Top 16 Software Development Conferences for 2024

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Qubit Labs gathered a list of top international software development conferences for developers for 2024. Do you know the conference that we should add?

Top 16 Software Developer Conferences for 2024

The XtremeJ Online Conference

Looking for the best software development conference for 2023-2024? Check XtremeJ online conference this April 2nd, 2024. XtremeJ conference team is excited to welcome the entire Java community to join us in the coming XtremeJ 2023 online conference. There will be short sessions (30 minutes each), with speakers from all over the world. To ease everyone’s coping with the time differences, our conference will start at 11:30 GMT.

What can you expect from this conference for Java developers? Participants will receive a virtual pack of valuable coupons, graphics, and small gifts. Top speakers will have talks that cover some of the more exciting, cutting-edge, and interesting topics. Watch later – The sessions will be captured on video and available to all participants.

Wey Wey Web

Don’t miss your chance to join one of the top conferences for software developers and for UI lowers this November.

During this 2-days software development conference, you will be able to check the pulse of the latest trends with regards to Web Technologies. Below are the main topics that will be covered in Wey Wey Web: Web programming, JS Frameworks, Web design UX/UI, Product design, Mobile development, Software architectures and best practices, Web Accessibility.

We expect 20 international speakers from leading tech companies to share their best practices and 4 keynote speakers from world-class creators of technologies, who will open and close the event. You can join 400 attendees, top creators, promising developers, and UI professionals.

International Conference for Software Architecture

The Software Architecture Gathering Digital 2023 is the top international software development conference highlight for all those working on solution structures in IT projects: primarily software architects, software developers, and quality assurance professionals, but also system analysts who want to communicate better with their developers. A selection of the best-known international experts will share their practical knowledge on the most important topics in modern software architecture.

The International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB®) presents the conference in cooperation with iX Magazin. The 2023 Software Architecture Gathering will be held as an online conference with both speakers and attendees participating virtually. All talks will be scheduled in Central European Time (MEZ; UTC+01:00). Attendees of the main conference (November 29 and 30, 2023) will have exclusive access to recordings of the conference sessions for one year after the event.


XtremePython online software development conference team for Python developers is excited to welcome the entire Python community to join us in the coming XtremePython online conference.  This coming XtremePython online conference includes short sessions with speakers from all over the world. This software development conference will start at 11:30 GMT to ease the time differences. It will be held online this April 16th, 2024.

SymfonyCon Brussels

The team welcomes you at SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 for Symphone software developers! Meet likeminded people at the Square conference center for the annual international Symfony conference.

Who should attend this top software developer conference? Symfony Developers – All levels of experience and knowledge welcome. Symfony Newcomers –  learn about Symfony, and how it will positively impact their everyday life. PHP developers – eager to widen their knowledge on frameworks, best practices and quality PHP development. Drupal developers who are looking to learn more about the Symfony components used internally by Drupal and other IT Professionals: Development managers, devOps and other professionals with an interest in learning more about Symfony.

React Day Berlin

React Day Berlin conference for software developers 2024 is your gateway to new opportunities and exciting collaboration on stellar tech. Attend in-depth talks, supercharge your hard and soft skills with career-boosting workshops, and connect with React enthusiasts.

Join the fifth edition of React Day Berlin in 2023 to celebrate all things React and meet your heroes, including seasoned devs from industry-leading companies and the creators of your favorite open source projects. This year, you can expect the authors and core teams of the following libraries / projects: Turbopac, React Native, Next.js, TypeScript, Astro, Zustand, Deno, Million, Fast-check.


International JavaScript Conference

The JavaScript world is constantly evolving and there’s something new to learn every day. We at International JavaScript Conference want you to be a part of that change and stay on top of the latest trends. This full stack software development conference 2024 suggest learning more from Angular and React to WebAssembly; from Progressive Web Apps to JAMstack – international experts share insights on the present and future JavaScript. Join top speakers and attanedees to broaden your knowledge and network with other JS enthusiasts.


THAT Conference Texas

A full-stack, tech-obsessed conference for software developers full of fun, code-loving humans who share and learn together.

