How Can Startups Benefit From Offshore Software Development?

Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

It is quite often for startups to face specific challenges at the outset due to different reasons. Whatever your case is, Qubit Labs is ready to lend a hand and guide you through one of the most popular and efficient ways to improve your performance without having to learn by trial and error. We are talking about the offshore development center model, which is implemented by multiple world-known companies, like Ford Motor Company, Cisco, and even Microsoft.

By adopting offshore software development, a software development for startup will get a number of benefits, including reducing costs, improving performance levels, making your business more flexible, enhancing the company’s capabilities and competitiveness by attracting the most skilled professionals. To avoid talking a good game, we offer to move on to the facts. In this way, you will have an idea of the advantages you will get when introducing offshore development to your startup.

When It’s All About the Money

Apparently, it would be impossible to count the number of times someone has had a million-dollar idea, yet it stayed in plans because the limited budget had its own agenda. Any business demands significant investments and involves certain risks, like the one when you are not sure whether the startup will become successful any time soon. Unfortunately, many projects fail until they even get released, so it would be great to save some costs to use them in the future. Offshore development services provide benefits that can’t be overestimated because they can help to save around 63% of business investments.

Clearly, you can have an in-house team and hire employees who would demand less money than other professionals in your country, yet you are risking the employing of inexperienced candidates. Such misjudgment might lead to paying higher costs in the long run because these people will have to be educated, and until they become experienced enough, you will often face loss. In contrast, what is great about offshore development is that you hire employees that will perfectly meet your requirements and are oriented at the top-notch results right at the outset.

Moreover, salaries and other work-related expenses widely differ within the countries. You can cooperate with the developers from the US whom you will have to pay multiple times higher wages compared to the professionals from Eastern Europe or Asia while the level of results remains the same. There are many vendors that can assure your data security and help in building teams and organizing the work. In case you are worried about cultural misunderstandings, we can confirm that the experienced developers are reliable and easygoing, so there won’t be any issues during your cooperation because both sides would be highly involved in the working process.

Therefore, an R&D center will save you considerable costs and give you an advantage over competitors because your new team will be “ready to go” from the first working day. Why pay double if you can use this money for other purposes, like market research or advertising? Creating your own offshore development center is advantageous not only in resources but also in time-consumption and will raise your startup’s chances for success several-fold.

What Qubit labs provide to startup together with a software development team

Talent Pool and Technical Expertise

The well-known fact has it that offshore development is a great way to focus on the major tasks while transferring services in which you lack the experience to the professionals. And not only that; by choosing a competent vendor, you will get a “full set,” including consulting, analytics, marketing, and other necessary services any startup can’t go without. Thus, you won’t have to bother about project planning, UI/UX design, and managerial tasks because offshore companies are experts at turning ideas into action.

When it comes to following tech trends, startups might find it challenging to find and hire specialists that will be capable of handling any requirements that regularly evolve. Besides, geographical location is the limit, but offshore software development enables cooperation with top-level professionals without having to pay attention to their places of residence. Eastern Europe and India are rising in the rates of the best offshore destinations, and the first one, especially, is known for high standard services and reasonable price-quality ratio.

In these means, the startup will become more flexible and ride the wave thanks to quick adaptability to the market’s demands without spending too much time on finding suitable employees.

What technology stack startup can request when hiring offshore development team

Entrenched Infrastructure

Usually, the tasks of the startups’ founders include:

  • find an office
  • buy the necessary hardware and office equipment
  • look through the applications and contact candidates
  • do market research
  • create a marketing plan
  • find investors

These points are just a small part of the activities that have to be done if one aims to build a successful startup that will be in-demand. It takes a lot of time, resources, and energy to address all of them and not forget about core objectives. The founders often spread themselves too thin because they take on too many responsibilities, and that might lead to a startup wreck.

Offshore development centers provide all the infrastructure required for projects’ implementation. It is not only about the office and hardware, but methodologies, established processes, and various tools that are tried and true due to their constant use in the work and ongoing updates. Having everything in one place will allow you to focus on the major activities from the very beginning without keeping in mind thousands of organizational tasks. The project manager will be your contact person who will keep you informed and to whom you can address any suggestions and comments while being confident you won’t be ignored.

How Can Startups Benefit From Offshore Development: cost, talent, infrastucture, expertise, flexibility

Flexibility, Communication, and Adherence to Deadlines

The startup’s requirements might change from time to time, demanding less or more developers. Instead of having to keep too many team members and paying salary to all of them, offshore development allows you to increase or reduce the number of employees at any time simply by telling your vendor. Numerous tools will allow you to be in touch with the developers at any moment and be aware of the process’ stages.

A reliable, dedicated development team that has a good reputation will also provide technical support to the project, so you can reach them out even after your contract has ended. Also, your remote team is the one to take care of the on-time delivery, so they will be responsible for building up an effective working process to stick to the agreed deadline.

How startup can implement development team

As a Conclusion

If you are oriented at reaching recognition on the market or, at least, making it to the IT industry entry, hiring an offshore development team will be a forward-looking solution that will pay off within the short term. Having a dedicated development team of professionals by your side will make your startup competitive and your finances – reasonably managed.

Our company, Qubit Labs, has extensive experience in the area, so we will be glad to hire first-class programmers and solve all the recruitment and administrative issues.

You can contact us or schedule a call, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss and fulfil your ideas regarding the startup.

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Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner
Iva Kozlovskaya is a Managing Partner of Qubit Labs. Iva has been working in operations, sales and project management from the beginning of her career path. Nowadays Iva runs her company that helps clients from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams in Ukraine.