A Guide to Doing More with IT Outsourcing

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IT outsourcing has been a hot topic for years. Common advantages of IT outsourcing include scalability, more robust disaster recovery, easier access to subject matter experts, lower costs and being able to focus resources on core business development. Of course with lots of advantages there are always disadvantages which can affect your decision. 

In this guide we have prepared the essential information about what benefits you can get from IT outsourcing and why a lot of companies choose IT outsourcing as the way to grow their business. 

We have prepared all the pros of IT outsourcing like cost-efficiency, great talent pool, easy to escalation, time saving and particular cons, like language barriers, long distance, and different working culture. Knowing these facts will help you to analyze and decide if it will work for you. 

This guide is the best explanation about types of IT outsourcing, their differences  and how they work. 

Also this guide will be essential with choosing a pricing model of software development outsourcing, we have explained how each works and compared them. 

After choosing a model and types it is time to develop a strategy which will be a lot easier with our guide. 

In this guide on the best and the worst countries for outsourcing software development, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of several IT hubs known for their high-quality services and skilled employees. These locations include the following:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Asian and Caucasus region 
  • Latin America

We provide an average salary of software developers depending on skills so you can choose the most attractive rates by country.

Last but not least this guide provides you with a detailed instruction on how to choose the vendor to start IT outsourcing.

Download our guide using the form or check the link to read it! Guide to Doing More with IT Outsourcing from Qubit Labs