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Chief Technology Officer (relocation to Dubai)

Dubai Qubit Labs

We are looking for CTO to build the most advanced European electricity trading and analytics platform, with products being used by teams of commercial traders trading in markets across Europe.

Required skills

  • Excellent knowledge of Computer science generally (operating systems, distributed systems,
    software engineering, networking, security …);
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience managing and mentoring software developers and teams
    (including distributed) to produce proven highly efficient and useful products;
  • High level of interest in data; its management, processing, manipulation, analysis and presentation;
  • Minimum 8-10 years’ experience developing software for both front-end and backend applications;
  • Strong experience working with relational databases and managing large data volumes (Relational&NoSQL);
  • A strong interest not only in technology but also the commercial side of the business;
  • The ability to structure, organize, plan and execute work across cross-functional teams;
  • Passion for improvement of the status quo, employees, tools and processes;
  • A desire to work in a respectful and transparent work environment that values initiative and
    innovation using a flat team structure and open communication;
  • Good understanding of agile project management methodologies and sprint planning;
  • Strong Mathematical skills. Ideally from an engineering or quantitative background;
  • Excellent analytical, verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work well with both business managers, traders and developers;
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly and excellent problem-solving skills;
  • Experience working in Electricity Trading before is highly valued, though not required;
  • Strong command of the English Language.

Technologies we currently use in the backend:

— Languages: Python, Java.
— Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
— Messaging and Stream Processing: ActiveMQ, Apache Spark&Kafka.
— Delivery and Orchestration: Docker, Virtualization.
— Other services: AWS S3, AWS EC2.
— CI&CD: Bitbucket + Bash & Python

Technologies we currently use in the frontend:

— Languages: JavaScript.
— Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
— Messaging and Stream Processing: ActiveMQ, WebSockets.
— Frameworks: NodeJS, Electron, React.
— Libraries: ChartJS, D3js, TabulatorJs.
— Other services: AWS S3, AWS EC2.
— CI&CD: Bitbucket + Bash, Wine & Python

We offer

  • An opportunity to work with a brilliant and ambitious fast-growing team, en-route to becoming the
    largest intraday power traders in Europe. Once Europe is conquered, we are going global;
  • A challenge to spearhead the building of an incredible and resourceful team of software developers
    and engineers;
  • Growth and experience in independent business leadership;
  • High value addition while directly contributing to the growth of our operations and profile through
    the delivery of critical technical solutions;
  • Highly competitive salaries and bonuses;
  • Enriching life experiences.



  • Driving technical vision and execution as well as provide architectural and functional leadership
    to a team of engineers in an innovative and fast-paced environment;
  • Gain a deep understanding of the business and its requirements. This will enable you to explore new
    options, carry out business analysis and independently suggest technology requirements;
  • Build a great team of highly productive and engaged developers to support business tech needs;
  • Guide the teams in this journey to learn together, grow as individuals and enjoy the effect of
    increased productivity;
  • Review the output of all the team members to ensure they are sound according to our tech
    guidelines, which you yourself will help shape;
  • Manage stakeholder requirements, expectations, and task pipelines;
  • You are accountable for the team’s progress and delivery of targets;
  • Plan and monitor the progress of implementation and execution of projects in a high demand

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