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Lots of successful businesses are driven by competition nowadays. New services, fresh ideas and improvements help them to outstrip their competitors.

In the IT era, almost all improvements are based on software which enables better and more complex services to be provided to customers. Any market software is more or less limited to its prescribed features, and can’t be changed that much. Over the time, it stops to fulfil business requirements and your growth slows down. This is the moment of getting your custom software, precisely crafted to your own needs by software development company (how to choose?).

Don’t know what is custom software development? We’ve gathered some useful facts and tips for you here.

Selecting a company to develop your own custom software is really hard as well, as there are hundreds of them, all with nuances and differences. If you are in search for a reliable tech partner, this list will help you to choose from.

Qubit Labs offshore software development company

TOP 1. Qubit Labs (Canada, USA, Estonia, Ukraine)

Even being a comparably young company, Qubit Labs is already a top notch one. Along with standard outsourcing services, they also specialize in progressive core technologies, such as IoT, AI and others. Qubit Labs will help you to upgrade and support your old legacy custom software or develop a new one from scratch. They also have great outstaffing offers, which means that you can hire a dedicated developer for your team, without any HR, financial and team management hassles. They are in the top of the list because of the young yet exceptionally talented Ukrainian developers, relatively low development costs, fast delivery, and high quality.

Services: Dedicated development center, Web application development and design, Android app development services, iOS app development services, Hybrid mobile app development services, Cross-platform application development services, Custom software development, Game development, Internet of Things, Big Data, Blokchain, AI development, VR/AR development, Software testing and QA, Mobile application testing

Technologies: Java, Javascript, Front End, SQL /NoSQL C++, .NET, C#, iOS, Magento, PHP, Android, Scala, Python, Ruby on Rails, Oracle, Xamarin, Wordpres;

Company Size: 10-50 employees;

Founded: 2015;

Office Locations: Canada, Estonia, USA, Belgium, Ukraine.


TOP 2. Luxoft (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Eastern Europe, Latin America)

Luxoft is one of the biggest outsourcing companies, with major specialization in enterprise areas, such as telecom, financial and banking spheres, automotive, aviation, logistics, travel, etc. Operating since 2000, Luxoft has gained a large portfolio of well-known clients and partners. Finally, the size of this company and its pool means that you can get a team in the shortest time possible.

Services: Application development, Cloud computing, User experience and Front end technologies, Grid computing, Big Data And NoSQL, DevOps, Enterprise platforms, Internet Of Things
Big data;

Company Size: 9000 employees;

Founded: 2000;

Office Locations: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vietnam.

Binary Studio (USA, Ukraine)

TOP 3. Binary Studio (USA, Ukraine)

Binary Studio started in Ukraine 10 years ago and quickly grown into the best mid-sized IT employer in their area. One of the features of Binary Studio is the focus on long-term cooperation instead of simple development and following support of the software. If your plans happen to change over time, their agile approach allows flexible adaptation of the development process according to your new requirements.

Services: Dedicated development teams, Custom software development, iOS app development, Android app development, Windows app development, Web app development and design;

Technologies: Front End, Node JS, .NET, PHP;

Company size: 21…80 employees;

Office Locations: Georgia, Ukraine.


DataArt (USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany)

4. DataArt (USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany)

DataArt is one of the most well-known companies, specializing in travel and hospitality, M2M, financial, media and healthcare fields. For delivered products, they also offer extended support schemes with ad hoc support, ongoing enhancements and 24×7 emergency support team. DataArt have experience with compliance to regulations in different areas, such as PCI DSS, PA DSS, HIPAA etc. One of the unique services of DataArt is technology consulting: if you’re not sure about some aspects of your custom software idea, they can guide you through all the variants to the best decision.

Services: Product development, System modernization, Technology consulting, Security services, Managed support;

Technologies: Cloud Computing, Data and Analytics, Open Source, Ruby on Rails, Rack, Sinatra, JavaScript: Node.js, ES6, MEAN (Mongodb, Express, Angular, Node.js), Python: Flask/Django, PHP-based solutions and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), React, AngularJS, Ember, Backbone and many others;

Company Size: 2,200 employees;

Founded: 1996;

Office Locations: USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Latin America, Eastern Europe.

5. ScienceSoft (USA, Canada, Finland, Belarus)

5. ScienceSoft (USA, Canada, Finland, Belarus)

ScienceSoft claims to have almost 30 years of expertise in education, manufacturing, retail, logistics, energy, and well as other industries. Its portfolio includes over 800 delivered custom solutions. The great advantage of ScienceSoft is applicable experience in high-load distributed systems, required by their well-known clients, such as Walmart, Carrefour and Viber.

Services: Custom software development, web application development, mobile app development (Android, iOS), Xamarin app development, Cross-platform app development, Mobile solutions for Salesforce, Mobile app testing, QA, Enterprise mobile app development;

Company Size: 1989;

Founded: 440+ employees;

Office Locations: USA, Canada, Finland, Belarus.

