Qubit Labs Has Presented Ukrainian IT Industry on Big European Summits

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs always works to provide the highest-quality service for our clients, but as well we want to show the world how amazing the IT sector in Ukraine is


Wolves Summit

We have been invited to speak in Wolves Summit 24-27 of May in Warsaw. Wolves Summit is a place full of tech, innovation forums, investment, and recruiting. The goal of the summit is to unite people who are passionate about the tech industry, people whose goal is to develop IT business. 

We are happy that our HBD Oksana Zabolotna has presented Ukrainian tech ecosystem and business on Ukrainian Track with Andrey Golubinskiy, Elena Malitskaya, Dmitry Vartanian and Snizhana Sukhoroslova

Wolves Summit Oksana Banner Image

Oksana speaking on Wolves Summit

Together they presented the importance of hiring and investing in the Ukrainian IT business and our developers today. They have promoted Ukraine as a country of great people and even greater developers. Not only that – Ukraine has the most attractive taxes, and the IT sector is continuing to develop like before the war. Ukraine is well-known as a country with one of the best education worldwide and the number 1 software engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe. More than 100+ global companies have software R&D facilities in Ukraine. For the past decade, IT outsourcing has grown more than 20 times. In addition, Ukraine is the number 1 exporter of sunflower oil and the number 2 exporter of grains globally. Some things have changed after the war but what didn’t change is our motivation to continue developing our country no matter what. 

Despite the war, our developers continue working and get hired. Ukrainian investors invest in Ukraine because they know it is promising, and after our victory, Ukraine will become a European tech center. 

Ukrainian Track Wolves Summit


Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit

Also our CEO Iva Kozlovska and HBD Oksana Zabolotna together with Catherine Mukhanova (Managing Partner at Argent.Design) and Elena Malitskaya (Founder of ISE – Innovation Startup Entrepreneurship) performed as speakers at Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 7-8 of June in Warsaw, Poland. This summit is the event where all women from IT business can get new knowledge, meet new people, get new job opportunities and boost their career in the tech world. The last summit brought together more than 8,300 participants from 103 countries, which was an amazing opportunity to meet new people, share experience and knowledge. 

We had an excellent opportunity to familiarize ourselves with vacancies and meet company representatives. We discussed a lot about companies’ hiring procedures, requirements, and everything, which definitely will help boost your career to a new level. Our mission was to promote women in tech and present Ukraine as a significant IT hub that soon is ready to become a tech center of Europe and take our place in the European tech family. Over 200 sessions were filled with experienced professionals who shared their advice. 

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit

It was a fantastic day full of great people, specialists, and new knowledge. We are grateful when we can speak and share our experience with you. We are always happy to meet everyone to have a friendly chat. If you didn’t have an opportunity to talk to us at previous summits, we are delighted to announce that we will see you soon at the Next Web Summit in Amsterdam. 

Stay with Ukraine!



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Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs
Oksana is a team leader of sales and marketing team at Qubit Labs.