Things You Should Know Before Hiring Developers In Ukraine

Things You Should Know Before Hiring Developers In Ukraine

Qubit Labs started a special webinar series about Recruiting and HR management.

On the first webinar we talk about specifics of hiring IT talents in Ukraine and answer most popular questions.

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While IT recruitment is, certainly, a complex process and one influenced by a range of factors, there are also several useful recruitment-related generalities that can help you do your project planning timewise if you want to hire developers in Ukraine.

We now that Ukraine is among the countries with the best programmers and developers, and with an average proficiency score index of 91,26%, according to SkillValue. Moreover, when it comes to skillsets variety, there is no country like Ukraine. However, Ukrainian origin doesn’t automatically imply that a particular specialist is right for your project. If you want to hire Ukrainian developers, there are some specifics you should take into account

Now that you’re aware of the overview, let’s begin with technologies

The recruitment cycles for an array of the more wide-spread programming technologies are generally shorter than those, for older or less wide-spread technologies. In particular as you can see, these more wide-spread technologies include. Java (17,8%), C#(14%), JavaScript(17,7%), PHP (12%), and Python (10,9%) being the most popular programming languages. Incidentally, it is relatively( релетівлі) also easy to find good QA Engineers or a skilled Project Manager.

In the same way let’s talk about The technologies that are more difficult to find and that are associated with longer recruitment cycles include С++, Golang, ROR, and Node.JS. You will also likely spend a longer period of time on finding a highly qualified DevOps engineer, Salesforce developer or Business Analyst.

The above happens because there is generally less demand for these kinds of experts on the part of Western and other overseas clients. Correspondingly (коріспондінлі) , fewer developers and other IT professionals choose these technologies and areas as their specialties (спешлтіс). However, if your IT partner specializes in such a technology, there should be no problem for them in providing you with the experts you need because they offer in-house training, or just have an affiliation (ефіліейшн) with the corresponding local developer community.

It should also be noted that the duration of a recruitment cycle can also be influenced by some requirements that are associated with the knowledge of a specific framework, library, or business domain. The duration of a recruitment cycle can range from 4 to 10 weeks. But the duration also depends on the level of the candidate. We briefly spoke about technologies earlier; let’s look at it in more depth now.

  • Hiring a senior developer with a good command of one of the more wide-spread technologies, for example, Java, will take roughly 5-7 weeks.
  • As a rule, you can hire a Middle Java software development engineer within 4 weeks.
  • In the same way Hiring a Junior Java developer should take you no more than 2-4 weeks.
  • Finding a good Java Architect would be an even tougher row to hoe (тофе роу ту хоу), but it would typically be possible to find one within roughly 8 weeks, provided you have a sufficient budget.

As mentioned previously, the less popular technologies, such as ROR, C++, Golang and Node/js usually require longer recruitment cycles. Such process could take up to 8-10 weeks.

The second one we are talking about today is the Location and remote work

The largest city by the number of IT specialists is Kyiv, the country’s capital (37%). Hence, your candidate is likely to be typical urban dweller with a corresponding set of values. In Kyiv, it will take about 40-60 minutes to get to work. Now, according to pandemic, it’s really important for developers to have the ability of working remotely rather than office-based work. Ukrainians welcome home offices and will be glad to be a part of a remote-first culture. Moreover, many developers have rich experience working with freelance projects.

Let’s move to the next points. They are Education and English

Regardless of gender, your software developer candidate is 80% likely to be a university graduate. 56% of Ukrainian tech workers have been majoring in programming or STEM subjects. If we are talking about English proficiency.

An average developer in Ukraine has an intermediate or Upper-Intermediate command of English.You won’t have to worry about miscommunication due to a language barrier.  Of course, You can expect developers or PM’s to speak fluent English, but it can take longer to hire such specialists.

So now we come to the next points, which are really important – Interviews and feedback

Success of the hiring process is directly proportional to the client’s side.

We mean that the number of stages of the interview, the test assignment and its size, the efficiency of communication with candidates and so on play a huge role. I’d like to direct your attention to the presentation. We grouped points that recommended and not recommended to follow during hiring process, because taking your interview process too complex is another sure-fire way to scare off candidates. If you have, for example 5 stages of the interview – be ready for even a really long researching process. 2-3 stages of the interview are usual for Ukrainian developers. The same situation is with the test assignment, 1-2 hours test – great, 1-2 weeks – we would probably lose a candidate ( especially, if the test is unpaid). Feedback is really important!  If it takes too long to reply to an applicant or to reply after the interview process, it’s more likely the candidate will have other opportunities and no longer be available, especially if the candidate is in high demand.

I’d now like to change direction and talk about Why candidate turned down your job offers?

I identify 7 main reasons.

So, first, they are Not happy with compensation and benefits

Maybe it was a competing offer that beat you out of the gate, or maybe it was that you wouldn’t move on your salary budget and the candidate couldn’t move down to your offer. High-quality talent costs money! Starting someone off at a low salary knowing you will eventually increase it by $5k is like building a foundation on mud. Make them an offer they can accept!

Secondly – Culture not a good fit

Gen Ys are more concerned about company culture than other generations. As the leader of the company, it’s your job to make sure that you provide an environment and culture that people want to work in. They’re working for YOU to help you build YOUR dreams. Of course, from our side we do everything to make the employees comfortable and pleasant to work.

Check how we build a managed team:

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Also We can’t ignore, that The job can be not exactly what candidates thought it was

Sometimes after learning more about the job, candidates realize that maybe it’s not what they thought it was. It also could be that they’re just not confident they can succeed at the position — feeling it might be above their skills/expertise, or it’s a little below what they’re capable of. We just try to not take this too hard, they actually did us a big favor by pulling out of the race before we found out they were a bad hire!

Let’s turn to the next issue – The location and remote work

As I’ve already mentioned, The price of gas is soaring – and it seems like there is no end in sight. For this reason, commuting has become an even bigger factor in a candidate’s decision-making. The ability of working remotely increases chances not to be turned down with job offer.

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Next point why your job offer can be rejects is No work-life balance

This is an increasingly important factor in candidates determining taking a job — especially for Gen Ys who really value work-life balance. Qubit Labs supports a healthy work-life balance, offering flexible work schedules and so on, but it also depends on you. For example, overtimes – isn’t the best thing to practise with.

  1. Negative online reviews

Before I buy almost anything online, I look at the reviews. Candidates now do that with jobs. There are actually a few sites out there that let you review employers, just like you can check out restaurants and services on. Scary, right? Well it should not be!

So now we come to the next point, which is the duration of the process

And, as I also mentioned, If you waited a long time to get in touch with candidates, or the whole process spread way longer than it should have, it’s super frustrating for them! If you take too long to hire ’em, they’ll lose momentum and interest in your company. Or they’ll take a job elsewhere.

Finally the last point is You

Let’s face it, everyone puts their best face on in the interview, just like on a first date. If candidates have equal options to choose from-in terms of role and compensation-and they had to wait a half an hour before you connected to the interview, or if you appeared distracted or disinterested, or if you were rude…you’ve just made their decision a lot easier. But, don’t worry about it, our recruitment team is always in a good mood and ready to impress candidates.

Well, I’ve covered the points that I needed to present today. And we really hope that our advices will be useful for your business. I’d like to thank you for taking time out to listen to my presentation.

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