Outsourcing Web Design: Pros and Cons

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Basics of Web Design

In times, when everything is done online, there is no doubt that design matters. And if your company doesn’t have the right people to create a website your customers will love, you better consider outsourcing. Because you don’t want to lose customers over a poorly designed website, do you?

But first, remember that there are different types of people who work on websites:

  • Website designers create the layout, graphics, text, and navigation of the site. Graphic designers take care of graphics, colors, and fonts;
  • Website developers write the code to implement this design.

But no matter what kind of IT-professionals you are looking to outsource your project to – designers, developers, you name it, – Qubit Labs will introduce you to the outstanding talents that the Ukrainian IT-branch has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Web Design Outsourcing

An excellent way to prepare for any big decision is to make a list of pros and cons.


  • One of the most important advantages of outsourcing web design, or outsourcing any task for that matter, is cutting costs in several ways. Finding a talented outsourcing partner in a country with lower wages will help you decrease your expenses. And since technically, the employees of the outsourcing company aren’t your employees; you won’t have to pay taxes on their wages.
  • External agencies can bring a fresh perspective to your company’s workflow. Plus, let’s not forget that web design is a creative job. And even if you have good IT-specialists on staff, it doesn’t mean they can be creative.
  • No matter if you work with an outsourced individual web designer or an agency, they will most probably have more experience in design than an in-house department, as web design is their core activity. It’s a great advantage when it comes to complex and cutting-edge websites.
  • If you want the best for your business, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to what you already have. Or to web designers from your country only. You can choose specialist(s) from anywhere in the world to make an excellent product for your organization.

Cons (which aren’t really cons, but you have to aware of the risks):

  • Web design is a creative job, so it may be difficult to find someone outside your company who will understand your idea of what the website should look like. In some countries, web designers can only work, if you give them extremely specific instructions, which they follow. If you miss something, it’s your fault. Plus, the tastes may differ.
  • Outsourcing web design may mean great coordination and planning efforts for your organization.

Hiring an Outsourced Web Designer

Let’s say you have finally made up your mind about outsourcing your web design project. How and who do you hire? Let’s go through the process.

  • Don’t hire the first best web designer. Check portfolios of the prospective outsourcing partners. How relevant is their experience?
  • Perform an online search, read through feedback on individuals or businesses you would consider hiring.
  • Customer satisfaction is important. Which is why you probably should ask for references. Pay particular attention to aspects that may be relevant to your own project.
  • Make up a list of question to ask your prospective partner.

You can find a more detailed list of tips and a lot of useful insights from professionals in this Forbes article. But if you want to save time, avoid risks and achieve the best results, have Qubit Labs pick the outsourcing team that fits you best!


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