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How to Outsource App Development: An Introduction

How to Outsource App Development: An Introduction

App Development Nowadays

Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Typically, they are available through the so-called app stores, i.e. native distribution platforms like Apple Store or Google Play. With the mobile market still booming, it is clear that this type of software development won’t go flat anytime soon, especially with wearables and other new interactive technology entering our lives. Statistics show that the projected app downloads will hit 268,692 million of apps by 2017. Who knows, which one will conquer the world next? Are you up to the challenge of creating an app everyone’s going to talk about?

Is outsourcing really necessary?

Keep in mind, that in order to keep up with this fast-paced industry, your in-house staff may need a little help to get the work done. Qubit Labs will help you and your company get ahead of this curve and reap the rewards of the mobile industry by finding and hiring the perfect mobile app outsourcing partner for your project.

How do you find, vet and hire the ultimate match?

If you are eager to outsource your app development project, you may want to take a look at this graphic that explains how much time and money it takes to develop a mobile app. This way, you will know how to plan and assess the whole development process. Also, you can use this checklist before outsourcing the task:

  • Check the developers’ skills, have a look at the portfolio, include references from previous clients to the screening process.
  • What is the delivery time frame? Is the team at the outsourcing destination capable enough of meet the given deadlines? Is their working process swift and agile enough to meet the client’s strict requirements?
  • Check your partner’s technology and tools: for example, what devices and tools do they use to work on Android and iOS software at the development stage? Are they aware of the latest programming framework? Will they be able to support to latest versions and operation system capabilities?

Quick Guide to Outsourcing App Development

Now, let’s get to the key question – how to outsource app development? No matter, what the OS and the platform of your choice are, there are some crucial key steps in both iOS and Android app development outsourcing. Before approaching various companies, make sure you have a clear project description, and the list of features and functions of the future product is complete. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for the development process to start. Decide on whether you want an MVP or a full feature product. Some other important choices are: Mobile, tablet or a web app? iPhone and/or Android? What are the login features? With or without social media integration? What’s the goal of the future app? Once you shortlist your potential outsourcing partners, you can further conduct short interviews to check their technical skills. And don’t forget, an approximate budget and deadline estimates would help your outsourcing partners propose the most efficient way to develop the app.

This should help you find your way in the world of outsourcing. Nevertheless, Qubit Labs are willing and ready to help you anytime you need to outsource app development, or with outsourcing any kind of IT-services at all.



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