Connected devices gain stream and take over our everyday life. More and more companies utilize the power of IoT to win in the highly competitive environment. The age of connected everything is just around the corner. Enterprises and small startups develop smart solutions to create a whole new user experience for their clients. IoT is one of the core competencies of Qubit Labs. We are ready to be your assistant on the way to a smart era in any industry.


Qubit Labs is a Software Development Outsourcing Company with R&D office in Ukraine that works side by side with our clients from all over the world. We help create a new, smart approach to IoT and embedded engineering. We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and exquisite taste in design. We pride ourselves to be fundamental in our work and bring software development outsourcing to the highest standards.


Internet of Things makes devices collaborate in a whole new way than we used to. As wireless connection becomes widely available and assuming that soon it will become free worldwide, a new generation of software and hardware products allows you to assemble entire networks of devices and make them cooperate on meeting your needs. IoT allows devices to collect tons of information from the environment around us and extract meaningful data and analytics for people to comprehend.

IoT gives a vast range of possibilities to business and Qubit Labs has the competence to be your reliable partner in this new field of technology. The prospects for IoT software and hardware development are endless. They include:

Connectivity components and software are an attribute of any high-quality everyday product, electronic device or measuring tool. Moreover, people love them as they make our life easier and more fun, as well as help with our work. Qubit Labs has high competence in this industry. We can design and develop embedded OS and firmware for your smart products; use existing sensors, drivers and connectivity components for your smart devices; design and develop IoT applications for smartphones or wearable devices, consumer electronics that will make a new seamless user experience for your clients or employees; integrate the smart products to the existing IT environment to ensure that everything works the way it should.

With a high demand on low-cost and high-quality firmware for IoT devices, there has occurred a vast range of technology products that satisfy this request. However, while building the smart device using firmware parts like sensors from different vendors, there may occur an issue with their integration into existing network. Qubit Labs can help you integrate the mismatched components into a unified system that cooperates to bring results to your business. We use machine learning algorithms and models, DSP algorithms for the IoT infrastructure integration.


The combination of different sensors and microprocessors in smart devices can help you obtain almost any information you would like to collect from the real world. But it is hardly enough just to raise terabytes of data. You will need to process it with powerful BI tools to analyze and make sensible patterns from it. That is why it is crucial to develop analytics solutions using Big Data technologies, science methods, and business intelligence models. Qubit Labs will help you build analytic tools using Big Data technology to empower your business with the new knowledge.


Thinking of building an IoT application for an existing device? Or maybe you want to develop your own smart product? You have come to the right people. Qubit Labs is eager to start working on your project right away. So don’t hesitate to send your requirements.