React Developer Salary Overview

React Developer Salary Overview

Speaking of React developer salary, there is React Native and React, but developers that specialize in these technologies receive the same wages.Want to hire React developers or build a dedicated development team and looking for salary numbers? Let’s explore.

Before moving to the question “how much do react developers make,” let’s have a little peek at the main factors that affect IT developer salary.

  • Location. It’s no surprise that the country’s economic stability has an impact on the average level of local developers’ salaries. The gap in mid-level developer salary between, for example, Canada ($94,956) and India ($9,869) remains significant. Although the numbers might change over time, the countries are unlikely to offer salaries of the same level in the nearest future.
  • Expertise. This one is obvious because the more years of experience the developer has, the more money one will make. For example, entry-level React developer salary in Denmark receives $32,715. At the same time, the local senior React developer salary is $98,145 per annum. The difference is impressive yet not novel because it’s usually more practical to pay more to the professional than deal with loss after launching the product.

React is a JavaScript library created by Jordan Walke, who works at Facebook. It was firstly implemented in Facebook’s feed and then in Instagram’s. Due to its popularity and convenience, React is used by top companies, including PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, and Yandex, for the development of their products. According to Stackoverflow, React ranked second among web frameworks, being preferred by 35,9% of the respondents, bypassing Angular

How Much Do React Developers Make? 

We have analyzed React developer salary in different countries, where there are many IT hubs, large talent pools, and a suitable environment for project development. We compare developers with different proficiency levels to make the results more comprehensive. Note that junior and senior programmers’ wages might vary depending on the project and company. The results are as follows.

React Developer Salary Comparison by Experience Level and Country (Annual) 


Junior Middle Senior
Canada $60,425 $94,956 $123,443
USA $48,000 $80,485 $130,000
Australia $38,981 $61,052 $116,163
UK $41,773 $55,697 $105,825
Denmark $32,715 $72,380 $98,145
Norway $35,884 $64,063 $95,573
Germany $35,259 $63,539 $97,266
Netherlands $25,532 $54,476 $94,835
Spain $19,465 $49,935 $85,162
Singapore $28,254 $46,095 $99,780
Poland $21,597 $32,534 $65,068
Ukraine $12,840 $15,095 $23,400
Brazil $10,556 $19,825 $29,418
India $5,088 $9,869 $12,377

React Developer Salary by Countries

React developer salary in the world

The average React developer salary in the world ranges from $94,956 (in Canada) to $9,869 per annum (in India). In particular:

  • The average React programmer in Canada in 2021 makes $94,956.
  • Software engineers from the USA are paid $80,485.
  • In Australia, the React developers’ salary reaches $61,052.
  • The average React developer salary in Singapore is $46,095.
  • React developer salary in Brazil reaches $19,825 per year.
  • In India, the React.js developer salary is the lowest, namely $9,869 annually.

In order to get a clearer picture of React salary all over the world, firstly, let’s take a closer look at the European countries because they take up a large part of the mentioned table.

Freelance React Developer Salary by City

Western Europe

If we look at React.js developer salary in Europe, we can see that such specialists are sought after in the UK. There, a junior React developer receives $41,773, while the local middle ($55,697) and senior-level ($105,825) programmers make multiple times more. In this country, there are the highest salaries compared to those of other states of the region. The following countries, located in Northern Europe, offer salaries of a similar level. These are Denmark and Norway, where the junior React developer salary starts from $32,715 to $35,884. At the same time, middle and senior developers can receive up to $72,380 and $98,145 accordingly.

In Germany, React native salary is competitive as well, being $63,539 on average. React developers of junior level in the Netherlands are paid $25,532, while their wages can rise up to $94,835 when they become seniors. As for Spain, local React js developer salary is lower compared to the previous countries, namely $19,465 for juniors, $49,935 for mid-levels, and $85,162 for seniors.

Eastern Europe

In closing, the lowest React native developer salary is in Poland and Ukraine. As follows, an entry level React developer salary in Poland is $21,597, implying $65,068 per year for senior programmers.

As for Ukraine, it is one of the most profitable locations to hire React developers because there is a great price to quality ratio. It’s an affordable and forward-looking decision if you plan on extending your team. A local junior react developer is paid $12,840, a mid-level programmer – $15,095, and a senior developer – $23,400.


React Developer Salary in the US (Annual)

Boston $118,948
San Francisco $116,198
Columbia $113,817
Washington $109,470
Austin $106,895
Seattle $106,951
Chicago $101,208
Atlanta $98,583
New York $97,215


The average React developer salary in the US in 2021 is $120,300 per year. Boston, San Francisco, and Columbia are the top 3 best-paid states for React developers, with salaries ranging from $118,948 to $113,817.

  • Washington pays React.js developer salary $109,470
  • In Austin, software developers receive $106,895
  • Seattle React native developer salary is $106,951
  • React native developer salary in Chicago reaches $101,208
  • In Atlanta, React programmers get $98,583 per year
  • React developer salary NYC is $97,215

React Developer Salary in the USA

Average Hourly Rate for React Freelancers by Big Cities

Denver $60
Toronto $55
Berlin $50
Sydney $50
London $45
Singapore $40
Warsaw $30
Kyiv $15

Compared to other big cities, the highest freelance React Native developer salary is in Denver, $60. Programmers in Toronto earn $55 an hour, which is lower than React developer salary NYC, $70.

Speaking of Berlin and Sydney, they pay equal wages, namely $50. In London, a freelance programmer makes $45 for an hour, while in Singapore – $40. Software engineers from Warsaw make $30, while a React native salary for the React freelancers in Kyiv is $15.

Wrapping Up

Now, as we have addressed “how much do react developers make,” you know what to expect when hiring React programmers. Qubit Labs can assist in finding top-notch specialists, taking care of recruitment, HR management, payrolls, and other details. We will consult you on the average React developer salary in Ukraine and clarify your requirements so we can reach out to the most fitting candidates. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.


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