immerse yourself in the world of tech & creativity.
Food truck fest to let you try the best dishes of Amsterdam’s street food.


DevDays Europe

devdays europe conference

Where: Online/Offline

When: 23-26 May, 2023

Great News! The DevDays Europe conference is back and it will be an exceptional edition in 2023.

DevDays Europe is a software development conference bringing together internationally recognized speakers and developers to encourage excellence and innovation in the software development community.

One Ticket – Two Conferences! By joining the DevDays Europe 2023 conference, you get access to the DevOps Pro Europe 2023 conference happening alongside.

It’s great value – because by registering for one conference you and your team get access to any of the sessions across both.

There is even more! The DevDays and DevOps conferences will be happening and ON-SITE, and ONLINE, allowing everyone to join the event in the selected format.


DevOps Pro Europe

devops pro europe conference 2023

Where: Online/Offline

When: 23-26 May, 2023

Great News! The DevOps Pro Europe conference is back and it will be an exceptional edition in 2023.

The annual DevOps Pro Europe conference covers the core principles and concepts of the DevOps methodology and demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on-premises and in the cloud.

One Ticket – Two Conferences! By joining the DevOps Pro Europe 2023 conference, you get access to the DevDays Europe 2023 conference happening alongside.

It’s great value – because by registering for one conference you and your team get access to any of the sessions across both.

There is even more! The DevDays and DevOps conferences will be happening and ON-SITE, and ONLINE, allowing everyone to join the event in the selected format.


Digital Transformation Week

Digital Transformation Week

Where: North America

When: 17-18 May 2023

The Digital Transformation Week, 17-18 May 2023 is an in-person event and conference consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring the Digital Transformation ecosystem. 

Digital Transformation Week is not another talking shop for digital transformation, but a senior level forum for enterprise-level decision-makers seeking to explore and evaluate new technologies and strategic approaches to drive innovation in their business. 




Where: Embassy Suites by Hilton, 191 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801, United States

When: 7th June- 9th June 2023

Businesses are changing rapidly due to today’s technology-driven models, which require organizations to undergo an end-to-end business transformation. Business transformation not only touch base the OPEX but also regards to deploying digital tools, data, automation, leadership, design thinking and continuous improvement principles. Hence it indicates the growing demand of the roles of OPEX and Business Transformation professionals for the company’s operational performance and acceleration. Moreover, Covid-19 pandemic situation has made businesses to move from re-strategizing the ways in which they work, to operating on a whole new ecosystem. Therefore, it has created a necessity for the professionals to master different tools, have a strategic vision and practical knowledge on how to design, deliver and execute processes which deliver the company’s vision and profit goals.

Conferenzia World’s OPEX and Business Transformation Summit 2023 will bring together the industry leaders, experts and professionals to a single platform for addressing the key issues, share strategies, discuss innovative solutions and how to implement effective OPEX tools. Join us to learn from a great combination of experts from all over the world through interactive case study presentations, fireside chats, expert talks, panel discussions and astounding masterclasses.

Key Themes & Topics:

• Identifying and mitigating the failure spots in business processes

• Creating a customer-centric and agile organization

• Business architecture as a critical enabler for operational excellence

• Robotic process automation to deliver increased operational efficiency

• Change management to ensure digital adoption

Who Should Attend:

Presidents, VP’s, CXO’s, Directors, Heads and Managers of:

• Operational/Process Excellence

• Performance Improvement

• Quality & Strategy

• Continuous/Business/Process Improvement

• Change Management

• Planning & Control

• Agile/Digital/Cultural Transformation

• Technology Innovation

• Business Transformation

• Lean Six Sigma & Lean Initiatives

• Business/Process Architect & Engineering


DeveloperWeek Europe 2023

developerweek 2023

Where: online

When: 26-27 April, 2023

DeveloperWeek Europe 2023 is the largest virtual software developer conference & expo dedicated to Europe’s tech community. Come join 2,000+ engineering professionals and technical practitioners & leaders from across Europe as the community gathers for two days of education & networking — Virtual Conference & Workshops, a 2-day Virtual Expo, the Online Hackathon, 1:1 Networking, and more.




