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What is Scala Used For?

Qubit Labs can make bold to say that most Scala developers have transferred to it after Java because these are two similar programming languages in the means of syntax and realized tasks. There are two services, which are often implemented by Scala programmers.

The first one is Akka, a library, which enables to simplify the development of multithreaded and distributed applications. The second one is called the Play Framework, which is a full-fledged framework, sometimes referred to as the “skeleton of development.” Its main task is to increase the code’s productivity and display the browser’s emerging bugs.

Scala is a hybrid programming language, which has inherited the capabilities of object-oriented and functional languages, namely Java and C#. There are many reasons to choose Scala over other programming languages, like the fact that it is the most highly-paid, which is on average $76,000. Twitter, Coursera, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Tumblr are just a few examples of world-known companies using Scala. These days, it has become one of the most robust alternatives to Java because it facilitates increased productivity and reliability of the systems. When developing this programming language, the programmers followed two principal goals, namely:

  • Scalability, meaning that with the same concepts, one could have described both small and large parts.
  • Scalable component support, meaning unification and generalization of functional and object-oriented programming.

In Scala, there is a balance between expressiveness and abstract complexity. It has tools required for complex tasks, but if one doesn’t strive to do that, he/she can write simple codes as well. Scala’s breakthrough took place back in 2009 when Twitter announced its migration to this language by writing a significant part of the server code with it and continuing to work in this direction. Moreover, Scala can be easily merged with Java, giving the opportunity to develop Android apps, and the option of compilation with JavaScript allows developing web applications.

Quick Facts About Scala

Why Do Developers Choose Scala: Benefits and Prospects

One can reasonably suggest that Scala is quite a complicated programming language, the sophistication of which, in its turn, enables Scala to carry out high performance and innovative solutions at the intersection of functional and object-oriented programming. It is considered to be a somewhat “academic” language and those who prefer something less difficult favor Python, Haskell, or Erlang. However, as they say, so many people, so many minds because, according to Stack Overflow, Scala is “loved” by 53,2% of respondents. Now, let’s do a quick recap of the main advantages that make Scala popularity rapidly increase, gaining the status of an effective and competitive programming language.

Multi-paradigm programming language

As we have already mentioned, Scala supports both object-oriented and functional programming. Scala enables to define types associated with data and behavior attributes. Like in other similar languages, in Scala, functions are the objects, which can be assigned to variables and transferred to other functions as the arguments. Besides, it supports anonymous functions and partial implementation of functions with several arguments. The combination of the mentioned elements allows writing concise programs.

Interaction with Java

Due to its functioning on a Java Virtual machine, Scala perfectly interacts with Java, meaning that the developers can utilize Java libraries directly from Scala’s code. It can be either applied the other way around; one can get Scala code from Java, writing the program with the implementation of both programming languages. This feature enables Scala to become a basic corporate programming language.

Strong static typing

The main benefit here comes down to the compilator’s ability to carry out a full range of testing procedures. Hence, most of the trivial errors are being identified at the early stages. Static typing usually results in faster implementation of a compiled code because the compiler knows the exact types of the utilized data and creates optimized machine code. Even if there is full-coverage testing, some of the typing errors can’t be identified without static typing.

Constant development

Thanks to the fact that many tech giants implement Scala, they also impact the language’s advancement; the frameworks, Lift and Play are the evidence of that. Many IDEs have started to support Scala and expand the community. Besides, this programming language is competitive, which can be proved by Scala salary; it is the highest compared to other programming languages.

Scala Benefits

Speaking of that, it’s time to proceed to the next part of the article:

Scala Developer Salary

Scala developer salary in big European Cities (Annual)

Copenhagen $87,102
Berlin $76,806
London $70,615
Vienna $60,943
Oslo $58,161
Helsinki $57,860
Paris $49,303
Madrid $39,258
Warsaw $34,836
Rome $34,419
Kyiv $33,600
Minsk $32,400

If we take a look at an average Scala developer salary in big European cities, we will discover that such experts are sought-after in Copenhagen, Berlin, and London, where their wages can reach $87,102, $76,806, and $70,615 correspondingly. For instance, annual Scala salary in such cities as Kyiv ($33,600), Warsaw ($34,836), Minsk ($32,400), and Rome ($34,419) are multiple times lower, which can be explained by the specificities of the mentioned countries’ economy levels. In other cities, including Vienna – $60,943, Oslo – $58,161, and Helsinki – $57,860, Scala jobs salary is higher than average. In Madrid and Paris, programmers make $39,258 and $49,303 accordingly.

