Top 10 Online IT Conferences to Add to Your Calendar Today

Qubit Labs
Qubit Labs Team

There’s a handful of online events awaiting you at this time of the year. Attending the tech conference is one of the best ways to create meaningful relationships, meet new people that can help you skyrocket your business, close deals, learn from top experts in the field, and gain new knowledge. 

Being the organizer of several tech events itself, Qubit Labs gathered some online IT conferences in this list so you can enjoy new opportunities for your business or meet future partners there. 



demuxed - online tech conference

Date: October 5–7, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $49

If you’re keen on video technology or have some plans on using it, this conference is for you. Some of the best video technology experts will share their tips, insights, and experiences about working in the industry and their predictions about the upcoming trends. There, you can listen to speakers from Netflix, Lumen, Twitch, Facebook, Stanford, and LinkedIn. You can be confident that the speakers are selected based on their submission, not on the sum they paid. So, it’s not about promoting themselves but exchanging knowledge.  


UXDX Conference

uxdx - online tech conference

Date: October 6–8, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $300–$575

The event aims to bridge the gap between product, UX, design, and Dev in order to build better products. That’s an excellent opportunity to get some insights from big companies and understand what practices they follow to build better products. You can expect inspiring case studies to understand what helps the teams develop better products and what challenges they face along the way. Also, the speakers will share techniques and approaches on ensuring quality, consistency, and efficiency when scaling product teams. Among the speakers, there are experts from Google, Preply, Spotify, Trustpilot, and BlaBlaCar. 



inbound - online tech conference

Date: October 10, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $149

This event will give you access to transformative business trends, proactive insights, and valuable takeaways you can implement within your company. Thanks to audio sessions, meetups, and on-demand content, it allows you to connect with leaders from different industries and learn from anywhere. There, you can hear from Brian Halligan (HubSpot), Sharmesh Shah (HubSpot), and others. 


Google Cloud

google cloud - online tech conference

Date: October 12–14, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: not mentioned

You can join the event where you can connect with experts, see the latest tech action, and sharpen your skills. The sessions will cover the topics regarding AI and ML, application development, data analytics, databases, infrastructure, security, and more. You’re welcome to learn how the world’s leading companies solve their biggest challenges and hear firsthand about their digital transformation journeys. You’ll be offered the opportunities to engage with ecosystem partners, expand your knowledge, and connect with experts. You can get insights from top professionals working in different departments of Google. 


Big Data and AI Toronto 

big data and ai - online tech conference

Date: October 13–14, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: The expo is free; $299 to attend the conference

When attending this event, you have a chance to get an overview of the key 4 dimensions shaping the 2020s and implement some technical advancements in practice. These trends include AI, Big Data, cloud, and cybersecurity. You’ll learn more about the topics of machine learning by design, edge technologies, multi-cloud strategies, and digital sustainability. What about the speakers? These are the professionals from Samsung, Google, Facebook, Beyond Limits, and Netflix, to name a few. 


APIWorld 2021

api world - online tech conference

Date: October 26, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $150-$945

The speakers from world-known companies including Salesforce, Adobe, DocuSign, and others will share their insights on APIs, microservices, integration management, and other related topics. You can expect to learn about the nitty-gritty of APIs, including design and development, security, scalability, and lifecycle.  



reuters - online tech conference

Date: October 27–28, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: free (learning pass), $199 (motivational pass)

The event has over 25,000 attendees, 35 live sessions, and more than 75 speakers. You can meet world-leading speakers at the conference, for example, Glenn Fogel (, Susan Doniz (Boeing), Damien Kieran (Twitter), Bret Arsenault (Microsoft), and Lynne Oldham (Zoom), to name a few. At the event, you can gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s leaders, see practical case studies, enjoy industry-driven agenda, and bespoke 1:1 networking via the company’s matchmaking and meeting services.   



ecomworld - online tech conference

Date: November 15–16, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $166-$334

When joining the event, you get access to exclusive knowledge, tactics, and actionable strategies on building, operating, and scaling eCommerce businesses in 2021. Some of the topics covered on the event include products, business operations, brand building, marketing, and paid advertising. You’ll hear from the world’s most successful eCommerce leaders who will reveal some practical strategies and exclusive secrets they use in their businesses to grow and increase profits. Among the speakers are John Sculley, Sharon Gai (Alibaba Group), and Nabil Malouli (DHL). 


IoT World 2021

iotworld - online tech conference

Date: November 3–4, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: expo only – free; technologies pass – $1999, vertical pass – $1999, all-access pass – $2299.

At this event, you can reconnect and network with industry colleagues and take part in strategic discussions on putting IoT, AI, 5G, and Edge into action. This live and online conference joins forces with The AI Summit Silicon Valley to showcase the next wave of securely connected environments via the IoT. 


IOT Tech Expo

iot tech expo - online tech conference

Date: November 30–December 1, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $355

At the event, you’ll learn about the latest development, innovations, and best practices within the IoT and its impact on different industries, like supply chain, financial services, and healthcare. You’ll hear from 100+ industry-focused speakers that explore the technology’s advancements and share their knowledge and real-life experiences via presentations, discussions, and in-depth chats. During the event, you can hear from the representatives of Henkel, Lamborghini, and MESA International. 



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