Where: Online

When: 30 March 2023

Are you cloud native? Do you love Kubernetes? Have you gotten rid of the monolith and adopted microservices… and then moved back to the monolith?

Is your pet dog named Helm, your pet cat Prometheus or your goldfish Envoy? If any of this applies to you, we need you!

Come and talk to like-minded people about all the things cloud and cloud native:

RSVP for free


Smart Transportation Conference 2023

Smart Transportation Conference 2023

Conference Date:  May 9th – 10th, 2023

Event Type: Virtual Event

Event Organizer: PTN Events

Uncover the next industrial revolution which drives the path for smart tools to build a flexible transport network and net zero emission technology at Smart Transportation Conference 2023.

Smart Transportation Conference 2023 is hosted by PTN Events, the leading organizer of commercial and knowledge based top-level b2b conferences.

Join our global experts to probe and explore winning strategies and technologies, dealing with smart tools to build a flexible transport network and discuss digital, efficient and sustainable transportation by exploring strategic roadmap, case studies, Vehicle technologies, opportunities & challenges. Avail our Super Early bird pass at USD $299 (plus taxes) and grab an exclusive coupon code for the upcoming conference registration.

Determine the right time to fund for the future mobility and transportation by joining our global experts.


PCB West 2023

PCB West 2023

Where: Silicon Valley

When: September 19-22, 2023

It’s the Largest event for Printed Circuit Board Design, Fabrication and Assembly in the Silicon Valley, training the industry on making printed circuit boards for every product or use imaginable. From high-reliability military/aerospace to cutting-edge IoT and wearables, there’s something for everyone involved in the electronics supply chain. This is one event you cannot afford to miss.


PCB East 2023

pcb east 2023

Where: Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center,
Boxborough, MA

When: May 9-12, 2023

It’s the Electronics Industry’s East Coast Conference and Trade Show. Check out the more than 60 hours of technical sessions and list of leading manufacturers and suppliers that will exhibit at the May event and register today!



IT Poland Meeting

Where: Poland, Warsaw

When: February 8, 2023

This is the first in a series of meetings devoted to issues related to the development of the IT industry and transnational cooperation between companies on the European and global markets.

On February 8, together with the invited experts, we will talk about the situation in the IT sector in context of the war in Ukraine, and in particular about companies that have moved their business to Poland for this reason. The meeting will consist of three discussion panels and a presentation of the IT Poland Technology Cluster, which was established to support IT and High – Tech companies in a transnational environment.

Why is it worth taking part?

As a result of the war, many companies relocated their centers of operation to Western European countries. The leader among the countries chosen as a place of relocation is Poland, which hosted over 28% of IT specialists fleeing the war.

The decision to relocate means that the IT market in Poland is undergoing a very dynamic process of change.
In some cases, the armed conflict could have had a negative impact on trade and investment between Poland and Ukraine, but at the same time, the conflict could also create new opportunities for Polish IT companies, e.g. in the field of IT security or crisis solutions.

These processes related to relocation and changes taking place in the IT industry will be the core of considerations during the first edition of #ITPolandMeeting

We will focus on three discussion panels dedicated to:

  • Sources of financing;
  • Ecosystems in the IT and Tech sector;
  • A subjective look at the IT and Tech sector.


2nd World Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate Week

Where: Rome, Italy

When: October 16-18, 2023

2nd World Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability, to be held in Rome, Italy, on October 16-18, 2023. Climate Week 2023 is associated with Climate: Open Access Journal (MDPI); Energies: Open Access Journal (MDPI); Infomediu Europa Magazine; Journal Disaster Prevention and Resilience; Nobel Net; Qubit Labs; Discover Cleantech; Journal of Carbon Footprints and Diplomatic World.

This edition hosts experts from the climate industry from organizations like – University of California; French National Center for Scientific Research; EFCEPA; Asia Climate Change Education Center; Georgian Technical University; Sultan Qaboos University; University of Catania; UNIMIB; University of Calabria; Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Foscari University of Venice; George Mason University; National Research Council of Italy; University of Venice; European Policies Associated Service; NOAA and Finnish Meteorological Institute as the keynote speakers.