Scala developer salary in big American Cities (Annual)

San Francisco $149,622
New York $148,029
Washington $140,959
LA $138,730
Seattle $137,716
Chicago $130,322

According to our research, Scala developer jobs in San Francisco are paid $149,622, receiving the highest Scala developer salary in the US. New York’s annual wage is quite lower, $148,029. If we take Washington, LA, and Seattle, these cities offer Scala salary of a similar level, $140,959, $138,730, and $137,716 correspondingly. As for Chicago, a local Scala developer receives $130,322 per annum.

Scala Developer Salary in big Asian Cities (Annual)

Singapore $72,084
Tokyo $66,734
Hong Kong $45,882
New Delhi $10,067
Jakarta $5,443

If we take Singapore, the wage of a Scala developer is $72,084, and in Tokyo – $66,734. In Hong Kong, the average Scala jobs salary is $45,882. The lowest Scala developer wage compared to other Asian cities is in New Delhi – $10,067 and Jakarta – $5,443.

Scala Developer Salary Comparison by Experience Level (Monthly)

Junior Middle Senior
USA $5,333 $11,607 $15,750
Australia $3,363 $7,087 $15,581
UK $3,428 $5,827 $13,941
Ukraine $900 $2,800 $6,000
India $744 $838 $933

As you can see in the table above, the overall tendency is true for the US, Australia, and the UK, being the highest-paid locations for a Scala developer. In the meantime, Ukraine and India offer to cooperate with equally skilled and experienced programmers, but for lower costs. An entry-level Scala developer in the US receives $5,333, but as soon as one’s career starts to go up, he/she will be paid $11,607, and if reaching a senior level, Scala programmer salary will be $15,750. In Ukraine, a junior specialist will receive 2,5 times less ($900) than average compensations in the UK ($3,428) and Australia ($3,363), yet 21% more than in India ($744). As for the middle developers, Australia ($7,087) pays 21,6% more than the UK ($5,827), and 2,5 times higher than Ukraine ($2,800), and 9 times more compared to India ($838). When it comes to senior Scala programmer salary, the picture is pretty similar for the UK – $167,295 and Australia – $186,975. However, Ukraine ($72,000) pays 5 times more than a senior-level Scala developer than India ($11,202).

Average Hourly Rate for Scala Freelancers by Countries

Germany $95
USA $93
Singapore $91
UK $50
Denmark $90
Norway $83
Canada $66
Ukraine $46
Australia $45
Brazil $40
Poland $33
India $32
Spain $30

The freelance market offers numerous candidates to choose from, so you can easily find a developer with the desired skills, experience, and hourly rate demands who will meet the requirements of your Scala programming jobs. As can be predicted, the highest numbers can be seen opposite the US, Singapore, and Germany, which are $93, $91, and $95 correspondingly.

Denmark ($90) and Norway ($83) also take leading positions in this rating, while hourly rates for freelance Scala developers in Canada – $66, Ukraine – $46, Australia – $45, and the UK – $50 are notably lower. On the contrary, Spain ($30), Poland ($33), Brazil ($40), and India ($32) are the countries where the hourly rates, and, for its part, freelance Scala developer salary is the lowest.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the estimation of the project, these numbers become multiple times higher, even for the countries where the developers seem to earn not that much money. Thus, it might be a more cost-effective and reliable solution to outsource Scala development.

Thus, Scala developers can significantly impact your company’s capacities and projects’ development. It has advanced functions and a large community, which can assist in finding the most suitable solution for the programs you decide to develop.

When it comes to Scala programmers, it might be challenging to build a team that will help you start projects off on the right foot. That is why so many companies decide to approach vendors to help them in outsourcing Scala development. It opens up numerous benefits, which will bring a valuable impact in the long-run.

If you have any questions, Qubit Labs will gladly assist in finding skilled developers, so feel free to schedule a consultation.


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