Top 20 Best AI Blogs to Follow in 2021/22

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The Artificial Intelligence field is constantly evolving, so people working in this industry have to stay on the same page with innovations to come up with relevant solutions. One of the best ways to do so is to follow the right resources and be aware of all the trends.

Qubit Labs came up with a list of the best AI blogs that are worth your attention and will help you stay in the loop. Please know that the blogs below aren’t by no means ranked or in a particular order. 

Now, let’s get down to them.  


1. PyImageSearch

PYimage AI blog

Adrian Rosebrock, Ph.D., created this website. He is a professional Computer Vision/Deep Learning developer and researcher. The primary aim of his blog was to help students, developers, and researchers improve their knowledge of computer vision. In his articles, he avoids design into theoretical stuff, opting to describe things practically. 


2. AI Trends

AItrends AI blog

This is one of the leading blogs focused on the business and technology of AI. It’s popular among AI enthusiasts due to providing insights on apps in various industries, including eCommerce, healthcare, and energy, to name a few. 

It’s an excellent source for finding valuable information about the industry and getting the first-to-the-market advantage using emerging technologies. Also, if you’re interested in the webinars and other events related to the AI field, you’ll find information about them on the website.



Neptune AI blog

This is a popular machine learning blog that describes various topics in its articles. These include tutorials on data exploration, machine learning tools, and model evaluation, to name a few. offers a framework that enables tracking Jupyter notebooks and helps with managing experimentation processes. 


4. Paperspace Blog

Paperspace AI blog

Different authors contribute to the developments of Paperspace’s blog. Here, you can find articles on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Graphics, and Cloud GPUs. 


5. Blog

H2O AI blog

At Blog, the readers can catch up on the latest news on the implementation of software in different business areas. Also, they’re welcome to share their opinions on various questions and read about captivating research in the tech industry. 


6. DeepMind

Deepmind AI blog

This company is often referred to as a breakthrough in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It offers tidbits on the latest innovations and changes in the industry. The blog implements world-class research that results in hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, namely in Nature and Science. 


7. Algorithmia

Algortithmia AI blog

The blog provides hundreds of papers on multiple AI topics and specializes in algorithmic intelligence. This company built the largest marketplace for algorithms. Also, it assists organizations that want to deploy large-scale AI tech. So, when reading Algorithmia’s blog, you can be sure its posts are research-based and are backed up by its experience.



Serokell AI blog is a helpful blog for those who are making their first steps into the AI industry. The authors give their opinions on basic topics, like “Convolutional Neural Networks for Beginners,” “A Brief Introduction to Template Haskell,” and “Introduction to Phoenix.” The blog will come in handy for the newbies because it’s a notable resource for learning valuable information about AI-related topics. 


9. Machine Learning Mastery

Machine learning mastery AI blog

A blog by Jason Brownlee, a Machine Learning developer, shares valuable lessons that he learned during his professional journey with its readers. He writes about the helpful tools and offers to take a look at his email course and newsletter as well.  


10. Big Data Analytics News

Big Data Analytics News offers information, case studies, insights on big data, Data science, Analytics, Hadoop News, blockchain, Fintech, machine learning and artificial Intelligence. The site’s goal is to provide you with a wide range of information that will enable you to learn all aspects associated with the Big Data space.


11. CTO Vision

Cto AI blog

This blog provides information on how AI can be used in various fields and how it can transform businesses. It focuses on C-level mavericks, including CTOs, Enterprise Chief Architects, and Chief Data Officers. 


12. Pete Warden’s Blog

Pete Warden's AI blog

Pete Warden is a technical lead of the TensorFlow Mobile and Embedded at Google. He was a founder of Jetpac, a deep learning industry startup. Also, Warden created a standard data set for short speech recognition. His blog offers useful information about AI and ML and describes everything in detail. 


13. AI Summer

AI summer blog

AI Summer is a free educational blog, the primary purpose of which is to help its readers learn everything they need to know about Deep Learning. It’s essential to stay on the same page with the industry’s updates to become a Machine Learning Expert or a Data Scientist, and AI Summer provides great opportunities to do so. 


14. KDnuggets 

KDnuggets AI blog

It’s a plain and simple blog that provides crisp and clear articles covering the latest innovations in the industry. Also, it informs its readers about the upcoming tutorials, courses, and training. There, the readers can earn valuable certificates and check out the library of data sets.  


15. MarkTechPost

Marktech AI blog

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry, the MarkTechPost will become your relevant source of information.

It covers multiple areas, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and data science research. Besides, it provides tutorials and universities’ research. There, you can check out interviews with people from the AI industry as well. 


16. OpenAI Blog

Open AI blog

This is a blog of a research laboratory, OpenAI, based in San Francisco. They say their mission is about helping humanity benefit from Artificial Intelligence. The laboratory brings state-of-the-art research in the field. Also, it aims to find ways to enact the path to safe artificial general intelligence. 


17. Underfitted

Underfitted AI blog

This blog’s author, Santiago, shares one story per week. When writing his posts, he aims to deliver catchy and clear-cut information about Machine Learning to his readers. There are enough blogs about theoretical ML, and Santiago aimed to create one that ensures a practical approach to the topic. You won’t find complex math or dry facts here; only valid ML in an understandable way.  


18. Nanonets

Nano AI blog

The website provides articles on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and other tech topics that are in the public eye. Also, it offers opportunities to attend various webinars and provides insights into the AI industry. 


19. Unbabel Blog

Unbabel AI blog

This blog is a profound human breakdown on languages, AI, and the advancing usage of machines for the overall customer service experience. 


20. Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Marketing institute AI blog

This blog, led by marketers, aims to give people exclusive content on AI, ML, cognitive computing, and related technologies. It is considered a content hub for the possibilities of the mentioned technologies for the transformation of marketing. 


21. Becoming Human | Artificial Intelligence Magazine

Becoming human AI blog

If you aim to stay in the know and be aware of the latest news, info, and tutorials on AI, ML, Deep Learning, Big Data, and more, make sure to check out this blog. 


Bonus: Artificial Intelligence Telegram Channels to Join

If you want to have other sources to glean the info about AI, check out these channels:


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