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One of the biggest Ukrainian banks took a decision to improve and integrate its bank structure. Structure optimization was about creating customer service offices using integrate system for conducting bank operations and reporting instead of its existing local branches. The above mentioned changes were aimed at cost reduction, automatization and process optimization in the company. After market offers research they decided to launch a SAP system to centralize bankers’ discount and replace old systems.


Before process optimization the bank used to have a structure of separate branches. All of them used their own Operation Bank Days and, therefore, each branch included a whole department to provide separate reports to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), accounts and IT departments. The company also faced some issues with getting consolidated statements on all the branches. Implementing a new system and optimization of existing processes would speed up work within the whole bank and increase customer service quality.


Having researched the market the bank agreed to implement SAP system for centralizing bankers’ discount and replacing old systems since it was the best available solution. SAP offered Account Management solution (FS-AM) for high loaded transactional systems. Also SAP has a wide range of options for financial and administration operations management. However this variety of tools couldn’t cover all client’s needs as some options were missing. So, the bank was provided with custom SAP localization development for data reporting to the National Bank of Ukraine and cashdesk development.


4 members of our dedicated development team had been participating in different task within the framework of the project for several years. They took part in development and implementation of a wide range of tasks working together with the bank representatives and a Ukrainian SAP branch.


The cashdesk application was one of the solutions made from scratch with a special design for Ukrainian localization created by us. SAP developers built a cashdesk module.


Our offshore software development team developed and launched the scheme BI database for Ukrainian localization for accountancy to the National Bank of Ukraine. We also developed software for reporting to the NBU. According to the client’s requirements we had to create a data model and an accountancy software by the international standard of accounting records. The developers also completed several tasks on creating an app for cash flow forecasting and run a subproject on information generation for the risk management system.

Due to our programmers the bank got a whole complex of software that covers the majority of bank’s needs. It received a flexible set of tools for financial data analysis which improved their process management.




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SAP Account Management (FS-AM)



Due to our programmers the bank got a whole complex of software that covers the majority of bank’s needs. It received a flexible set of tools for financial data analysis which improved their process management.
The bank had its structure improved and, as a result, reduced expenditures. And the last, but not least we provided them with the solutions for analysis, data reporting and managerial decisions.


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