Software Development
Salary 2018

in Main Outsourcing Destinations


Average Software Developer Salaries by Country

Our team investigated a main outsourcing destinations around the globe and created a report to help you with your developers salaries report. Where to hire developers? Should you set up your own office with software developers, use outstaffing service or outsource project to a software development agency?

If you want to save costs but retain full control over development – co-staffing in Ukraine is a great way to solve the issues with managing a remote development team.

Software Developers Salary Guide 2018 in Main Outsourcing Destinations will help you with the following questions: how much does it cost to hire a software developer locally or set up an offshore/nearshore or onshore R & D center, what benefits do you gain from different outsourcing models and advantages of each country.

Access now to discover:

  • Ways to optimize your IT budgeting by using the right form of services and choosing the most advantageous outsourcing country;
  • Difference between extended team, remote team and R’n’D center;
  • Advantages and aspects of outsourcing to the given regions;
  • Average developers salaries in Ukraine, Poland, China, and India;
  • Salaries fluctuations and patterns in different regions;
  • Comparison of rates for the most popular technologies;
  • Top factors affecting costs.

Software development salary investigated:

  • Junior software developer salary;
  • Middle software developer salary
  • Senior software developer salary
  • Junior web developer salary;
  • Middle web developer salary
  • Senior web developer salary
  • Junior Java developer salary;
  • Middle Java developer salary
  • Senior Java developer salary
  • Junior PHP developer salary;
  • Middle PHP developer salary
  • Senior PHP developer salary
  • Junior .NET developer salary;
  • Middle .NET developer salary
  • Senior .NET developer salary

Software Developers Salary Guide 2018 in Main Outsourcing Destinations: Ukraine, Poland, India, and China gathers all the necessary information to consider the mentioned countries for offshore development including general political situation and cultural similarities. But the main emphasis of the research lays on the cost as it often becomes a decisive criterion for selecting an outsourcing service provider.