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It’s not only about engineers’ salaries, it’s about offshore software development markets!

Many of our clients confessed that they didn’t know how to start with hiring developers remotely and which country to choose.

We prepared this guide so you can start with a brief overview of main locations pros and cons, outsourcing software development market overviews and developers’ salaries.

It starts with the information about various outsourcing models and schemes explaining how they work.

Then, we selected two countries from each region, Ukraine and Poland from Eastern Europe and China and India from Asia, for you to get the idea how outsourcing services work there and what are the local peculiarities.

You will find there brief analysis of each country separately to compare:

  • IT jobs market;
  • Hacker Rank;
  • quality of tech education;
  • main locations;
  • software developer salaries.

The next chapter focuses on the biggest cities with developed IT infrastructure. Developer salaries vary not only from country to country, but from city to city, that’s why it’s important to know the key locations.


Finally, Software Developer Salary Guide 2018 in Main Outsourcing Destinations will help you with the following questions: how much does it cost to hire a software developer in all the above mentioned countries. For your convenience, salary comparison is presented as charts for different tech stacks:

  • Java;
  • PHP;
  • .NET;
  • web development.

Who is this report for?


Asia or Europe? Europe or Asia? If you cannot make your mind between the top outsourcing destinations, Asia and CEE, download the report.

It will be a useful guide for those who consider hiring remote programmers because it contains information about various outsourcing models. You can choose the best-matching variant for your business – an extended team or a whole offshore development center.

Those who already know how offshore software development works in general will find helpful data about Asian and European IT job markets and programmer salaries comparison.

Thus, be you a young and ambitious startup or renowned enterprise, put this report to a good use.

What will you learn?

  • Ways to optimize your IT budgeting by using the right form of services and choosing the most advantageous outsourcing country;
  • Difference between extended team, remote team and R&D center;
  • Advantages and aspects of outsourcing to Ukraine, Poland, China, and India;
  • Average engineer salary in Asia and CEE;
  • Salaries fluctuations and patterns in different regions;
  • IT salary comparison for the most popular technologies;
  • Top factors affecting cost.

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