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Why do people start looking for offshore software development team?

Most probably it is a lack of tech talents in the region or their wish to optimize the operational expenditures. Great when they can combine both reasons to boost hiring and make it cost-efficient.

Our programmer salary survey How Much Do Software Developers Make in Central and Eastern Europe combines these two needs.

First of all, here you will find a brief overview of the CEE region in general and its perks for outsourcing.

The next part of the salary guide is an analysis of outsourcing potential by country.

We selected six biggest outsourcing destinations of the CEE region, these are Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary.

We consider these countries in terms of:

  • Average software developer salary by country;
  • Popular programming languages;
  • Talent pool;
  • Hacker Rank;
  • Education;
  • Tech universities;
  • Top tech hubs.

To make it more convenient, we selected the top 5 technologies (C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python) and analyzed each according to seniority level – junior, middle and senior coders incomes are included into this guide.

The reason that stands behind our choice of countries in is that Eastern Europe is an attractive outsourcing destination in terms of time zone, outsourcing market cost and finding programmers.

Nordic countries prefer this location for nearshore software development – remote and in-house teams work in the same time zone and share cultural values.

US entrepreneurs and enterprises build their R&D centers and ODC in Central Europe to get top quality coding service and reduce cost at the same time.

How Much Do Software Developers Make in Central and Eastern Europe will provide you with all the necessary information to compare six CEE countries and choose the right location to based on local software developer salaries.

Who is this survey for?


This survey will be interesting for small and large businesses that consider hiring software engineers in Eastern Europe. It will help them to compare the regions in terms of local engineers remuneration and suitability for outsourcing in general and staff augmentation in particular.

On the other hand, this salary guide is a useful source of information for coders. Find which country offers the most generous reward and which technical skills are in demand there.

What will you learn?


The given guide will give you an idea about:

  • software developer salaries in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary;
  • benefits of the CEE region for staff augmentation and software development outsourcing;
  • main characteristics of each country and its achievements in the IT industry;
  • advantages of these countries as nearshore and offshore software development destinations.

Download a free copy of programmer salary guide How Much Do Software Developers Make in Central & Eastern Europe right now!

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