Benefits of IT Outstaffing in 2021 for Your Business

Benefits of IT Outstaffing in 2021 for Your Business

A dedicated development team can be as good as, if not only more effective than an in-house team but need less resources. In 2020, this strategy continues to be the front and center of many corporations. Small businesses are increasingly taking the leap to remain competitive in the market. Remote working might require more flexibility and coordination, but in the end, the overall benefits certainly present a great appeal to organizations.

If the distance stopped you from hiring dedicated team in other country before, now when everyone is forced to go remote it might be your chance to finally try outstaffing or outsourcing. To help you we prepared an offshore software development rates.

10 Top Benefits IT Outstaffing Gives You

  1. You outsource BPs
  2. You can reduce costs
  3. Grow your business without investing in infrastructure, recruiting and back-office set up
  4. Easily scalable model
  5. Pass legal responsibility for personnel to outstaffing company;
  6. Increase hours of operation
  7. Simplify payroll process
  8. Focus on business strategy while we take care of hiring and setting up a team for you
  9. Work in a less regulated environment
  10. Share risks with your outstaffing partner

Ready to try hiring a dedicated team offshore? Here are basic steps you should take to start.

Work With IT outstaffing/IT Outsourcing Provider

Companies are increasingly favoring outsourcing and outstaffing as a mainstream strategy. As of 2019, a global remote working survey found that 56% of companies are either fully remote, hybrid, or allow remote working.

Although those outsourcing software development projects will find it challenging to organize a remote workforce, it might turn out to be one of the best decisions you make for your business in the current scenario. With the increasing demand for remote teams, the trick lies in identifying experts in the field.

What you need is quality of work, matched with experience. That is precisely why our software development team focuses on upskilling for the latest technology and offering reliable support to all our customers. We offer resourcefulness and specialization, achieved through years of successful experience in the industry. We are thus able to meet high standards and provide expertise, regardless of the market changes.

If you make the right choice, an outsourcing company can efficiently work as an annex team to complement your workflow at a very attractive software developers’ salaries. With these points in mind, here is how to make a switch to remote work to benefit your organization the most.

Count Cost with Realistic Expectations

Technological advancement is excellent for productivity, as well as to keep up with the market standards. However, it does not always mean financial savings, but you can check average hourly cost of outsourcing projects and decide by yourself. The 2018 Deloitte Outsourcing survey observed that only 3% of organizations saw a decrease in cost by greater than 50% after migrating to the cloud.

And thus, setting realistic expectations for both efficiency and cost is significant alongside defining goals. From vendor selection cost, communication costs to other charges, substantial immediate savings might not always be feasible. You will additionally have to factor in cultural differences, transition costs, and change management. A cautious and realistic approach ensures continued assistance and reliable programming outsourcing.

Manage the Risks

To execute a dedicated team strategy effectively, companies need to be aware of the risks and strategies to mitigate them. It is not enough to be informed of potential threats, but you have to monitor risk development actively and take measures to curb them. Even if risks do not materialize, a fall-back plan is always recommended.

Organizations need to examine the probability of the risks, its impact, the ability to control any perils, and how effective your contingencies are. Outsourcing entails some risks out of your control, such as the distance and economic conditions. However, aspects of choosing the right vendor cost control, and setting deliverables could be accomplished rightly through careful planning and management.

Implement an Effective Change Management Process

Change management holds a significant role in handling the interpersonal side of the outsourcing project. An effective change management strategy will ensure that after you hire offshore dedicated developer team, the project would be implemented with no disruptions. It also handles employee engagement and focuses on maintaining a good working relationship.

It is crucial to employ a transparent approach to reduce insecurities on both sides. The needs of the employees should take priority, and a greater focus on designing processes according to this consideration will secure a seamless transition.

Track the Benefits of your Outsourcing Model

In order to reap the most benefits, it is necessary to assess the benefits objectively. While it is tempting to inflate the advantages, looking for quantitative data would help you to revamp the remote strategy. If the merits do not meet expectations, you should work on improvement. And subsequently, recognize the benefits too. Monitoring the results will help to identify and employ the best practices to optimize your offshore hiring approaches.

Pursuing an offshore outsourcing strategy comes with its challenges. However, the potential benefits, indisputably, outweigh the risks for many firms. Understanding the hurdles is imperative to lead to success in outsourcing.

If you are ready to try and hire a dedicated development team Qubit Labs will be glad to provide you with more details and share more information: costs, processes info and CVs of available candidates. We provide our services for clients from different countries: the USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Israel and other. Our client’s teams work with projects in education, e-commerce, advertising, logistics, tourism, Fintech and other industries. Feel free to contact us to know more about how we can help you with setting up your development team!

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