THAT Conference is unlike any other technical conference. This unique three-day summer camp is full of workshops, sessions, open spaces, family events, and networking, all nestled in the gorgeous Kalahari Resort and Waterpark. This family-friendly event is comprised of professional and family tracks, so there is something to learn and experience at all ages.

As a Camper, you receive 3 days of professional sessions across various technologies, platforms, and disciplines of all levels. You can also access over 10,000 sq. ft. of open spaces to participate in more intimate discussions across all topics you and your fellow attendees generate. All sessions, including open spaces, are designed to build your road to level up your skills, career and take charge of you.

BASTA! Spring 2024

This software development conference is for those who are looking for infor and networking about .NET, Windows & Open Innovation. Stay up to date on developments in the Microsoft Universe with our informative keynotes, sessions and power workshops. Optimize core competences- The entire variety of the technology world at one conference: from Cloud to Server, Agile or DevOps – BASTA! provides the knowledge to enhance your .NET coding skills.

Develop the future – For over 20 years BASTA! has been the leading independent conference for Microsoft-, Cloud & Web-Technologies.

PHP UK Conference

What is the aim of this software development conference? The aim of PHP UK to offer attendees a forum for learning and networking with the most up-to-date topics in PHP development and related tools, tailored specifically to the needs of developers and CTOs.

The team is pleased to bring the 19th annual PHP UK conference to the tech community, a two day conference packed with amazing talks, plentiful networking opportunities and great social events.

Each year we record all of the PHP UK talks and make the videos available online so that the wider PHP community can benefit from our great speakers’ training content.


Join 8,000+ professionals at the world’s largest developer & rngineering Expo + Conference. Because DeveloperWeek covers all new technologies, our conference and workshops invite you to get intro lessons (or advanced tips and tricks) on technologies like VR Dev, Artificial Intelligence Dev, Blockchain Dev, IoT Dev, Serverless technology, Microservices technology, new JavaScript frameworks, and more.

This year, DeveloperWeek will have an expanded DevExec World, which is 2 days of roundtable talks, educational talks, and networking events for engineering managers, tech executives, and lead developers. Additionally, DeveloperWeek will be co-located with ProductWorld and CloudWorld.

DEVWorld 2024

Join 7,500 developers in the developer capital of Europe on on of the top software development conference for top technologies. Europe’s leading tech city – Amsterdam, will offer a 2 Day festival of tech with developers from around the planet, the must attend event for you and your whole tech team to attend.

200 unique talks covering leadership, JavaScript, Java, Full Stack, PHP, DevOps & Cloud, AI – ChatGPT, Blockchain and so much more! Make connections for life with 7,500 engineers attending from 3,500 Companies with daily networking activities, Nnight Programs & mixers and parties taking place all over Amsterdam.

NVIDIA 2024 GTC AI conference

The In-Person software development conference 2024 GTC Experience Is back, where you can connect with a dream team of industry luminaries, developers, researchers, and business strategists helping shape what’s next in AI and accelerated computing.

From the highly anticipated keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang to over 600 inspiring sessions, 200+ exhibits, and tons of unique networking events, GTC delivers something for every technical level and interest area. Whether you join us in person or virtually, you’re in for an incredible experience at the conference for the era of AI. Register today.

GDC Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) brings the game development community together to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry across five days of education, inspiration, and networking. Attendees include programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders.

Some key features of GDC include: the market-defining conference has a comprehensive selection of lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions. The GDC Expo showcases the latest game development tools and services from leading technology companies such as AWS, Epic, and Google. Dedicated community spaces where GDC attendees can take a break from all of the learning to relax and meet new people in themed areas for playable indie games, retro games, alternative controllers, and more.

QCon London

QCon London is an international software development conference where you can level-up on emerging software trends and get assurance you’re adopting the right patterns and practices.

DevDays Europe 2024

Software Development Conference Created for Developers, by Developers

DevDays Europe – software development conference bringing together internationally recognized speakers and developers to encourage excellence and innovation in the software development community. At this conference, we cover the emerging technologies and best practices in the software development industry – regardless of technological platform or language – without commercial hype.

At DevDays Europe you will learn about the latest tech advances from international experts flown in specifically for the event and about recent changes in your local development community from the peers.


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Top 16 Software Developer Conferences for 2024

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