Key Trends in IT Outsourcing to Follow in the Future for Superior Results

Oksana Zabolotna
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In the modern world, you can hear the word “outsourcing” almost from every angle because this term is shaping the structure of IT business. The organizations turn to IT outsourcing services due to many reasons, from the desire to enhance their operational flexibility to the need to get new special skills and cost-effectiveness.


However, the development is not standing aside, so the companies that strive to deliver top-notch projects and move with the times should be prepared for the fast-emerging programming outsourcing trends. Wonder what to keep an eye on to stay in the know? Qubit Labs has prepared a list of top IT outsourcing trends based on global market research for you to submerge yourself in the industry.

Robotic Processes Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer practical and real opportunities to automatize processes and delegate them to the computers. When combining the mentioned technologies, you will come down to the innovative form of technology of business processes automatization, named RPA. It is one of the most compelling IT outsourcing examples, the main goal of which is to achieve performance growth. RPA takes on routine tasks from the developers and transfers them to bots for the employees to focus on more intellectual and strategic areas. While the technologies develop, bots become more qualified and competent, being able to solve complex IT tasks.

In the matter of RPA, the benefits of IT outsourcing include almost nil errors, the ability to handle issues without breaks, and brilliant scalability. The RPA software demands minimal pre-investments, grants substantial cost-effectiveness and divides the employees to address strategic objectives. Meanwhile, RPA will focus on routine loads like work processes, infrastructure, and back-office.

Additionally, bots are capable of carrying out several complicated tasks in multiple systems. One can mention that “artificial intuition” is on its way, so the role of IT outsourcing for small businesses cannot be stressed enough. Thus, it is practical to hand over RPA-related software development to the professionals to reap the benefits in a couple of years.

Cloud Computing

Researchers mention that the global cloud computing market’s size is expected to grow up to $832,1 billion by 2025. As the businesses are generating huge data volumes every day, they need space to keep it. In particular, Cloud storage assists in achieving the mentioned goal because they allow to reserve data and rent IT infrastructure based on user charge. According to the mentioned numbers, it will make a valuable impact on the future of outsourcing by beating its own market revenue record.

Besides, cloud computing makes it possible to have distributed infrastructure that is highly valuable for the businesses that are oriented towards innovations and focus on remote work. It prevents the necessity for buying, deploying, and maintaining costly equipment that doesn’t provide the appropriate data security level. Speaking of your information’s safety, all the services regarding its support can also be referred to the IT outsourcing company.


Translated into figures, it is expected that the number of devices will rise to 75 billion by 2025. Actually, it’s not surprising because people are interacting with IoT much more frequently than they think. It is basically everywhere, say, there are many things defined as “smart,” including:

  • Houses (fridges, security systems)
  • Stores (stalls)
  • Cities (municipal services, smart parking, systems for pedestrians)
  • Cars (parking, navigation, sensors)
  • Healthcare (wearables, smart medicines)

This is one of the IT outsourcing examples when the professionals will focus on dealing with compatibility. IoT uses security protocols to ensure data safety while implementing so-called “edge computing” to decrease Cloud dependency and make the apps perform more smoothly.

The spread of 5G

The rapid development of 5G technology is not limited to the area of coverage and the number of connections. Significantly, it will become the basis for new scenarios of the existing applications’ usage. Developing alongside IoT, 5G will provide the opportunity to create critical services for society, while the technological web will allow you to advance business in all sectors. Among other outsourcing trends, 5G is remarkably compatible with other technologies, like cloud games. The data transferring in the 5G networks will create new game apps with VR/AR technologies and connect to the Cloud.

Artificial and Virtual Reality

Although these technologies still have long development paths, they are advanced enough for the companies to apply them as potent tools for advancing their businesses. Among the most well-known companies that apply the mentioned technologies in their work are eBay, IKEA, and Google. Being among the most sought-after IT outsourcing trends, VR allows creating a new reality by making the users dive into the imaginary world to 360 degrees. Speaking of small business IT outsourcing, it would be much more profitable for them to integrate AR/VR technologies by using skilled developers’ services rather than hiring them one by one, training, and forming a separate department.


Long story short, outsourcing in cybersecurity is much more efficient and economical for the business than ensuring the whole process by a specialized internal structure. When it comes to cybersecurity IT projects outsourcing, some people might have certain worryings regarding the safety of their data. However, the company that receives such a project can’t afford to damage the client’s business because it is a matter of reputation. Moreover, it is more about monitoring and working with data flows without the opportunity to influence informational processes. Being among the demanded IT outsourcing services, cybersecurity provides full protection from threats, top-notch technologies, and a complete team.

Key Trends in IT Outsourcing to Follow in the Future for Superior Results

Wrapping Up

Thus, there are myriad outsourcing IT trends that will run the market this year. Undoubtedly, the list can be updated on and on because something new is emerging every day, but each company has to determine its goals and focus on a specific trend based on them.

When it comes to IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages, it is rather challenging to say for sure because, again, it depends on the goals you aim to achieve. Some companies might find it ineffective because they believe it is more practical to create a separate department for such services and work face-to-face.

However, most of the businesses that implement outsourcing agree that it brings many benefits because the developers are skilled enough to deliver the project with any requirements within a short period. Suppose you are interested in hiring an outsourced team or a single developer.

In that case, Qubit Labs will be glad to assist in finding perfect candidates and taking care of recruitment and onboarding processes. In case there are any questions left, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.


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