Future of Protein Production – Summit

The Future of Protein Production summit

Where: Online

When: February 21-23, 2023

The world’s online meeting place for accelerating the commercialization of alternative proteins.

The Future of Protein Production Summit is the must-attend virtual event for any company involved in making the global food system more sustainable, kind and fair for the planet, people, and animals.

The senior executive-level conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this complex issue with world-leading experts. Discover a wide range of solutions that will have a positive impact through abolishing animal cruelty, reducing global pollution and improving human health.

The online conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this complex issue with world-leading experts. Discover a wide range of solutions that will have a positive impact through abolishing animal cruelty, reducing global pollution, and improving human health.

Stay up-to-date with the most recent solutions, technology, policy, and concepts across the food system. And get the best opportunities to meet key industry contributors.


World Conference on Data Science & Statistics (Data Science Week 2023)

World Conference on Data Science & Statistics (Data Science Week 2023)

Where: Frankfurt, Germany

When: June 26-28, 2023

This meeting aims to bring together data scientists, analysts, visualizers, statisticians, mathematicians, researchers who are building fundamentals for data science and its applications across science, engineering, technology, and society.

Data Science Week 2023 is an inclusive and totally academics and industry-focused meeting and it’s the conference to engage, build, develop, and learn from the whole data science leaders and experts. It would set up a high standard for its organizing committees, keynote speakers, plenary speakers and session presenters, and a competitive rate for poster presenters.

The conference will facilitate the young researchers, industries leaders, and research agencies especially, those, who are functioning their research work in the data science domain of Computer Science, Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Electronics, and Communication Engineering with valuable deliberations in order to make the results more representative.


Boosting SaaS Products with New Technologies

SaaS conference 2023

Where: Virtual

When: January 18-19, 2023

You should visit Boosting SaaS Products with New Technologies virtual summit because:

– 12 industry-leading speakers on hot topics

– Valuable actionable insider information

– 12 productive hours of AI/ML content in SaaS

– Instant access to all content after the summit

– Constant access to the Summit content in Full HD

– Learn about the best new tools you could implement


IoT Solutions World Congress

IoT Solutions World Congress


Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: January 31 – February 2, 2023

IoT Solutions World Congress has established itself as the leading global event for industry transformation, based on disruptive technologies such as IoT, AI, Digital Twin, Edge, AR/VR and more! The 2023 edition will showcase game-changing solutions & technologies that are disrupting and transforming industry and celebrates the business and technology executives creating a powerful competitive advantage. #IOTSWC23 is where leaders, across the organization, learn to navigate what’s next

Press release

Press release


DeveloperWeek 2023

DevelopersWeek 2023

Where: SF Bay Area; Virtual
When: February 15-23, 2023

DeveloperWeek 2023 is the largest developer conference & event series including the DeveloperWeek 2023 Conference & Expo, 1,000+ attendee hackathon, 800+ attendee tech hiring expo, and a series of workshops, technical talks, and keynotes.


Apprise Conf

Apprise conf

Where: Oslo, Norway
When: March 2023

Apprise Conf is a mobile tech conference that will take place in Oslo, Norway the 23rd of March 2023.

The conference is a full day event, with optional full-day workshops the day before and a conference part afterwards.

Apprise Conf will cover mobile tech topics. There will be two simultaneous tracks; one for more soft/visionary/inspirational subjects, and the other for more hardcore tech and code subjects. Both tracks will include iOS, Android and cross-platform development and various other mobile related topics.



LEAP conference

Where: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

When: 6-9 of February 2023

The conference brings together more than 700+ exhibiting global technology companies, 330+ top investors, 500+ global CEOs, and expert speakers to cover the latest technology topics.

This event is worth visiting if you are passionate about the newest technology trends and know how many benefits they can bring to your business.


Africa Automation Technology Fair

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

When: 9-11 of May 2023

Automation Technology Fair remains relevant in an ever-changing industry, identifying and engaging the latest industry innovations and megatrends. The conference focuses on bringing the newest automation technology developments, and it can all be found at Africa Automation Technology 2023, the most comprehensive and focused automation technology platform in Africa. 

You have an opportunity to showcase your products, services, and solutions to potential customers from all over the African continent.


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