IT Recruitment & Relocation: Game Changer for Companies

Elena Kononchuk
Recruiting Team Leader

Software developers recruiting is key to any project’s success, as having the proper team at your disposal ensures that you achieve business goals. Thus, it is crucial to gather strong teams with a solid IT background and a variety of skills for all project aspects. Hiring staff nearby is definitely an ideal option, as it guarantees having all the right people working under one roof of your office. But is that always possible to achieve in one location? Unfortunately, that’s not always so, especially in small countries where the knowledge or skill gap in the tech field is pronounced.

Qubit Labs launches IT recruiting services in Ukraine and Eastern Europe specializing in IT relocation of right specialists to the clients’ countries for the sake of joining their office teams and handling technical tasks on-site. Though the primary area of Qubit Labs’ specialization is organization of dedicated teams’ work, we have realized that many clients still find it comfortable to have the new specialist working in their office full time. In other situations, clients were so satisfied with the project outcomes for which they hired remote specialists on a temporary basis that they decided to offer them full-time in-house employment.

Anyway, whatever the reason might be, the truth is that many companies wish to have their tech specialists by their side. To meet these needs, we have launched IT recruitment services with the purpose of full IT relocation of the selected candidate to work in the client’s office without hiring it recruiter in-house.

Software Developer Recruiters: Key Persons in Employee Relocation

Professional software developers recruitment is first of all about people. Hence, we take pride in our team of expert software developer recruiters who conduct most strategically important work on the search and involvement of developers suiting the clients’ requirements. From now on, you don’t need to invest time and money into hiring software developer recruiters for your business; it’s enough to stipulate your requirements to us and wait for some time while our pros select the best candidates for your IT relocation.
The benefit of hiring an agency for software developer recruitment include:

  • Time and cost savings on outsourcing of IT recruitment operations;
  • Quick hiring of needed talent;
  • Ability to choose among a great number of candidates for IT relocation internationally;
  • Ease of finding the required specialist specifically fitting your requirements for tech stack and seniority level.

Our IT recruiters go through a thorough selection process and possess the needed experience, technical education, and in-depth knowledge of the IT industry. Moreover, we hire only recruiters with knowledge of English. To get to our team, all candidates need to meet these stringent criteria combined with a natural talent for negotiation and persuasion. It’s not that easy to talk a highly qualified and demanded expert into IT relocation to another country, even if the terms are favorable. So, you may be sure that at Qubit Labs, IT recruitment services are delivered by the best experts in this area.

What Do IT Recruitment Services Include?

So, what does the process of rendering IT recruitment services include? What is the process of conducting software developer recruitment based on the client’s requirements? Qubit Labs reveals all details of the algorithm as follows:

  • As soon as the vendor gets a client’s inquiry for engineers recruitment, the Business Development department processes the query and specifies the candidate’s specifications first. We ask clients to send their job descriptions or compose them together.
  • Next comes the actual software developer recruitment process. At this stage, recruiters familiarize with the vacancy and start scouting and searching for the right candidates. The dedicated team service is rendered quicker, with the client getting first resumes within the first week. However, when it comes to IT relocation services, things are quite different here. IT recruitment services presuppose finding a person who is ready to move to another country, so the search for proper talent fitting this requirement is a bit harder.
  • IT recruiters process the pool of developer resumes, weed out unsuitable candidates, and deliver suitable resumes to the client. The client interviews candidates and makes a job offer to the one who fits best. In case all parties agree to the terms, the candidate signs a contract with his/her new employer, and the process of IT relocation (usually supported by IT recruitment agencies) starts.

Keep in mind that clients requiring IT relocation services have to make the relocation packages. It can include additional financial coverage for the relocating employee, such as assistance with accommodation search/rent, paying for tickets, support of the employee’s family relocation, etc. Some companies also provide annual vacation coverage to let their employees visit the homeland. The number and variety of benefits depends on the employer and may be negotiated individually.
Some vendors provide only IT recruitment services, while others handle all documentation, search for accommodation, tickets, and other relocation-related aspects. At Qubit Labs, we provide flexibility of choice; it is up to the client to decide whether he/she orders the relocation support package from us or handles these issues independently.

10 Tips to Choose a Software Developer Recruitment Agency

Here is what you need to consider when selecting a vendor to conduct software developer recruitment for your needs:

  1. Expertise (look for experienced tech recruiters, not the company’s portfolio. Experienced recruiters can select the team for any project and industry, such as gaming, agribusiness, fintech, etc.)
  2. Major documentation (contract, NDA)
  3. Testimonials (clients may ask the vendor to provide contacts of previous clients)
  4. Communication (being in touch, answering questions and queries on time)
  5. Selection of countries with many developers available
  6. Understanding between the vendor and the client (candidates should comply with the job description and salary expectations)
  7. Check for the hidden costs
  8. Do not address dozens of agencies in one country, as the labor market is the same, and you will get the same resumes
  9. Select an agency of an appropriate size; large IT recruitment companies won’t deal with orders for 1-2 specialists
  10. Check for the ability to hold job interviews on your own.

As you can see, having no proper it recruiter in your locale is not the reason to get in despair or close the project! Imagine having access to all talent across the globe and being able to select the ideal candidates from global offers. It’s not a dream anymore with engineer recruitment and IT relocation services offered by Qubit Labs.

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Elena Kononchuk
Recruiting Team Leader

Elena is a ex-Team lead of recruiting team and head hunter with experience in providing full cycle of recruiting process, managing candidates pipelines, creating and executing multichannel sourcing strategy to find candidates meeting client’s needs.