Project-based development with Qubit Labs

Full Software Product Development from scratch

Beginning a new custom software development project is always a tricky business. Every business wants to know what costs and objectives it will face during the development and implementation process. Trusting your custom software development to the right vendor is crucial for the success of the project.

Project-based model means that you trust Qubit Labs your idea and we take care of everything else: business analysis, tech documentation writing, prototyping, software development, design and quality assurance. This type of cooperation is perfect for projects that can be done within 6 months. In such case you don’t have to take the trouble of hiring freelancers or contractors as well as full-time employees.



Full custom software product development from scratch: websites and web applications, SaaS products, mobile apps, mobile games etc. Our custom software development company can help you design and develop anything. Our company has experience in frontend and backend development of different complexity. We attentively study every project and think what is the best way to meet your business needs. We use only tested technologies and try to stick to best practices when we develop your project so you will not have any trouble with maintenance and can add or remove new features to your product hassle-free. Our code can be easily integrated with different social networking platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn and various APIs. We can develop frontend, as well as backend and have experience of working with different tech stacks. Among them, the most popular are Ruby on Rails, Node.js, .NET, C#, AngularJS, Hadoop, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. But this does not mean that we are not familiar with new technologies. Our engineers constantly learn new cool technologies, and if they think that the technology is reliable enough to be used in your project, they will use it to develop a bug-free code for your web application or a website.


We can start the development in almost no time as we have avaliable resources for your development.


All our employees are inhouse developers that are supervised by project managers. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about freelancer haven’t done his work properly or on time.


Our developers work side by side everyday. They have a real team spirit and support each other. It is easier to work with a team that with individuals.


Qubit Labs team has been working with clients from different industries. This enables us to share our expertise with our clients.


We work on the time & material basis. This means you pay for exact amount of hours we spent on your project and for nothing else. If we send less time than was estimated, you pay less.


We adjust our working hours so you feel comfortable to communicate.


Your rights and intellectual property are protected by the EU law.


That’s why we study closely all the technical materials that you give us. If all you have is just an idea of a software or hardware product, don’t worry. We will help you write all the needed tech documentation. And after all the paperwork is done, we make an estimation for you. You will be given an official document that states the timeframe needed for the development and approximate costs. When the contract is signed and the start date is finalised, we are ready to start!



Average time of cooperation with our clients – 3 years. Our core values are customer-focus, long term relationships based on smart communication process and transparent reporting.

Reduce Costs

Outsourcing web development to Eastern Europe is a way to save and reduce costs for at least 25% on software development rates. We cover all HR, accounting and office expenses.

Deep Expertise

Tech person or not, you will feel comfortable communicating with our highly qualified team. We will support you all the way from writing the requirements till the project implementation.

Perfect Process

We constantly improve our services to meet your high standards of communication. You will have a personal project manager that will take care of all your concerns and will report you.


Signing an NDA is a must for us. We value and comply with confidentiality of our clients and developer products. After delivery, you get all intellectual property rights for the apps.

Maximum Agility

You don’t need to waste time on building team. We can scope out and quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype) for your idea and, once everything is fine, a full-scale product.


Ready to outsource your product development?

Our project-based software development model is very flexible, agile, and transparent. We can use any project management methodology that you like, as well as work in your issue tracker or provide you access to our Jira. You’ll get weekly reports about the progress of your project and deadlines. But you can access the issue tracker and see it yourself any time you want.

And let’s start working on it at once!