If you have a project, and you want to outsource it to the best vendor in the United Kingdom, visit our article about leading custom software development companies in London.

Kanda Software (USA, Belarus)

6. Kanda Software (USA, Belarus)

Being another example of enterprise-oriented custom software development companies, Kanda has worked with the biggest companies out there: Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Bayer, Lionbridge etc. Apart from custom work, they enhance their developers in their own projects: Kanda is also developing applications for end user marketplace. With this amount of big partners, they have been one of the first companies in such things as Saas, clickable prototype and relevance-ranking. One more know-how of Kanda is Knowledge management service, with which they even assisted the National Geographic.

Services: Web development and design, Quality assurance, Project management and QA management, Assessment and roadmap development, IT outsourcing, Software maintenance & support, Team augmentation, Software security services, Big Data;

Technologies: Java development, .NET development, SharePoint development, Ruby On Rails (RoR) Development, C++ software development, Python programming, PHP development services, Mobile application development, SaaS, Cloud software development;

Company Size: – employees;

Founded: 1997;

Office Locations: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vietnam.

Oxagile (USA, Belarus)

7. Oxagile (USA, Belarus)

Oxagile is another outsourcing and outstaffing provider that offers a full range of custom software development services for businesses of any size, area and location. Their clients include such loud names as Google, Vodafone, Disney, and others. One of the key advantages of Oxagile is the ability to integrate their custom software with any other system, be it off-the-shelf or any other custom product, 3rd party service or database, or even EOM software powered hardware.

Services: Custom solutions, Web development and design, Quality assurance, Android development services, iOS development services, Cross-platform mobile app development services, QA automation testing, Dedicated development center;

Technologies: Java, .NET, PHP, Front End, iOS, Android, Cross-Platform mobile;

Company Size: 51–200 employees;

Founded: 2005;

Office Locations: USA, Belarus.

Nix Solutions (USA, Australia, Israel, Ukraine)

8. Nix Solutions (USA, Australia, Israel, Ukraine)

NIX Solutions is a highly skilled team consisting of developers, engineers, designers and QA specialists. They are working with projects starting from any point of the lifecycle, be it analysis, requirements collection, prototyping or development itself. NIX Solution tends to hire young talented specialists instead of skilled and established developers from the market. Besides keeping employee turnover at a minimum, this strategy helps NIX Solutions to grow professional and engaged teams, as well as keep an eye on evolving and progressive technologies.

Services: Custom software development, Web application development and design, Mobile application development and design, Quality assurance, Quality Automation, Graphic design services, IT consulting, SalesForce implementation, Online marketing, Project management;

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, iOS, .NET, Java, Javascript, UI, QA, C++;

Company Size: 800+ employees;

Founded: 1994;

Office Locations: USA, Australia, Israel, Ukraine.

Hcl Technologies (SA, Europe, APAC/ MEA)

9. Hcl Technologies (SA, Europe, APAC/ MEA)

Being one of the largest outsourcing companies, HCL Technologies has offices in more than 30 countries, and besides working with large scale enterprises, they have a lot to offer for smaller businesses. Some of the obvious advantages of working with companies this big is the possibility to find a near-shore or co-located team for your project, or gather specialists with profound knowledge in your specific area from all around the world. The core specialization of HCL Technologies lies in developing solutions for public services, healthcare, manufacturing and financial sector.

Services: Custom app development, Web application development and design, Mobile application development and design, Quality assurance, Quality automation, Graphic design services, IT consulting, Salesforce implementation, Online marketing, Project management;

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, iOS, .NET, Java, Javascript, UI, QA, C++;

Company Size: – employees;

Founded: 1976;

Office Locations: Latin America, Canada, Mexico, United States, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Middle East, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa.

Experion Technologies (USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands)

10. Experion Technologies (USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands)

Experion Technologies is the company that doesn’t focus itself on particular grades of business to work with, but successfully provides its services for enterprises, startups, and companies requiring product engineering, as well as develops its own complex systems, namely for the management of port operations and enterprise accounting. Software development teams at Experion Technologies have great experience with IoT, cloud, social and analytic technologies, that may benefit your project.

Services: Internet of Things and connected devices, Mobile application development, Web application development services, Robotics, Product engineering, Cognitive computing, and Artificial Intelligence, Product engineering;

Founded: 2006;

Company Size: 201-500 employees;

Office Locations: USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands.

Custom software is a tool that can bring optimization to your business and boost its growth, which is why it is crucial to find the right company that will develop it for you. We recommend checking out the custom software companies from this list and hope that it helps you to make the right choice.

Trusted by dozens of European and global companies, Qubit Labs is a reliable solution provider when it comes to hiring top software developers from the largest European tech talent pool, providing end-to-end recruiting, HR management. To find out how Qubit Labs can help you set up your own remote R&D center in Ukraine, fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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