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Belgium is a small European country with 11,3 million population. Mainly Belgians are engaged in textile, steel, and chemical industries. But how many software engineers do they have? Unfortunately, not enough to cover the needs of the whole country.

A Belgian logistics company was working on real-time cargo tracking and reporting systems. Suddenly, they faced a problem to hire an experienced Back End developer with .NET, JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills.


The vacancy doesn’t seem hard to close. But not for a country with limited human resources. It was not only a CTO who participated in hiring, but also a team lead had to get into the process. Together they interviewed three possible candidates, but their salary expectations exceeded the company budget. So they decided to give it a try and started to look for a vendor both nearshore and offshore since IT resources in Belgium are mainly outsourced from the other countries.

When it comes to outsourcing, the first region that springs in the mind is Asia. The logistics company was considering India, Philippines and China as locations for a remote team. However, these countries had a few drawbacks. The first is distance. The company wanted to stay in touch with their Back End developer during a whole working day, but 6 hour difference prevents smooth communication. The second reason that made them change their mind was the price. Suspiciously low prices for software development never look attractive for a client. In case of hiring a remote worker, it also means low salary, no bonuses or/and perks, and thus high employee turnover. As a result, such illusive saving leads to further expenditures.


They rejected this option and stuck to the idea of nearshoring, outsourcing to the neighbour countries within the same time zone and similar cultural values. These can be Poland, Ukraine, or Romania, big Eastern European countries with a big IT talent pool and first-class technical education. They shortlisted a few European companies, including Qubit Labs.

Our recruiters got a task to hire a Middle Back End Developer with ASP.NET Core, WebAPI, MSSQL. They contacted 104 engineers and 3 of them were selected for the interview. As a result of interviewing, a candidate with 4 years of experience was approved.


So, the company extended their team with a Back End engineer just in a fortnight. Due to such fast hiring process the company got a chance to start their project without delays. What is more, they managed to cut their operational expenditures as dedicated Back team service that includes developer salary and vendor’s service fee appeared still cheaper than hiring an in-house Back End programmer in Belgium.






Extended Team

Dedicated Team


Back End




If you are looking for hiring dedicated developers, Qubit Labs is here to help. Our recruiters will find the matching candidates in the shortest period of time and according to your budget. Drop us a line to discuss your requirements concerning dedicated teams and offshore development.


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