Why Choose Magento for eCommerce Development in 2021?

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First, let’s take a look at a few eCommerce trends.

    • In 2017, the global eCommerce sales amounted to 2.38 trillion US dollars. In 2018, it reached 2.98 trillion. In 2019, the number hit 3.53 trillion and was forecasted to reach 4.20 trillion dollars in 2020.
    • In 2019, e-retail sales accounted for 14.1 percent of all retail sales worldwide. This figure is expected to reach 22 percent in 2023.
    • In 2019, an estimated 1.92 billion people worldwide purchased goods or services online, an 8% increase compared to 2018.

The mentioned trends indicate that eCommerce will grow even further in 2021. Moreover, they are also a big temptation for anyone to kick start their eCommerce business. When talking about starting eCommerce, eCommerce platforms come at the forefront. Selecting a suitable platform is your first significant step towards your business’ future success.

The abundance of eCommerce platforms is enough to confuse you at this very first stage. There are several heavyweights such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommmerce, BigCommerce, and Prestashop, each with its advantages and shortcomings. Although every platform has a fair market share and promises the best deliverability, we believe Magento tops the list. This is not just an assumption, but we have strong reasons to think that.

Magento Platform

The following statistics from Magento.com summarizes Magento’s market share and popularity.

  • Magento powers over 250,000 eCommerce stores worldwide. 9.5% of them are located in the United States.
  • $155 billion worth of goods were sold via Magento-based systems in 2019.
  • Magento accounts for about 13% of the eCommerce market share.
  • Brands like Ford, Nike, Landrover, Samsung, Olympus, Vizio, Lenovo, Burger King, and Fox Connect use Magento for their online stores.
  • There are over 5000 Magento extensions and over 200,000 proficient Magento developers available around the world.

Magento has successfully made its place among the top eCommerce solutions for IT outsourcing. Owing to its exciting features, extensive support, and constant updates, an increasing number of digital merchants have been opting for it. After the emergence of Magento 2, an advanced version with enhanced performance, the number of Magento sites has grown at an unprecedented rate.

Each coming year demands innovation and out of the box features in eCommerce considering the changing priorities and shopping behaviors of online customers. Magento fits this standard, which is why businesses are responding positively to this platform.

The Top 10 Features of Magento

Further, we will review the top 10 reasons why anyone looking to launch an eCommerce store or wishing to migrate their business should choose the Magento eCommerce platform in 2021.


  • Performance


Due to advanced and reliable features such as Varnish cache, full page cache, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Redis, FPC, and optimized database options, Magento maximizes your store’s performance by minimizing page load time and server response time. It uses fewer resources while processing complex tasks allowing you to process 39% more orders per hour.


  • Integrations


Magento is robust enough for most third-party applications to have modules that support its shopping cart. You can easily integrate third-party services, including extensions, payment gateways, shipping providers, tracking tools, and database applications. Simple configuration settings will get them ready to work.


  • Magento developer community


Magento has a large developer community. Thus, if you have faced any issues, there are many skilled people whom you can ask regarding the emerging problem. Moreover, it has extensive documentation and tutorials that can help you to avoid many development mistakes and fix any bug or find a solution for any difficulty.


  • Mobile friendly


Magento is mobile-friendly, meaning that it can adapt to varying screen sizes. This feature is crucial given the fact that almost half of the online purchases perform via mobile devices. By choosing Magento as your platform, you will make your customers enjoy an equal (if not better) shopping experience on smartphones as on computers. It supports video and can adjust the image size.


  • Highly scalable


Magento is highly scalable and flexible and offers you numerous resources to grow your business. They come up with regular updates. There are a lot of plug and play modules that you can use to enhance your store’s functionalities.


  • SEO friendly


Magento is 100% search engine friendly. It comes with a lot of built-in SEO features that make it easy for your store to rank high in SERPs. The inclusion of features such as SEO friendly URL structures, tags, descriptions, URL rewrites, Google sitemap, and unlimited product attributes make Magento highly SEO friendly. Anyone can configure these settings to achieve higher results within shorter deadlines in terms of SEO.


  • Multi-store capability


Magento has built-in multi-store capabilities. As soon as your business expands or your goals change, you can easily diversify your single site or run multiple stores under one domain.  You can manage several sites using a single administration panel with the ability to share more or less information based on the requirements.


  • B2B


By default, Magento has a lot of B2B features, which are built into the system. Thus, you can easily change your business or diversify it into a different market from B2C to B2B without making significant changes to the code. Some features, like quick order, asking for a quote, payment on account, or requisition list, make Magento a perfect B2B eCommerce solution.


  • Open Source


Magento is an open-source platform, unlike its top competitor, Shopify. Its source code is publicly available, and anyone can see, modify, or distribute it. It allows for greater customization, which developers can use to their advantage. A Magento development company can easily develop a new store or customize an existing store to meet specific business requirements. With the availability of hundreds of powerful extensions, it’s easy to add new features.


  • Marketing


Marketing is the fuel of an eCommerce site, and Magento is doing an excellent job of what businesses need to compete in the online search arena. It comes with a wide array of marketing, promotional, and conversion tools that maximize sales. It allows you to tap into the superpower of related products, cross-sells, up-sells, catalog promotional pricing, flexible coupons, product bundles, friend referral, and many other features.

Magento possesses all necessary features and capabilities and is appropriate for businesses, both small and large. It’s now a preferred choice of developers and merchants. Developers are enthusiastic about it because of its flexibility and customization capabilities, which enable them to meet almost any clients’ needs with it. Merchants opt for due to Magento’s advanced features, ease of use, scalability, and security.

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