How To Hire iOS Developers in Ukraine?

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Finding skilled iOS developers is a kind of a challenge, especially taking into account their demand on the market. In case you have a limited project budget, or simply don’t want to overpay for the development services, or need to scale the team right here, and now,

you might hire iOS developers Ukraine. In this case, there will be a great price-to-quality ratio and an efficient recruitment process. Qubit Labs is going to walk you through the necessary information to keep in mind when hiring an iOS developer Ukraine. Let’s begin!

Skills and Qualifications of an iOS Application Developer Ukraine

Like any other programmer, an iOS developer needs to obtain a certain set of skills to deliver suitable results. Businesses should look out for professionals who are capable of facing any challenges, enabling non-stop progress, and finishing tasks in time. So, when hiring an iOS developer Ukraine, search for the following skills and knowledge:

  • OOP Principles.
  • Swift. Having a grasp of documentation, the developer won’t find it challenging to work with structures and classes, implement methods of interacting with collections, and orient in protocols and exceptions.
  • Protocols and delegates. It is often when iOS development implies transferring the responsibility from one object to another. One should be able to create protocols required for certain situations, appoint delegates, and implement the protocol support.
  • Architectural approaches. When you hire iOS developers Ukraine, make sure they are aware of MVVM and MVC. When developing software products, they are being divided into several separate blocks. Such a division of tasks between blocks implies implementing specific approaches, and the most suitable for iOS are MVVM and MVC.
  • Addressing problems related to downloading products from AppStore.
  • A grasp of Swift (if the iOS application developer Ukraine utilizes Objective-C) and Objective-C (if the iOS application developer Ukraine utilizes Swift).
  • Creating technical documentation for the ready-made software.
  • Experience with Dependency Managers. Such tools facilitate the processes of implementing the library and maintaining it in an actionable state.

However, if you decide to hire iOS developers Ukraine, make sure to base the required skills and experiences on your project goals. It is also crucial to address the question “how much do iOS developers make in Ukraine.” It is clear that the product’s success mostly depends on the programmers. So, before deciding on the country, you should evaluate not only the availability of local developers but also the cost you will have to spend on working with them.

Hire iOS Developers in Ukraine: Roles, IT Hubs, Average Salary, Skills

How Much Do iOS Developers Make in Ukraine?

Ukraine is now one of the leading countries for outsourcing because it has a large pool of talented iOS developers with high levels of tech expertise. Practically each iOS application developer Ukraine will deliver unique solutions for your project and will go the extra mile to ensure the product’s quality. Now, let’s see how much do iOS developers make in Ukraine per annum.


Junior Middle Senior
Kyiv $790 $1,970 $3,080
Lviv $800 $2,000 $2,900
Kharkiv $700 $1,900 $3,200
Dnipro $800 $1,700 $2,950
Odesa $690 $1,800 $2,800


iOS Developer Salary in Ukraine

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, pays the highest salaries to the iOS developers of each experience level. The average salary of iOS programmers throughout the country is $1,900 per annum. iOS application developer Ukraine salary by city:


  • In Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipro, junior iOS developers’ salaries are almost equal, $790-$800.
  • Kharkiv and Odesa pay lower to junior specialists, namely $700 and $690 correspondingly.
  • Mid-level developers in Lviv and Kyiv are paid around $2,000 yearly.
  • In Kharkiv, the middle iOS developer’s salary is $1,900 and reaches $3,200 for senior programmers.
  • The average iOS application developer salary in Dnipro is $1,700, and in Odesa – $1,800.
  • Senior-level iOS developers receive $3,080 in Kyiv, $2,900 in Lviv.
  • The senior programmers in Dnipro are paid $2,950, and in Odesa – $2,800 per year.

From this data, it can be concluded that you will save large amounts of money if you hire iOS developers in Ukraine. The average salary here is much lower compared to, say, the US or Sweden. Cooperating with iOS application developer Ukraine allows businesses to hire programmers hassle-free and without worrying about additional expenditures. In other words, if you hire iOS developers Ukraine, you get an economically-profitable offer without damage to quality.


Interviewing Sample Questions for iOS Developer Ukraine

We want to give you a quick overview of the most common questions for iOS programmers that will help you evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and come to the right decision. The interview questions can be divided into basic, related to the programming languages and frameworks, and project-specific, like about the tech stack. The mentioned questions can be corrected and used in the interview based on the previous questions’ answers.

iOS Development Basics

  1. What is the difference between Bounds and Frame?
  2. What is a selector?
  3. What is CoreData?
  4. Name the nuances of Push-Notification.
  5. What is GDC?
  6. How does asynchrony manifest itself in iOS?
  7. What are SOLID Principles?
  8. What are generics, and what problems do they solve?

Object-Oriented Programming

  1. What is inheritance?
  2. What is a virtual method?
  3. Explain the polymorphism.
  4. What is the goal of encapsulation?
  5. How to distinguish an abstract class from the interface?

Application Architecture

  1. Explain the MVC.
  2. Explain the MVP.
  3. Explain the MVVM.
  4. How is a passive model different from an active?

Hire iOS Developers Ukraine With Qubit Labs

There are multiple ways of recruiting iOS application developer Ukraine, including contacting freelance programmers and establishing offshore development center. or hiring a dedicated team. Although the first option might sound more widespread and cost-effective, it has many hidden challenges. As for outsourcing the development services and engaging the vendor to help you contact top Ukrainian iOS developers, it is a reliable and forward-looking decision.

With Qubit Labs, you can outsource a single developer or a whole team. We have vast experience in the industry and aim for smooth and hassle-free recruitment processes. Our recruiters go out of their way to reach out to the top of the league iOS developer Ukraine and build an efficient team under your requirements. Qubit Labs has a flexible recruitment model, so we will make sure your project will be in expert hands. We are open to communication and offer cost-effective rates. In case you want to hire iOS application developer Ukraine, Qubit Labs will gladly assist in sourcing the best Ukrainian talent. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll discuss all the details.


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