Qubit Labs Guide to Hiring Software Developers in 2022

Qubit Labs Guide to Hiring Software Developers in 2022

Our Guide to Hiring Software Developers in 2022 reviews the most popular locations for finding remote software development specialists. We consider a bunch of factors affecting the choice of a country in which businesses hire remote employees.

In this guide, we compare the locations based on the following aspects:

  • the region in general (e.g., time zone)
  • talent pool
  • education
  • quality per cost ratio
  • English proficiency
  • ease of doing business

We analyze each region in general and then focus on each country located within it. Qubit Labs points out the characteristics of each destination that might affect the choice of the best country to outsource software development. 

For example, we emphasize the number of developers, the most popular programming languages, places in rankings, and geographical location. Also, we mention whether international companies have their offices in the countries we’re reviewing. 

As for the regions included in the guide, these are the following:

  • Central and Eastern Europe 
  • Western Europe 
  • Latin America
  • Southeast Asia

Apart from that, Qubit Labs provides an overview of the average salaries of tech specialists in the best countries for outsourcing software development. We compare all the mentioned locations to deliver a comprehensive guide to help you select the destination that will make your business grow and significantly increase your business capabilities.

You’re welcome to download the Guide on the Best Countries to Outsource Software Development for free.

Where to hire developers in 2022 guide from qubit labs 


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